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Comparison of the legislation of liability for damage in the Czech and Austrian civil law
Lorenc, Jan ; Švestka, Jiří (advisor) ; Salač, Josef (referee)
The topic of this Master's degree thesis is "Comparison of the legislation of the damage liability in the Czech and Austrian civil law". The purpose of the thesis is to give the general summary of the topic and to point out the main differences and similarities in the area of damage liability in the Czech and Austrian civil law. The core of the thesis consists in the comparison of the tort liability, i.e. damage liability arising from the illegal act (tort law) and the strict liability. The thesis should also verify, if the legislation of the damage liability in the traditional Austrian Code - Civil Code of Austria - is similar to the legislation in the Civil Code of the Czech Republic and if the Civil Code of Austria was an inspiration for the new Czech Civil Code. The thesis is composed of six chapters, the core could be found in the chapter two, four and five. Chapter One is a historical introduction and it describes the evolution of the civil law in the Austrian and Czech area. Chapter two is focused on the basic terminology and the key terms such as "damage liability" and "damages" and the constitution conditions of the damage liability as well as damages. The chapter gives a description of the main differences and similarities in the terminology in the both Codes. Chapter three examines the...
Cooperative and non-cooperative ownership of a flat
Nováček, Vladimír ; Salač, Josef (advisor) ; Švestka, Jiří (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to analyse a legal enviroment about the ownership of a flat in various forms. The goal is to provide the reader with advantages and disadvantages of each of that forms. The thesis is composed of five main chapters. First two chapters are devoted to a short summary of both the cooperative and non-cooperative form of ownership of a flat. After the evaluation of existing legislation in historical context, the following text is focused on fundamental and also application-often problematic legal institutes. View of the academic and judicial community is provided as well. Chapter three analyzes the procedure of transformation of a housing stock after the velvet revolution in 1989, when the economic and political situation has significantly changed and all legal relations has to adopt to new times. This chapter explains the legal way of transferring flats from cooperative to non-cooperative ownership and conditions to be fulfilled. Chapter four compares these forms of ownership on the background of major legal institutes and highligts or warns on the other hand about challenges arising in connection with the appropriate form of ownership. In the last main chapter, several amendments on new legislature are critically assessed, pros and cons are described and some thoughts are pointed out...
Solidarity in legal obligations
Dočkal, Tomáš ; Švestka, Jiří (advisor) ; Salač, Josef (referee)
Summary. In this thesis there is treated legal institute solidary obligation relationship. It is one of that legal institutes which are not in the limelight of as many specialized works as they should be for their frequency of their use in practice. Although it could seem at first sight that the solidary obligation relationship is formed enough that there cannot arise any faintnesses there, but the opposite is true. There is not a one united theoretical view of solidary obligation relationship; the solidary obligation relationship can be understand as a one obligation relationship by the first view called theory of unity, but it can be understand as more obligation relationships which exist between creditor and every solidary debtors (in case of passive pluralism) or between debtor and every solidary creditor (in case of active pluralism) by the other view called theory of plurality. The most of specialized literature which take heed of solidary obligation relationship and which were written in recent time understand the solidary obligation relationship in accordance with the theory of plurality. This thesis in opposite to that specialized works understands solidary obligation relationship as a one obligation relationship in accordance with the theory of unity which is preffered in practice although it is...
Personal data protection in health care area: legal aspects of health care documentation with special regard to right of privacy of human being
Široká, Lucie ; Salač, Josef (advisor) ; Švestka, Jiří (referee)
Archiving and processing of personal data and its overall treatment in relation with medical care service is still an underestimated issue. Current situation is influenced mainly by the fact, that traditional, yet obsolete, paternalistic conception of relation between medical care provider and patient comes out of centralistic view on health care system that gave the provider (respectively medical staff), as the stronger side of this relation, almost exclusive powers over human (patient). Result of this phenomenon was a continuous and universal disrespect to the right to privacy and implying right to protection of personal data. Data relating to health condition of person were thought of as property of medical staff that got used to treat them at their will. All of this was happening within legal regulation that was far from being perfect. Significant and conceptual legal adjustment was set when ratifying Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine (n. 96/2001 Sb.m.s.). Convention persists on theory, that diagnosis in no more than law and thus human being is superior to interests of science or society. Current legal regulation of preserving personal data in health care area could not hold out any more due to accessing to the Convention. That is the reason why these days everyone has a recognized...
Civil liability in sports
Šidliák, Jiří ; Švestka, Jiří (advisor) ; Salač, Josef (referee)
- Civil liability in sports The purpose of my thesis is to make the readers acquainted with the complicated questions of the sportsmen' civil liability for sport injuries. With regard to the constantly growing sports commercialization and media promotion the increasing number of serious injuries incurred during sports activity will become more and more topical problem. The thesis is composed of seven chapters, the introductory ones dealing mostly with theoretical approaches to the given questions and the subsequent ones describing particular real cases. The two introductory chapters focus on general and more specific theoretical approaches to the sportsmen' liability for sport injuries. Chapter three deals with the division of sports according to sport branches and levels (professional and amateur). It investigates also the problem of sports rules with emphasis on football which is the most popular sport in the world. Chapters four and five concentrate on the Czech and international judicature which has appeared in the area of civil (marginally in the criminal) liability of sportsmen for sport injuries. Chapter six examines a few finished and current cases and the last chapter outlines the future development of the questions of the sportsmen civil liability for sport injuries. Generally we can say...
Autonomy of testator's Will
Šotová, Sandra ; Švestka, Jiří (advisor) ; Pohl, Tomáš (referee)
The rigorous thesis provides an insight of free testator's will. It is divided into five chapters that are further structured into sub-chapters where are terms, institutes and other matters related to this subject explained in depth. The thesis is mainly focused on interpretation of the current hereditary right that is combined with practice of the courts. In parallel is every chapter that discusses the current legislation, compared with the proposal of the new civil code. The thesis also includes a historical overview, beginning with the Roman law. The last chapter analyses the proposal of the new civil law with description of institutes that were not mentioned in previous chapters.

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