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Protection of personality in media with respect to relevant case law
Kozic, Juraj ; Šustek, Petr (advisor) ; Hendrychová, Michaela (referee)
in English This final thesis deals with protection of personality against unauthorized infringement through media. This topic is highly up to date in the present information society. The aim of this thesis is to provide basic information about this problematic topic to the reader. The core of this thesis is constituted by definitions of two fundamental human rights, namely freedom of expression and right for protection of personality. They frequently conflict each other, so the main focus is placed on the process of finding the balance between these two. Special attention is dedicated to definitions of criteria that have to be taken into consideration by courts in order to find impartial and just decision in every individual case and thus determine the borderline between protection of personality and freedom of expression. Therefore, this thesis focuses on relevant case law of general courts, Constitutional Court and European Court of Human Rights. Another important part of this work is based on description of legal remedies, which Czech legal system provides to protect the personality of an aggrieved person against interference by media. Afterwards, the emphasis is given especially on the instruments of civil and media law. This final thesis consists of six chapters. The first chapter contains...
Protection of personal rights in civil procedure
Bukovjanová, Lucie ; Macková, Alena (advisor) ; Pohl, Tomáš (referee)
Resume: This thesis deals with the general personality right of individuals and its civil law protection, proceedings in the first instance. Universal personal law as the law related to any natural person, is one of the fundamental human rights. As such, the imprescriptible right, not subject to the statute of limitations, irrevocable and inalienable. Protection of personal rights of individuals is therefore included nor in the Civil Code, as a basic private personal protection legislation, either in the constitutional order of the Czech Republic, especially in the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, just as at regional and international protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms. Civil Code, calculated individual rights (permissions), resulting from the protection of individual personality, only indicative, so that into the right to protection of personal rights of individuals includes the right to life and health, the right to civic honor and human dignity, right to privacy, the right to name and the rights to the statements of a personal nature. The protection of personality is largely shaping with the decision-making practice of courts and other personality rights arise from their conclusions. The range of civil remedies is quite broad. In my work I focuse on the protection of...
The Protection of Personality in Media Law
Brostík, Ondřej ; Švestka, Jiří (advisor) ; Salač, Josef (referee)
The Protection of Personality in Media Law The aim of this thesis is to investigate and analyze legal relations arising from the protection of personality in terms of general civil law on the one hand, and on the other hand in relations to the institutes of media law. The thesis puts emphasis on the analysis of the relevant judicature because legal protection of personality is significantly amended by the case law. With regard to the future re-codification of private law in the Czech Republic, the thesis also pursues the question of legal protection of personality "de lege ferenda". The first chapter defines and specifies general terminology concerning the system of protection of personality. This part provides a comprehensive interpretation of the relevant regulations in the Civil Code concerning the protection of personality, describes the mutual relation between the terms, and points out some issues of the current legislation. In the second chapter the author focuses on the issues of media law. Special attention is paid to the analysis of the specific institutes of protection of personal rights in media law, the right of reply and the right of subsequent notification. The next chapter provides a detailed analysis of selected questions from the perspective of the relevant judicature. These...
Civil law aspects of health protection
Vopěnková, Zdenka ; Švestka, Jiří (advisor) ; Salač, Josef (referee)
The subject of this paper is the civil law aspects of health protection. The aim of the thesis is to analyse the relevant law concerning the topic and compare it to regulation suggested in the new civil code. Considering the breadth of the topic, the thesis does not deal with all aspects of this issue but just focuses on some of the most debatable questions. Not only the current law and related literature is considered, but a particular emphasis is also put on related case law. In some parts the paper also takes into consideration the fundamental masterpiece of European tort doctrine - Principles of European Tort Law (PETL). The thesis is composed of five chapters, each of them dealing with different aspects of the topic. Chapter One provides an outline of relevant Czech and international law. Chapter Two analyses the concept of right to health protection as a part of personality protection and deals with its object, content and subjects. Chapter three is devoted to the unlawful infringement of the right to health protection and its consequences. Chapter Four focuses on civil law responsibility for unlawful infringement and on the circumstances which are necessary for the responsibility for injury to health to arise and also on the subjects to this responsibilty. This chapter also includes problems...
