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Lift trucks
Janda, Jiří ; Pokorný, Přemysl (referee) ; Škopán, Miroslav (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is a comprehensive comparison of forklifts, which are available on the Czech market. In each chapter discusses the general criteria for the assessment of industrial trucks, such as driving and lifting mechanism. The work includes the possibility of energy recovery.
Proposal warehouse in engineering company
Rada, Tomáš ; Strejček, Jan (referee) ; Štroner, Marek (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is dealing with a proposal metal sheet warehouse in an engineering company. At first a research of storage and supply management has been carried. After that a storage capacity has been calculated and a warehouse layout solution has been proposed. Two variants of the solution have been proposed: cantilever racks and an automated vertical storage system, each with a layout drawing. Both variants have been evaluated and compared in terms of purchase costs and technical possibilities and advantages.
Storage stacker for full pallets of the FIFO system
Čechmánek, Lukáš ; Bukovský, Radim (referee) ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the design of a full pallet storage stacker using the FIFO method. The first part of the thesis contains a research analysis of similar competitive solutions. This is followed by a description of the created conceptual design of the storage stacker. The design includes the choice of speeds and accelerations of stacker movements, which are necessary for the calculations of the tilting, lifting and traveling mechanism. Another part of the thesis is the strength check of the lifting carriage frame. The attachment consists of the drawing documentation of the designed device.
Design of the gated weir
Skřička, Jakub ; Uhmannová, Hana (referee) ; Julínek, Tomáš (advisor)
The Bachelor Thesis deals with the study of the existing uncontrolled weir on the river Svitava in district Brno-Obřany. The first part of the Thesis contains a theoretical part about theme of weirs. In the next part Thesis describes the current state of the area of interest, including the riverbed of Svitavy with neighboring objects. After that the Thesis describes the design of the reconstruction, including the selection of suitable movable construction and procedure of hydrotechnical calculations. In conclusion, a calculation of the stability of the design was described.
Operational project of semi-automatic line for production plastic windows
Horák, Aleš ; Heinl, Zdeněk (referee) ; Rumíšek, Pavel (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with plastic windows semi-automatic production line in the company RI-Okna. The system of storage, handling and weaknesses of the production line are described. The solution is fleshed out into a technological project, including economic evaluation and technical drawings.
Proposal for the automation of the production line for the grinding of compressor part
Jirák, David ; Jakoubek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Kubík, Roman (advisor)
The topic of this diploma thesis was chosen by Valeo Compressor Europe Company. The aim is to propose an automation of the production line for grinding of a compressor part. The part is internally termed “Cylinder,” and it is an integral part of a new type of a rotational compressor for air-conditioning units of automobiles. The diploma thesis includes a complete proposal for the automation of workplace. The current state, the proposal of the concept, technical specification of the project, and the choice of a suitable supplier and economical assessment are included. The data were provided by Valeo Compressor Europe Company.
Rotary manipulator for manual welding of hoist drums for EXYZ storage machine
Pečenka, Tomáš ; Komenda, Adam (referee) ; Škopán, Miroslav (advisor)
The main aim of this diploma thesis is to design rotary manipulator for manual welding of hoist drums for EXYZ storage machine. The rotary manipulator is designed for improving of the quality of welds, which have been made in the static bearing welding process of hoist drum. The first part is concerned on the critical research of welding manipulators, which could be founded on the market. In the next part, there are sketched possible construction designs of welding manipulator based on the market offer. The main part of the diploma thesis is own construction design, which is made on the base of suggested concept of construction design.
Optimalization of Induction Furnace Operation in foundry Vsetín
Trachta, Jiří ; Nowak, Stanislav (referee) ; Lázničková, Ilona (advisor)
The aim of this work is optimalisation of induction furnace in foundry for company PROMET FOUNDRY a.s. The company has two induction furnances. There are installed as identical construction. They have 2 modes of operation. First mode is founding and second mode is mode, where is temperature in maintain mode. Only one induction furnance can work in the founding mode at a time though. Inducion furnances are in the single-phase connection and they cause unbalance in the distribution network. Near the foundry there is a small network area whitch it is operated by company Zásobování teplem Vsetín a.s. The consumption of electrical energy in foundry so big, that in the year 2009 was made elaborate for Zásobování teplem Vsetín a.s. It was write at Laboratoře diagnostiky výkonů (Laboratory of performance diagnostics), which is a part of Electrotechnic Department at Technical Univarsity of Ostrava. The ordered study was named “Verification of causes of increased reactive energy consumption during transition from electricity delivery to electricity consumption”. The conclusion of this assignment confirms that in distribution network in the Jiráskova area in Vsetín there is unbalance of electrical energy and there is high part of reactive power. The next conclusion is crucial to find the customer who made the unbalance and to set relevant remedy. The last step will be the identification whether such device can actually be effectively balanced. It was subsequently proved that the Promet Foundry was causing the unbalance and that balanced consumption would be reasonable. Promet Foundry thus addressed Autel a.s. company with an inquiry to make a study of removing the causes of the unbalance which is caused by current induction furnaces operation at a minimum possible cost, least possible influence on the performance and minimum construction changes concerning the building. In this thesis there will be some topics. The result of which will be introducing of used heating technology, introducing of company and of effective plant performance and subsequent suggestions of possible unbalance removal or reactive power decrease. Several ways which are being implemented in the industry in order to balance consumption will be described. A suitable balancing plant will be subsequently chosen and its parameters will be calculated.
Interactive Manipulation with 3D Objects with Force Feedbeck
Bělín, Jan ; Chudý, Peter (referee) ; Kršek, Přemysl (advisor)
Physical haptic interaction is added to the modern manipulation with objects in virtual space. In content of this master's thesis the haptic technology is represented by SensAble Phantom Omni device and OpenHaptics toolkit, which is related to the device. Reader is initially introduced into mathematical basics of manipulation and into haptic technology history including current state. The introduction into Openhaptics toolkit follows as well as HDAPI and HLAPI libraries description. As a result of this theoretical basics demo aplications have been created, that show basic and advanced abilities of the Phantom Omni device. Demos represent the functionality of the device as examples integrating well-known elementary physical laws and events.
Chalder for grinder Jupiter 125
Novák, Aleš ; Jansa, Jiří (referee) ; Blecha, Radim (advisor)
Thesis deal with proposal construction Chalder for centreless grinding machine Jupiter 125. Chalder is designed for workpiece with maximum average 12 mm, maximum longitude 120 mm and mass 0,1 kg. In the thesis are described components that were used at solving and intended time exchanges workpiece, the economics estimation and processed needed design documentation.

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