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Nedecký, Matúš ; Ruller, Ivan (referee) ; Ponešová, Barbora (advisor)
Main goal was to give a space to artists to let them inspire and realise.
Mobile App for Viewing Internet Pictures
Kočnar, David ; Kolář, Martin (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
This thesis explains issues concerning the development of mobile applications for Android and describes a complete design and development of mobile application Impres for image viewing. In addition to the mobile application there was also created a server application in PHP providing data from different internet sources. Taken together this service aims to bring to its user an inspiring content consisting of phototography and other visual art. The service will automatically add new content and create user-personalised selection. The work also describes theoretical knowledge and procedures necessary for technical design and development of mobile applications. Conclusion evaluates solution and proposals for possible other features.
I Live Tarot
Oplatková, Hana ; Vondřejcová, Silvie (referee) ; Klímová, Barbora (advisor)
Private deck of cards created during six-month survey and documentation of daily experiences. The package contains 49 cards and it is inspired by a set of 78 tarot cards. Text content - reverse side of the card was created using diary notes. Face side of the card was chosen as a representation of processes taking place usually in days when the card was read.
Organic architecture and contemporary residential living
Čábelková Nahorniaková, Marcela ; Kyselka, Mojmír (referee) ; Budkeová, Branislava (referee) ; Glosová, Dagmar (referee) ; Menšíková, Naděžda (advisor)
Organic architecture is often used term especially in connection with the daring and experimental form. The exact definition or division is still missing. The founder of modern organic architecture is to be generally considered as Frank Loyd Wright. He was the man who created organic architecture and also made first definition in the early twentieth century, when formulating new architectural styles. Dissertation deals with insufficiently described problem of organic architecture. The main focus is on contemporary production of residential organic architecture in Central Europe. Especially on the particular realizations in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Austria, Germany and Poland. Beside detail description of European realizations, the dissertation deals also with foundations of organic architecture in U.S.A. and important realizations here. Modern organic architecture primarily originated in the United States of America. The work presents most important contemporary realizations and architects creating resident living organic architecture in other countries around the world in order to complete the overview. The objective of dissertation was describing newest trends in designing buildings for living. Find position of organic architecture and give reasons for it´s increasing popularity, spread and necessity for new development in architecture according to the new trends. Organic architecture is an alternative way of contemporary residential living. It´s popularity is growing in last years in response to the development of modern technologies and materials, the need to protect our natural resources and also to the increasing negatives of globalization and to denial of local traditions and regional specificities. Aspects of organic forms were divided into three main groups according to their main characteristics: form, harmony and sustainable development. Another objective was find location of contemporary organic residential architecture in Czech Republic and abroad. It is rather spread all over the world than concentrated on certain places. Therefore I selected countries that are richer than the others on the occurrence of organic buildings. The objective was also to address architects, specialists, public and especially university teachers of architecture and students themselves. Communication with them was mainly connected with grant project in 2010. The theme of grant project was contemporary organic architecture in residential living. There were lectures about contemporary organic architecture and exhibition on the theme: Contemporary living organic architecture. The publication of the catalog was published under the title: Contemporary organic houses - Europe. I had the opportunity to visit a number of organic family houses abroad. Specifically houses in Slovakia, Hungary and Germany. Results of survey, which was realized by questions to owners and authors of chosen buildings, are included in dissertation. The mail results of dissertation are - make a detail review of organic architecture in residential living - define trends in contemporary organic architecture and residential living - obtain and process answers from owners and authors of chosen buildings within survey - analysis of organic house ( houses) in city planning and landscape - publication of catalogue focused on organic contemporary European houses - article about contemporary organic architecture and residential living will be published in 2012 on archiweb page
Contemporary Japanese art as a source of inspiration for art activities at primary school.