Protection of personality rights in relation to media
Šedo, Jakub ; Švestka, Jiří (advisor) ; Salač, Josef (referee)
This thesis deals with cases of conflicts of personality rights with the activities of the media, which representing the exercise of freedom of expression and right to information. It focuses primarily on answering these questions: how is the personality of individuals protected against unauthorized interventions of media in our legal system, what is considered as appropriate and what as an inappropriate interference with the personal rights of individuals and whether an individuals in whose personal rights have been infringed by the media, can obtain adequate reparation for the harm that was caused them by unauthorized intervention. The thesis is divided into six parts. The first part is the introduction, which describes the main focus of the work and questions with which the work deals. The second part is devoted to a treatise on the general format of personality rights according to the general rules contained in Law No. 40/1963 Coll., The Civil Code. The third part of this thesis deals with ways how are the personality rights protect in the media rights standards contained in media law and it also describes the most common forms of interferences between media and the personality rights of individuals. Because in the course of making this work took effect the new Civil Code No. 89/2012 Coll. The...
Protection of public figure in media
Frejtichová, Dominika ; Šustek, Petr (referee) ; Pohl, Tomáš (referee)
Protection of public figure in media Abstract: The purpose of the thesis is to analyze the protection of the public figure in media. It aims to describe the institute of the public figure, content of the institute and protection of public figure in the media. The thesis is composed of five chapters. The first chapter is introductory and defines the media and media law, gives the history of the protection of the public figure, and evaluates references. The introduction defines the main aim of the thesis, which is to describe the institute and its intent as well as to compare Czech and foreign judicature. Chapter two defines the public figure and is subdivided into three parts. Part one provides the terminology, the definition, and the origin of public figure. Part two deals with the different categories of public figures, such as the all-purpose public figure, the limited- purpose public figure, and the public official. Part three explains the specifics of the public figure in media, which are its privileged position, easier access to media, and the subsidiary of judicial power. Chapter three deals with the conflict of media and personal rights. It is subdivided into three parts. Part one deals with the conflict between the personal right of freedom of speech and the right to information. Part two describes...
Moral and material satisfaction in civil law
Čuříková, Pavla ; Švestka, Jiří (referee) ; Pohl, Tomáš (referee)
The purpose of my thesis is to analyze the moral and material satisfaction in Czech civil law. It provides a deep interpretation of these institutes which represent an important phenomenon in our time. The importance of protection of personality increased in the 20th century in connection with development of human and personal rights. In last years also according to mass media and global society. The aim was not only to give the interpretation of basic institutes and instruments of protection of personality but also to show more extensive circumstances of this topic, set into relevant judicial cases and European aspects. It goes from an introduction to moral and material satisfaction, basic institutions relating to the protection of personality, moral and material satisfaction, history, constitutional law, criminal law, administrative law to presumptions of remedying of protection of personality, the aspects of time perspective, proposal of new Czech civil code, changes to be made in legislation and conclusion.
Judicial Protection of a Right to the Protection of Health and Favourable Environment with fous on the Region of Ostrava
Dziková, Kateřina ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Sobotka, Michal (referee)
Judicial Protection of a Right to the Protection of Health and Favourable Environment with focus on the Region of Ostrava Abstract This diploma thesis deals with legal means of legal protection of the right to the protection of health and favourable environment with focus on the Ostrava region. The aim of this work is to map out judicial means of protection and analyze whether these means are in accordance with their purpose of ensuring the protection of persons against interference with their rights and the public interest in protection of health and the environment. The main methods used in this diploma thesis were the research of legal literature, case law of Czech and foreign courts and legal regulations. Subsequent use of synthesis and the analysis of the acquired information and the use of linguistic, systematic, logical and theological interpretative methods led to the generalization of the main and partial conclusions. This diploma thesis is divided into an introduction and a conclusion and six main chapters, some of which are further divided into subchapters and individual points. The first chapter deals with on the constitutional basis of health protection and a favourable environment. The second chapter focuses on the current condition of the environment in the Ostrava region, its causes and...
Legal regulation of natural persons in the General Civil Code and in the current Civil Code
Stromšík, Jakub ; Šouša, Jiří (referee)
Legal regulation of natural persons in the General Civil Code and in the current Civil Code Abstract This dissertation thesis compares the legal regulation of natural persons in the Civil Code of Austria (ABGB) which was enacted in 1811 and the Czech Civil Code from 2012, especially the regulation of the so-called passive status of a person in the legal sense (i.e. legal personality). The authors of the new Civil Code designate as the ideological source of the recodification the draft of the Czechoslovak Civil Code from 1937, which was de facto modern revision of the ABGB, so it is important to take into account the relevant ABGB provisions when interpreting the new Civil Code. It is also important to take into account historical origins of these provisions, while also examining how their interpretation has evolved over time. Austrian legal scientists benefit from the stability of their code when applying private law and can also rely on more than two centuries of doctrinal development and extensive case law. The Czech legal community does not have this advantage, therefore the importance of historical and comparative interpretation of legal norms is increased when they apply specific provisions of the Civil Code. It is therefore necessary to perceive this dissertation thesis as a contribution to the...

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