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Basic Statistical Data about the Activities of Cultural Facilities in the Czech Republic 2021: Education of Public. IV. díl, Kulturně vzdělávací a zájmová činnost
Gonzálezová, Marie ; Národní informační a poradenské středisko pro kulturu - Centrum informací a statistik kultury
Předmětem zjišťování je činnost kulturně vzdělávacích zařízení - kulturních domů, městských kulturních středisek, center volného času a dalších subjektů, které zajišťují kulturně vzdělávací a zájmovou činnost. Obsahuje údaje o počtu zaměstnanců, zájmové vzdělávací umělecké a mimoumělecké činnosti, dalších kulturních službách veřejnosti, mezinárodní kulturní spolupráci a o spolupráci s etniky v ČR.
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Factors influencing development of cultural competencies in nursing students
The concept of cultural competence hides a large amount of information on how to provide culturally appropriate care. This bachelor thesis deals not only with the cultural competencies themselves, but also with related factors that affect their development. It also deals with transcultural models and the effect of cultural competencies in the nursing process. The aim of the thesis was to map the factors influencing the development of cultural competencies in nursing students. To fulfil the goal, 4 hypotheses have been set. To verify the hypotheses, quantitative data collection has been performed using an online questionnaire. Students of the General Nurse and General Nursing program have been assigned to the research group. The results have shown that nursing students are influenced by the media, education, social networks and the attitude of teachers, but not to the extent we have expected. The results also show that nursing students most often meet the Romani people, Ukrainian and Vietnamese patients during their internship. As part of their internship, students most often encounter patients who profess Christianity, Islam, and Jehovah's Witnesses. In the research, students have shown that they have knowledge in the field of transcultural nursing and consider it important to provide culturally competent care. The conclusion of the research is that cultural competences will become more and more popular among nursing students due to the current increase in migration. The development of cultural competences will still need to be expanded in the areas of knowledge and skills in transcultural nursing.
The challenges of multilingual and intercultural team collaboration. A case study of KAM organization.
This master thesis examines challenges of intercultural and multilingual team collaboration using the example of Christian non-profit organization - Křesťanská Akademie Mladých (KAM). Qualitative guided interviews with its American workers were used to collect data that provided information on various aspects of intercultural and multilingual team collaboration such as challenges, communication, multilingualism and interculturality in the organization. Subsequently, a qualitative content analysis was used to evaluate the data, which led to conclusion that one of the biggest challenges for the American staff of this organization is the Czech language. In terms of longevity, quality of work and life in the Czech Republic, it is extremely important to learn the Czech language.
Corporate Culture in the Selected Organisation
The aim of the thesis is to characterize the corporate culture by specifying their crucial cultural dimensions and to propose changes towards a desirable state of corporate culture in the selected organization. The thesis is divided into a literature search part and an own research part. The literature search deals with the characterization of basic concepts and explanation of issues related to the topic of the thesis based on the study of literature related to the topic. The self-research part describes the selected organization. This is followed by an evaluation of the questionnaire survey, also an evaluation and analysis of the cultural dimensions. The discussion chapter describes the results of the methods used, supplemented by the findings from the non-standardized interviews and suggestions for changes that will direct the corporate culture in the selected organization towards a desirable state.
Identity of descendants growing up in the environment of the Vietnamese and Ukrainian minority in the Czech Republic
This bachelor thesis focuses on members of the Ukrainian and Vietnamese minorities in the Czech Republic. Initially, it deals with the outline of general information about the mentioned minorities, their history within the Czech social environment and socio-cultural aspects. The central issue of the thesis lies in the description of the identity of the descendants of migrants who grew up in a culturally inhomogeneous environment. The aim of the thesis is to describe the aspects involved in the process of identity formation of these children, taking into account general information about identity, the social and cultural elements typical for defined minorities. The thesis is divided into two main parts. The theoretical part presents basic information about the Vietnamese and Ukrainians in the Czech Republic, describes the historical circumstances of their arrival in the Czech Republic, defines the basic concepts and attitudes that are further worked within the thesis, elaborates the concept of identity within the appropriate limits for the stated goal. The practical part is based on qualitative research using the technique of structured interviews withseveral members out of the researched groups. The aim of the research is to analyse and then compare the statements of respondents on the topic of their identity.
