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Theoretical, Practical and Research Aspects of Catechetical Work with Adults in the Context of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church
Matějková, Veronika ; Liguš, Ján (advisor) ; Noble, Ivana (referee) ; Kaplánek, Michal (referee)
1 Abstract The aim of the presented thesis was to compactly document and evaluate the theoretical, practical and research aspects of catechetical work from the perspective of practical theology with adults in the CzHCh from its foundation (1920) to the present (2018). In this paper we used a mixed method, i.e. a combination of qualitative and quantitative questioning, according to the Danish theologian Van der Ven. Specifically, the method of historical-critical analysis of the source material was predominant in the second chapter, mainly analysing all available printed (books, scripts, journal articles, congregational documents) and other CzHCh sources dealing with adult catechesis in the CzHCh. The analysis of the sources was combined with discursive analysis and a diachronic method tracing the changes or development of phenomena between periods. In the third chapter, using an empirical-exploratory method, we presented the research with an author-designed questionnaire survey. Some of the data were supplemented by authorized interviews with memoirists. This work can now serve as a basic practical-theological analysis 2 for the development of adult catechesis in the current CzHCh, for the future IX. Ordinary Assembly of the CzHCh (2024). At the same time, this work is a contribution to the field of...
Methodology and practice of audiovisual education for teachers and lecturers
Hlavicová, Lucie ; Vondrášková, Markéta ; Forejt, Jiří ; Bednařík, Pavel
The text of this publication provides an insight into issues of film and audiovisual education in the Czech Republic. With the specific advice and tips, how to approach teaching at different levels of non-formal education.
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Inclusive education with a focus on the pupil with a different mother tongue
Štefková, Martina ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (advisor) ; Syřiště, Ivo (referee)
The diploma thesis "Inclusive education with a focus on the pupil with a different mother tongue" is divided into two parts. The theoretical part is based on the basis of a professional literary research of the chosen issue, in which the author focuses on the pupil with special educational needs from a different socio-cultural environment, on a pupil with a different mother tongue who is educated at a regular primary school. In the introductory theoretical part, the author deals with migration, multiculturalism and briefly introduces the country, the national minority, where the student with a different language comes from. The author also includes an explanation of the terms such as intercultural identity, communication-language and integration of foreigners to this topic. In the second chapter of the theoretical part of "Inclusive education" of the pupils with specific educational needs, the author focuses on pupils with a different mother tongue. It also presents the relevant legislative documents and introduces terms such as bilingualism, counselling facilities, support measures and defines the personnel position of teaching assistants. In this part, the author also focuses on school facilities, school climate, teaching multicultural education in schools, describes interventions in the event of...
Podpora rozvoje polytechnického vzdělávání v Jihomoravském kraji: případová studie SVČ Lužánky
Šimková, Kristýna
ŠIMKOVÁ, K. Supporting the development of polytechnic education in the South Moravian Region: a case study of SVČ Lužánky. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2023. The thesis deals with polytechnic education in leisure centres in the South Moravian Region. The interest in craft professions is still decreasing and one potential approach to the solution is to strengthen the attractiveness of leisure activities focused on polytechnics. The main objective of the thesis is to present the possibilities of development of polytechnic education through the activities of a selected leisure facility SVČ Lužánky, where the South Moravian Region is the founder. The theoretical part contains the main definition of the concept of polytechnic education and its anchoring in strategic documents at the national and regional level. The practical part of the thesis presents the results of the questionnaire survey and interviews with representatives of the selected institutions. Subsequently, recommendations and suggestions for other leisure centres on how to promote polytechnic education effectively are formulated.
Podpora mobility osob a transferu znalostí v EU: Erasmus+ na příkladu projektu venkovského turismu v rámci mobility mládeže
Přibylová, Marie
This bacherol thesis deals with the analysis of various possibilities of knowledge transfer in short-term projects under auspices of Erasmus+ Programme valid for the period of 2014-2020. The theoretical part briefly defines relevant concepts associated with mobility, regional policy and knowledge transfer. Furthemore, it outlines development of the educational policy of European Union, impacts of such programs supporting the mobility, and description of the Erasmus+ Programme, which is in the case of this thesis essential. The main emphasis is placed on demarcation of procedural and administrative requisites preceding the submission of the grant application for short-term projects of so called youth exchanges. The outcome of this thesis is a model youth exchange and its possibility of implementation in practise.
Social relations and social role arising from them in the school group from the point of view of educators.
The thesis deals with social relationships in the school group from the perspective of educators and on the roles that arise due to these relationships. That is, whether the educators realize that the school group is a space for interactions between children. The theoretical part focuses on chapters from social psychology related to the topic of this thesis. It also describes the field of leisure pedagogy, characterizes individual school facilities for non-formal education and educators of the school group. The practical part is devoted to interviews that were conducted with five educators from three different primary schools and it also briefly comments on the interview with two children attending one of the school groups. A question about the formality of the interviews arose during the interviews, thus the practical part also touches upon the comparison of the impact of the environment in which the interview takes place or the length of the respondent's practice. The findings show that all the educators that were questioned by the author of this thesis are aware that the school group is an environment for children's interactions, where children establish relationships and try different roles. However, not all of them can apply this knowledge to their praxis.
Inclusive Education at a Day Camp
The thesis presents a case study of day camps hosted in the Rybka children club. The research examines what organizers and participants of a day camp, including parents of participating children, say about the realization of day camps in respect to the fact that children with special education needs took part in day camps. The first part deals with the theoretical context of the topic and selected concepts: day camp, school-age child development, children with special education needs. The second part presents the results of the qualitative research. The comments and the findings of participatory observation complete the gained findings. The conclusion includes the comparison of the research findings with similarly focused research.
Children's University from the point of view of interdisciplinary relations
The diploma thesis ?The Children´s University from the Perspective of the Cross-Subject Relations? describes the activities which can be used in the cross-subject curriculum in connection with exploring the world. The thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part analyses the findings within the scope of informal education and it also discusses the idea of education with respect to didactics. It characterizes the educa-tional area of mathematics and its applications, language and language communication, men and their world, as well as art and culture within the framework curricula for school education. Last but not least, it deals with motivation, the organizational forms of teach-ing, the cross-subject relations within the Children´s University, the informal education, and the integrated teaching programme. The practical part concentrates on the teaching lesson ?Sailing around the World with an Octopus? as part of the Children´s University. It is divided into three sections. In the first section particular activities are evaluated at the checkpoints. The second section examines the activities aimed at the frontal teaching. In the third section the course of the Children´s University is analysed.
The principle of participation and application this principle to the school youth hostel.
This Diploma thesis presents participation as an important part of the educational process of school youth hostel as a tool for empowering youth for active and responsible attitude to the life. First part deals with definitions and meanings of participation in school youth hostel environment. Next part examines participation in five school youth hostels in South Bohemia. The last part introduces data from questionnaire survey and the data are presented in the context of theoretical knowledge and practical examples.

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