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Stress-strain analysis of skull implant with fixators
Machala, Karel ; Votava, Tomáš (referee) ; Marcián, Petr (advisor)
A skull implant with fixators is used for the reconstruction of a damaged area of the skull, where a defect has occurred due to traumatic injury or disease. Nowadays, the production of a skull implant is preoperatively planned and employs modern technologies to achieve a patient-specific, customized approach. However, the manufacturing process of accurately fitting skull implants is associated with the challenge of achieving geometric precision and potential complications. The mechanical behaviour of the skull implant within the defect is a crucial factor that influences its functionality. This bachelor's thesis presents a comparison of distinct models of skull implant geometry at the interface between the implant and bone tissue, based on stress-strain analysis. Stress-strain states are determined using computational modelling utilizing the finite element method. Three variations of skull geometry models with the skull implant, considering different interfaces between the implant and bone tissue, were analysed. Additionally, for result comparison, a reference model of a skull without a defect was solved and analysed. The values of implant displacement were higher in cases where a gap was created at the interface between the implant and bone tissue. The stress values on the fixators were higher for the model variations with a gap created at the interface between the implant and bone tissue.
Modal Analysis of the Flute
Vojtovič, Adam ; Votava, Tomáš (referee) ; Hájek, Petr (advisor)
The presented bachelor thesis deals with an influence of a fundamental shape and partial sections of flute on frequency of tones. A simple flute is designed and made according to the given formulas. The functionality of the flute is verified by measuring frequencies of each tone. These frequencies are compared with values given analytically and also with values of natural frequencies calculated by finite element method. General information about wind instruments is included in the thesis, too. Besides the clarification of fundamental principles of function of wind instruments, there are also derived fundamental formulas for calculation of natural frequencies of tubes.
Exchange rate risk in the execution of payment transactions in the Chinese yuan and the possibility of its hedging
This diploma thesis analyses an exchange rate risk of Czech companies related with business transactions in Chinese yuan in specific type examples and determines possibilities of an exchange rate risk hedging. In its theoretical part the diploma thesis generally describes issues of the international trade, China, the Chinese yuan, the exchange rate risk and the hedging. In its practical part the work models and analyses three business transactions in the Chinese yuan for the purpose of analysis of the exchange rate risk using fictitious companies and a simulation of their management behaviour including making wrong steps. Next, the work analyses a hedging offer from banks and non-banking companies in the Czech Republic. Based on the findings, the diploma thesis proposes if and how the fictitious companies should use the exchange rate risk hedging in order to minimalize an exchange rate loss and suggests the path leading to the exchange risk management optimization of companies for example using sophisticated risk management methods or entering the financial markets. Last but not least, modelled transactions are tested by E-start application in order to propose an optimization in case of using of the application by fictitious companies.
Stress-Strain Analysis of Plate for Fixing Proximal Tibial Fracture
Votava, Tomáš ; Chamrad, Jakub (referee) ; Marcián, Petr (advisor)
This master thesis is focused on stress-strain analysis of tibia with fixed proximal tibial fracture. Two types of fixation were considered, for each one two variants of solution were made. In the first part of this theses is presented a review of available literature connected with stress-strain analysis of tibia with fixed proximal tibia fracture. Next one is presented a research study of anatomy and biomechanics focused on lower limb. In the last part of research part are presented proximal tibial fractures and way of their fixation. Computational modeling using finite element method was used as solution method of stress-strain states. ANSYS software was used for solution. Total displacement, contanct pressure between femoral articular surface and meniscus, stress on plate and screws and strain in tibial bone tissue were analysed. Assesment of bone tissue state was made on the basis of Frost's hypothesis.
Tumor markers in diagnostics and therapy monitoring with a focus on pediatric oncology
Votava, Tomáš ; Topolčan, Ondřej (advisor) ; Šafarčík, Kristian (referee) ; Ludvíková, Marie (referee) ; Sumerauer, David (referee)
Background: Thymidine kinase (TK) is involved in nucleic acid synthesis and is therefore considered to be an important proliferation tumor marker. Our main goal was to determine significance of elevated TK levels in the context of prognosis, differential diagnosis, monitoring after treatment and relapse marker during follow up in children suffering from acute leukemia and lymphoma. Another marker beta(2)-microglobulin (2MG) was studied for the same purpose. Patients and Methods: TK and 2MG serum levels in 58 children with acute leukemia and 14 children with lymphoma were determined using radio-receptor analysis (TK) and ELISA assay (2MG). Control group included 109 patients with benign disease for leukemia group and 35 patients with benign lymphadenitis for lymphoma group. Results: Our results showed that especially TK serum levels at the time of diagnosis of acute leukemia were extremely elevated (median - 409 U/l ) as well as 2MG (median - 1,96 mg/l). Both markers clearly discriminated acute leukemia from benign diseases (p<0.0001). In the term of prognosis, none of the markers reached significant p-value. During relapse of acute leukemia (7 cases), the marker levels increased considerably above the individual remission level and were statistically significant p < 0.02535 (TK) and p < 0.04551 (2MG). These...