The Translation of Problematic Passages from Lemony Snicket´s Series All the Wrong Questions
The aim of this thesis is to take a closer look at the contemporary theory of translation and its changes throughout history. The theoretical part of this thesis is a summary of the works of prominent Czech and foreign scholars of the translation theory field and their research and results. In the second section of this work, these pieces of information, as well as the author's knowledge of the work of Lemony Snicket, are going to be used to translate the problematic parts of All the Wrong Questions series by Lemony Snicket, which at the time of writing doesn't have an official Czech translation. The problematic elements are play-on-words, ambiguous or unclear dialogues or fictitious names of people and places. The translation is commented by the translator, who describes and explains the use of particular techniques and methods.
Cultural diversity of early childcare
This bechalor thesis is refers to diverse ways of early care for children across the cultures. This is also the main topic of this thesis. In the first part, the thesis clarifies the roots of the cultural diversity and its reasons. Further, the thesis clarifies the concept of early care for children and also describes the child´s development, it´s needs and also deals with the aspects that influence the early care and upbringing. In the next chapter, the thesis deals with its main topic which is the early care for children across the cultures. The thesis follows up the childbirth, breast-feeding, sleep, crying and the child´s contact with the mother. In the last part, the thesis deals with the interaction between an early age child and games and also with the fact what the early care for children in Czechia looks like.
Nutrition of Patients from Selected National and Religious Minorities in Medical Devices.
BRŮŽOVÁ, Daniela
Nowadays, we frequently meet individuals from other countries, people of different religion, with their own values and culture, which is different from the general majority. These individuals also have specific dietary and nutritional requirements. If food is based on the very foundations of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, it is a fundamental aspect of human existence. The goal of modern nursing is to provide individuals with culturally specific care through culturally appropriate ways to match the cultural values, beliefs, and life habits of the individual or group. The aim of this master thesis is to map the issue of nutrition of patients from selected national and religious minorities in health care facilities. The empirical part of the thesis is based on qualitative research. The data collection technique was a semi-structured interview, which was conducted with representatives of minorities (Roma, Vietnamese, followers of Islam and followers of Orthodoxy), as well as with representatives of general nurses and nutrition therapists. The research results show that representatives of the Roma and Vietnamese minorities have minimal dietary requirements during hospitalization. The requirements of followers of Orthodoxy depend on whether and to what extend they are fasting. Representatives of Islamists have the greatest dietetic requirements in hospital facilities. Furthermore, significant differences in diet can also be found within one minority. During the hospitalization, majority of probands were not asked about the dietary specifics and requirements based on their culture or about the eating habits of them as individuals. This statement was further confirmed by general nurses, when several probands told us that they do not ask patients about their dietary requirements. The results of interviews with general nurses clearly show high level of deficiency in the knowledge of transcultural nursing, as well as in the provision of transcultural care. Probands from the ranks of general nurses named very few cultures that they encounter during their practice. Also, it was clear from interviews with nutrition therapists that they do not encounter a great cultural diversity of patients. This raises questions such as whether the nursing history is obtained by the nurses in the right way and whether the eating habits and requirements of the patients are recorded. Collaboration between general nurses and nutritional therapists was assessed positively by representatives of both of these research groups. The output of this master thesis is an educational material designed for nurses, which should acquaint health professionals with the specifics of providing care for selected minorities.
Development of leisure activities in the horizon of 150 years in Černá v Pošumaví
KRCHO, Josef
This bachelor thesis deals with leisure activities in the village of Černá v Pošumaví. First, it defines the concept of leisure time and leisure activities from a theoretical point of view. The next part is devoted to the history of the village Černá v Pošumaví. There is mapped the development of associations, facilities and activities of people who participated in leisure activities in the village. Subsequently, the focus is on the flooding of the Pošumaví and its contribution to leisure activities. Next chapters deal with the school and school facilities that participated in some leisure activities. In the last part of the work, attention is paid to the parish of Černá v Pošumaví and some leisure activities organized by the parish.

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