The aim of the thesis "Contemporary Japanese art as a source of inspiration for art activities at primary school" is to present contemporary Japanese art as an inspirational topic for art education. The work is divided into theoretical and project part. The theoretical part presents the ideological anchor of the work and defines its importance in the didactics of art education. The practical part takes inspiration from selected Japanese artists and presents an art series from which individual lessons can be used to enrich art education at primary school level 1, thus giving pupils an insight into Japanese art and at the same time introducing them to Japanese culture and interesting techniques.
Petr Eben - music as a way to God
Šmardová Koulová, Jana ; Špačková, Alena (advisor) ; Tvrdek, Petr (referee)
Petr Eben. Hudba jako cesta k Bohu. Jana Šmardová Koulová Resumé Svou prací jsem došla k závěrům, že přínos skladatele Petra Ebena je pro českou a světovou duchovní hudbu opravdu velký a jeho skladby jsou skutečnou pomocí v ekumenické práci. Autorova vlastní upřímná víra v Boha se, díky jeho usilovné smysluplné práci, nese tóny skladeb dál k posluchači, kterého skutečně oslovuje. Pochopil služebnost hudby a podřídil ji moudrosti slov, jejich pravému významu a obsahu, čímž její význam naopak pozdvihl. Vznikla díla, která opravdu k posluchači promlouvají svým poselstvím, dokonce ho i formují. Na základě této práce a získaných poznatků, se určitě pokusím Ebenovu Truvérskou mši, pro její jednoduchost a přitom nádhernou melodičnost, citlvě propojenou hudbu se slovy, která byla inspirována vírou v Boha, zařadit do katecheze dětí. Petr Eben. Music as the way to God. Jana Šmardová Koulová Summary In my work I have come to the conclusion that Petr Eben's music means really great contribution not only to Czech but even to the whole world sacred music with his compositions that help a lot in ecumenical efforts. The author's own true faith in God, thanks to his concentrated and meaningful work, conveys onto the listener and addresses him/her with direct impact. He understood the subservience of music well, and he...
Oasis in the heart of Europe. Orientalism in Czech architecture of the 19th century
Vránová, Veronika ; Šmied, Miroslav (advisor) ; Czumalo, Vladimír (referee)
Europe of the early 19th century is searching for its new artistic persona. Several new and distinct directions come into being, all vying for a spot on the landscape of arts and for the leading position. This desire to search for new directions deepens Europe's interest in the Orient. Meeting of the West with the East goes all the way back to early Middle Ages and manifests through several phases all the way to the present day. Fascination by the Orient in the 19th century was connected mainly to Napoleon's Egypt campaign, Greek uprising against the Turks, France's conquest of Northern Africa, World Exhibition in London and excursions into exotic lands themselves undertaken by contemporary enthusiasts. The wave of orientalism permeated all levels of fine art. It is most often seen in painting, graphic arts and photography and seen the least in sculpture. The thesis follows the orientalism phenomenon from the end of 18th century to the First World War. The goal is to provide some insight into its influence on areas of the fine arts in central Europe and provide background for future research in doing so. Key focus of the thesis is the research of exotic tendencies in architecture in the Kingdom of Bohemia and presenting it in the context of oriental architecture of other countries under the...
Radical Experience and Thinking of Poetic Inspiration. The Body (without Organs) in Maurice Blanchot's Space of Literature.
Poch, Martin ; Ševčík, Miloš (advisor) ; Jarošová, Helena (referee)
Radical Thinking and Experience of Poetic Inspiration → Abstract Blanchot's radical thinking of writer's experience poses, but do not answer a question of its physical dimension. According to Blanchot, it seems as if the writer's experience was completely unbodied, so that it excludes the possibility of writing and realization of essential speech in the world. Our interpretation of Blanchot's key concepts proceeds with an attempt to solve this problem and present its main consequences. In the last section we operate some of the terms of Deleuze and Guattari - namely becoming, the body without organs - in order to conceive writer's experience as inherently differentiated process in which the body is absent, because - deprived of its organs - it becomes an imperceptible part of assemblage which enters the space of literature.

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