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Effects of long-term use of hemp substances
Horynová, Rebecca ; Ondrušová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Krahulcová, Beáta (referee)
The thesis was divided into two parts. The first part deals with selected long-term impacts of cannabis use and basic concepts such as history, methods of application, use or legislation. In order to understand the whole issue, the basic components of the cannabis plant and their effects. The main part of the theory was then devoted to the possibilities of social work in the field of addiction, but also health complications and therapeutic effects of cannabis. The first part was built on a professional basis literature that addresses this topic. As the work dealt with a very current topic, the latest HARP treatment program was also mentioned. In the second part of the work semi-structured interviews were performed in order to confirm the theoretical part of the work and bring a certain authenticity to the work. The goal was to offer to the reader comprehensive information about cannabis in one place, clearly and transparently. The negatives and the positives that this plant can cause as a result of use were analyzed.
Social work methods and their effectiveness used for clients with mental disorders
Pomahačová, Kateřina ; Krahulcová, Beáta (advisor) ; Ondrušová, Jiřina (referee)
In thesis on the topic "Social work methods used in clients with mental disorders and their effectiveness" I focus on the terminology. I am going to learn basic information about selected mental disorders such as schizophrenia, affective disorders, specifically bipolar disorder, neurotic disorders, specifically obsessive-compulsive disorder and lastly personality disorders, namely borderline personality disorder. Next, I am going to focus on the treatment possibilities of mental disorders, where I speak about the prevention and social worker approach. I continue with social survey and treatment&care for people with mental disorders. Finally, I am going to write about social work methods. The main goal of my thesis was to find what methods of social work are used at work with clients suffering mental disorders. Also if in practice are any methods used and what kind of method is used most often. My next goal was to find out the effectiveness of the methods used in social work. I used survey by a questionnaire. The survey contains 11semi-open questions. After that I concluded that methods of social work are provided to clients with mental disorders and all methods of social work for the mentally ill are used. That means work with an individual, family, group, community, psychiatric rehabilitation,...
Illegal work
Kudláčová, Petra ; Krahulcová, Beáta (advisor) ; Kaňák, Jan (referee)
The thesis called Illegal work deals with illegal employment of foreigners in the Czech Republic, which is in most cases connected with trafficking in human beings for the purpose of forced labor. The first chapter is generally devoted to the definition of the concept of illegal work under Act No. 435/2004 Coll. on Employment and Act No. 262/2006 Coll. Labour Code. The second chapter brings the view of the employee, employer and the state on illegal work. The following third chapter focuses on the sectors in which illegal work occurs most often. The fourth chapter describes the working conditions of employees who are illegally employed and are exploited in every possible way, especially in terms of pay, working conditions or working hours. The fifth chapter contains factors that affect the exploitation of migrant workers and trafficking in human beings for the purpose of forced labor. The sixth chapter is devoted to the control bodies of the state administration, such as the State Labor Inspection Office, the Customs Office, the Labor Office and the Foreign Police. The seventh and last chapter of the theoretical part deals with possible ways of prevention in the field of illegal employment. The eighth chapter contains a practical part in which the quantitative method is used, while the technique of...
The issue of resocialization of persons released from prison
Stuiberová, Vendula ; Krahulcová, Beáta (advisor) ; Jaluška, Aleš (referee)
1 Abstract The diploma thesis entitled "The Issue of resocialization of persons released from prison" deals with the possibilities of resocialization of persons released from prison. The diploma thesis is focused on how social workers working with prisoners, or ones released from prison, perceive the possibilities of resocialization of these people. The theoretical part deals with criminal law in the Czech Republic, behavioral disorders and their possible resocialization, criminal behavior, penology. It further explains post-penitentiary care, describes what is included in this care and how this tool is used. Last but not least the existing resocialization programs for those ones released from imprisonment are presented in this thesis. The aim of the survey is to answer the research question "How do social workers working with prisoners or persons released from VTOS perceive the possibilities of resocialization of these persons? ".
The Institute of Foster Care on a Temporary Basis From the Perspective of Social Workers of Social and Legal Protection of Children
Lukešová, Olga ; Krahulcová, Beáta (advisor) ; Nová, Monika (referee)
The main aim of my Master's thesis, is to analyze the experience with foster care on a temporary basis acquired by semi - structured interviews with social workers of social and legal protection of children in northern Bohemia. Furthermore, mapping what positive and difficulties they find of foster care on a temporary basis social workers social and legal protection of children. This Master's thesis gets the reader introduced the theory of attachment, the historical development of family substitute care, the actual system of family substitute care in the Czech Republic, the institute of foster care on a temporary basis, amendment to the Law on social and legal protection of children, acceptance and adaptation of a child in the alternative family environment, roles and competences of a social worker of social and legal protection of children in realization of foster care for a temporary basis. As a method for this thesis was used a qualitative one, the data were obtained by semi - structured interview. At the end of the thesis, the results of the survey are evaluated and presented.

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