Determination of mechanical properties of cancellous bone tissue of skull bone
Votava, Tomáš ; Borák, Libor (referee) ; Marcián, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on determination of mechanical properties of cancellous bone tissue of cranial bone. In research part of this study are described methods of medical imaging, mechanical properties of cranial bone tissue and anotomy of skull. Next one are described studies focused on determination mechanical properties of cancellous bone. Finally are decribed histomorphometric parameters and their measurement using software I$mageJ2$ and plugin $BoneJ2$. In practical part of this thesis, there are described measurement procedure, measurement results, 3D geometry modelling procedure by reconstruction micro-CT images and determination of mechanical properties solved by computational modeling using FEM. Five speciments are analyse predominantly from os occipitale. On first specimen is analyzed influence of thresholding settings.
Crisis Management in Tourism Destinations
This bachelor thesis analyses an implementation of crisis management in selected tourism destinations, identifies strengths and weaknesses of crisis management in endured crisis situations and proposes a crisis plan for one selected tourism destination. It deals with crisis situations such as natural disasters, technical problems or terrorism. In its theoretical part the bachelor thesis generally describes the setting of crisis management in public administration in the Czech Republic and in Czech tourism destinations. In its practical part the work firstly determine risk categorization of tourism destination Český Krumlov and tourism destination Českobudějovicko-Hlubocko. Next, the work researches the current condition of the crisis management of these destinations. The information about the current condition is obtained through semi-structured interviews with destination representatives, through case studies dealing with endured crisis situations of these destinations and through an observation of their frequently visited places. The work also researches case studies dealing with endured crisis situations in various tourism destinations abroad and in the Czech Republic and compares discovered cognitions from these destinations with discovered cognitions from case studies of selected destinations. Based on the identified deficiencies, the work proposes several steps for improving of the crisis management of these destinations and a crisis plan for one of these destinations.
The law enforcement by a different person than the author
Lukáčová, Bianka ; Votava, Tomáš (advisor) ; Spirit, Michal (referee)
Our work deals with the copyright and focuses on emplyee creation. Employee creation is created by acquiting it sauthor´s working duties. The law applicable by the emplyee creation is introduced as a kind of special provisions of some works. The main goal of our work is to bring a structured view into this issue. The introduction part is concerned with a theoretical interpretation of the copyright followed by enforcement of the copyright law by an another person than the author. The longest, central part of our work deals with the employee creation. In the practical part of the work , we are trying to bring a view into thepraxis by means of questioning people whose job is to create the employee creation. We are trying to find out how much do they know about the theory of the employee creation. The practical part is made by means of a qualitative research.
Risk factors of institutional education in relation to using illegal drugs - case studies
Votava, Tomáš ; Kalina, Kamil (advisor) ; Reichelová, Lenka (referee)
The objective and main task of this thesis is to ascertain, in the individual case studies of users of illicit addictive substances who underwent institutional care, what risk factors occurred in the examined persons, which of them were represented by the greatest number and what life event or events were associated with the beginning of drug abuse career of the examined persons. The theoretical part of the thesis first describes the institutional care with regard to its function, legislative and statutory regulations applicable in the Czech Republic and the reasons for placing children into institutional care. The thesis further deals with institutional care with regard to formation of human personality and describes the individual risk factors of institutional care in relation to development of personality which follow from the current theoretical knowledge of this phenomenon where the main attention is paid to psychological deprivation in childhood in connection with institutional care. This thesis is concerned with qualitative research in the form of case studies and the data for the purposes of this thesis were collected using the method of semi-structured interview. The results of this thesis indicate that the examined persons manifested, to a certain degree, all the described risk factors of...
Analysis of implementation of governmental drug policy in Cheb region
Votava, Tomáš ; Radimecký, Josef (advisor) ; Běláčková, Vendula (referee)
The purpose of this thesis consists in describing and analyzing the state of implementation of anti-drug policy of the Government of the Czech Republic at the local level and in proposing possible measures to improve such state. Specifically, the Cheb region in Karlovy Vary Region is involved. In this bachelor's thesis, the anti-drug policy is described in its basic approaches, principles, international cooperation and institutional background and important documents. In the thesis, we also deal with the issue of the Czech drug scene, how and by which it was influenced, and how it was reflected in the anti-drug policy of the Czech Republic. It is later described in more detail in its coordination, strategy a respective documents. At the regional level, the thesis analyses the state of implementation of anti-drug policy of the Government of the Czech Republic, in particular with regard to its coordination and institutional background. The identified weaknesses of implementation of anti-drug policy in the Cheb region include financing drug services, lack of interest of the political representatives of cities and communities in anti-drug policy, non-existence of a specialized subsequent care facility and specialized out-patient care for people addicted to drugs, existence of a single K-centre in the...

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