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Past and present school of Jaroslav Jezek in the context of teaching czech language
Horáčková, Markéta ; Květoňová, Lea (advisor) ; Prouzová-Květoňová, Regina (referee)
My bachelor under the title "Past and present School of Jaroslav Jezek in the context of teaching Czech language" thesis deals with the early education and teaching of visually impaired children in the Private institution for blind childrenand sick eyes and further it describes the current characteristics and principles of teaching visually impaired children at the elementary school of Jaroslav Jezek. The bachelor thesis is divided into four chapters. The first chapter deals with the history of education and teaching visually impaired children in the Czech lands. The second chapter summarizes the principles and specifics of teaching and further highlights the importance of touch and compensatory aids during the class. The third chapter follows the influence of reading and the spoken word for children with visual impairments. The fourth chapter deals with the course of lesson of Czech language at the elementary school of Jaroslav Jezek and competitions and cultural events in which children participate
Upbringing of children in the facilities for providing institutional education
Halama, Josef ; Květoňová, Lea (advisor) ; Prouzová-Květoňová, Regina (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to analyse the influence of the concept of the institutional care in children's homes on clients. The introduction chapter provides the description of the psychological condition of the clients and how it is influenced by the institutional upbringing. The following chapters deal with the realization of the state education in children's homes and with the description of the system of the intitutional care and its development. The research has found out how a group of clients evaluates the changes in the concept of the institutional care and how this changes come into operation in their own life. The research was based on the immediate observation, analysis of the records and conversations with clients. The final evaluation of the research presents recommendations for further development of the improvement of the children care in the institutional care.
Importance of nannies in a family of a child with special needs
Suchá, Zuzana ; Květoňová, Lea (advisor) ; Prouzová-Květoňová, Regina (referee)
This thesis deals with the problems of babysitting children with special needs. The theoretical part is primarily devoted to the characteristics of healthy child development. Consequently, it provides a comparison of optimal child development with the development of handicapped children. It highlights the difficulty of care for disadvantaged children, the importance of preventing parents becoming overloaded and the various possibilities for support of the families. The next chapter focuses on the educational assessment of healthy children and children with special needs. It describes the availability of babysitting services for those children, the offers of current agencies and the profile of good quality carers. The last chapter presents the empirical part of this thesis. The quantitative research was, with the use of questionnaires, addressed to the parents of children with special needs. This section presents the course of the research and the method by which the goals were attained. It presents the views of parents of children with special needs with regards to: their level of interest in, and the problems with, babysitting services. Key words: baby, babysitting, nanny, promotion, prevention, parents, services, special needs, education, development, health disadvantage
The Significance of Diversity for Special Educational Thinking
Prouzová-Květoňová, Regina ; Titzl, Boris (advisor) ; Kysučan, Jaroslav (referee) ; Vítková, Marie (referee)
To elucidate the relation between human beings and diversity, to find the means for its integration, and to expose the attitudes that society has had and still has to diversity - this is the objective of this dissertation. Diversity, dissimilarity, these are general terms that cover persons with physical handicaps, social disadvantages, mental handicaps, as well as members of ethnic and religious minorities and people in extreme situations. The author's intent was to collect a large number of cases where diversity, thus broadly conceived, is perceived as an advantage or as a condition that one can come to terms with, with or without the assistance of others. Human society has treated and still treats otherness disapprovingly, with disdain or scorn. These interrelations, which are manifested across all culture and history, may be helpful to the professionals and the people on the other side - the disadvantaged. They can help them find a path to pursue and pass to an understanding of oneself in one's otherness and to understand others that have found themselves under the sway of otherness. The directions outlined in the individual chapters suggest different ways of facing differences. Each chapter makes a different contribution to a special branch of study, focusing on a specific area, and analysing...
History and the present code of ethics in the helping professions
Baroťáková, Tereza ; Květoňová, Lea (advisor) ; Prouzová-Květoňová, Regina (referee)
This work is focused on issues of codes of ethics. It outlines the historical roots from ancient times to the present. It presents information on the principles, rules, standards and aims which combine ethical codes. The second part of this work is focused on the Code of ethics of sign language interpreters, which was created by Czech Chamber of Sign Language Interpreters. It analyse in detail each point of this Code of ethics and presents basic specifics and principles of interpreting. The main aim of this work is to analyse complience with the principles of the Code and analyze overall condition of interpreting services in the Czech Republic. These analyses is based on the interviews with the interpretor and the deaf, which represents two opposing views on this issue.
How can be sibling constellations by health disability affected
Doskočilová, Renata ; Květoňová, Lea (advisor) ; Prouzová-Květoňová, Regina (referee)
Thesis named How can be sibling constellations by health disability affected, researchs effect of health disability to sibling constellations. Influence of health disability is examined in the area of career orientation, spending freetime and position of intact sibling in sibling constellation. Data gained from semistructured interviews are sorted by contained informations and contexts to these three categories. The objective of thesis is to find out whether sibling constellations are ind the fixed areas affected by health disability. The data and codes are obtained by summary in interviews according to required categories. These data are compared with theoretical basis and then they are formed to answers to research questions. The conclusions of research established that in investigated areas sibling constellations are influenced. The influence comes from the individual dispositions of each of the respondent. At the end of the thesis based on the survey results there are proposed additional procedures for the processing of reladed research. The idea of the thesis is to express and give support for persons similar life situations. KEYWORDS health disability, sibling constellation, parents and children, career orientation, freetime

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