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Place of Pilgrimage 2020
Chrastilová, Sabina ; Šagát,, MA Peter Susan (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
Art, health and faith.. These three topics are the main elements of the thesis. I am interested in the point when faith and art meet and offer to a person support certainty or hope. In the thesis I deal with the phenomenon of searching places of pilgrimage, which spiritually fulfilled people and in time those places have become the reflection of culture and mentality of a nation. Exactly in these places happened miraculous recoveries the most often and because of it, the people started believing in strength and magic. The thesis examines if even today we visit cultural and artistic events with the same ambition and energy as the original pilgrims. The basic element of my final part is the video of my personal places of pilgrimage which I visited within the last year. The second part deals with my newly founded online gallery which maps modern forms of pilgrimage. The whole installation is supported by the third part which is my pilgrim coat which I customized during my last travels to suit my needs.
Thermal baths Yverdon, five senses in architecture
Bělkovský, Martin ; Křikavová, Iva (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
New thermal spa in town Yverdon is located in a town park. New spa is placed at the edge of the site. Protecting the park from the surroundings and keeping the identity of the park.
Centre for Prevention, Masaryk Oncology Institute in Brno
Krejčí, Johana ; Adamson,, Krsitina Richter (referee) ; Sládeček, Svatopluk (advisor)
Diplomová práce zpracovává komplexní návrh nového Centra prevence rakoviny v areálu Masarykova onkologického ústavu na Žlutém kopci v Brně. První stavba svého druhu v České republice doplňuje současnou zástavbu nemocničního areálu. Koncepce navrženého souboru budov se zaměřuje na kontakt hranice nemocničního areálu s nově vznikající obytnou čtvrtí v této lokalitě. Návrh obsahuje jak samotné centrum prevence, lůžkové oddělení nebo protonové centrum, tak pronajímatelné prostory pro další služby široké veřejnosti.
Thermal baths Yverdon, five senses in architecture
Lišková, Nela ; Uřídilová, Marcela (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
The spa area is located in western Switzerland in Yverdon-les-Bains, which extends along the southern shores of Lake Neuchâtel. The aim was to replace the current Spa complex which capacity and operationally not meet today's requirements and also to increase capacity accommodation in the form of hotel. New spa complex is placed as solitaire in the area between the spa parks which creates fluent transition between them. Spa function is divided into multiple objects that have their own character, but which in their complexity creates one house. These objects "float" on the surface of the water, unites them and divides its operations at the same time.
Thermal baths Yverdon, five senses in architecture
Nováková, Michaela ; Uřídilová, Marcela (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
The theme of two year masters programme was five senses in architecture. The final project is thermal baths in swiss town Yverdon Les Bains, where are currenctly situated baths which do not meet the spa requirements in terms of capacity, operation or eastetics. The aim of the project is not only to design the new spa building, but also to solve miserable situation of the site, to develop the topic of spa in a park, the relationship to the historical buildings of rotunda, hotel and villa Entremont and to solve the spacial organization of the bath house itself, which is both for relaxation and healing. Part of the project is also to expand the accomodation capacity into the new hotel building.
Reflection of life in the light of dreams patients in the treatment of addiction issues
Zumrová, Barbora ; Líbalová, Ivana (advisor) ; Chrz, Vladimír (referee)
The thesis is dedicated to investigating the context of patients' waking and dreaming lives in the treatment of addiction issues. The aim of the work is to affect the experiences of dream content in patients in the treatment of addiction issues and to reveal their possible intermingling with participants' life stories. The aim is also to promote sensitivity to understanding these connections in clinical and therapeutic work with addiction issues. Attention is paid to presenting the addiction issue and simultaneously using approaches to its treatment. Furthermore, theories and approaches to dreaming with an emphasis on the Jungian approach to dream analysis from which the work is drawn. The empirical part works with narrative analysis and its categories, including thinking about Life Topics, Portrayal of Negotiations, Narrative Structures, Values and Beliefs, Position Layout, Reflection and Viewpoint, or Discursive Context in the context of the participants' dreaming and waking experiences. The research sample was made up of patients of section 35 - AT male, Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital, who were offered to participate in the realized research. The data was obtained through dream journals commissioned by the probands, narrative interviews over journal entries and objective anamnestic data, obtained...
Bracing in the treatment of children with clubfoot
Dědičová, Sára ; Sládková, Petra (advisor) ; Malá, Michaela (referee)
Title: Bracing in the treatment of children with clubfoot Objectives: The diploma thesis aimed to introduce the issue of pes equinovarus congenitus (PEC) with a focus on conservative treatment procedure using the Ponseti method and to verify this procedure in practice. The secondary aim of the diploma thesis was to create a brochure for parents of children with PEC. Methods: The research method of the diploma thesis was a case study based on the real treatment procedure of a proband with pes equinovarus congenitus. The research included one female proband early after birth and started 4th day after birth. Conservative treatment by Professor Ponseti was indicated for the proband. The evaluation of deformity development was conducted using the Pirani scoring scale and goniometric measurement. The research was conducted from 2 December 2022 to 22 March 2023. Results: Goniometric examination revealed a reduced range of motion of dorsal flexion of 20ř at the beginning of the intervention. At the end of the research, dorsal flexion of 35ř was possible. Initial examination of the proband revealed a Pirani score of 3, out of a maximum possible score of 6. After a relatively short period, the score dropped to 0.5. During further measurements, the score dropped to 0 in all areas. Keywords: deformity,...
Predicting the therapeutic response to cognitive behavioral therapy in patients with pharmacoresistant obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Vyskočilová, Jana ; Šípek, Jiří (advisor) ; Šivicová, Gabriela (referee)
I chose the theme of obsessive-compulsive disorder as a topic of my thesis. The main reason was that it is a disorder I have worked as a therapist in individual or group therapy frequently. Also I have participated in several studies as evaluator in Psychiatric Centre, and I collected data from dozens of patients. In the first part the thesis deals with the symptoms, clinical picture, prevalence, aetiology and treatment of OCD. Thesis is focuses on behavioural and cognitive models of the disorder in detail, because the treatment used in the present group of patients was CBT. Various models of cognitive behavioural therapy I discuss in more detail, because they allow different views of what happens to the patient and how to change it. The practical part has two parts. The first deals with the effectiveness of group cognitive behavioral approach for OCD patients, who use antidepressants but were resistant to previous treatment and were attended a daycare center at the Prague Psychiatric Center. The second part of the thesis deals with finding a predictor of successful cognitive behavioral therapy in these patients. The aim was to determine whether certain demographic or clinical factors that we evaluated before treatment may predict success outcome. The result is the finding that severity of the...
Prediction of therapeutical response to neoadjuvant therapy in rectal cancer
Pazdírek, Filip ; Hoch, Jiří (advisor) ; Martínek, Lubomír (referee) ; Šimša, Jaromír (referee)
The treatment of locally advanced rectal cancer is multimodal. It includes neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy (NCHRT), which reduces the risk of local recurrence. However, this treatment is also accompanied by side effects. Accordingly, there is an unmet need to identify predictive markers allowing to identify non-responders to avoid its adverse effects. We monitored circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) as a potential liquid biopsy-based biomarker. We have investigated ctDNA changes plasma during the early days of NCHRT and its relationship to the immediate tumor response as well as overall patients survival. In all patients, ctDNA was strongly reduced or completely eliminated from plasma by the end of the first week of NCHRT, with no correlation to any of the parameters analyzed. As ctDNA was reduced indiscriminately from the circulation of all patients, therefore the dynamics during the first week of NCHRT is not suitable for predicting the immediate therapeutic response in rectal cancer. The baseline ctDNA presence represented a statistically significant negative prognostic biomarker for the overall patient survival. However, the general effect of rapid ctDNA disappearance apparently occurring during the initial days of NCHRT is noteworthy and should further be studied. Keywords: rectal cancer, neoadjuvant...

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