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Refurbishment of the Brno - Tuřany Airport
Paťha, Radim ; Ruller, Ivan (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor)
This diploma thesis describes the reconstruction of the operation parts in the international airport in Brno and proposal of a new arrivals hall. The diploma thesis also shows the specific management of the airport, connection with the existing concourse and design of an appropriate concept of addition of new buildings with currently missing services. The reconstruction deals with the insufficient capacity of the arrivals hall and current bad technical conditions and its inconvenient capacity of arrivals and departures. In this concept, the airport capacity is doubled, up to 2 000 000 passengers per year. This concept, based on axial and mutual synergy of building parts, contains a design of two objects, the central part with public services (clearance, waiting hall, restaurant, control tower, areas for rent, arrivals and departures support), and arrivals hall (inspection, luggage clearance hall). The diploma project is developed in the range of a study. It is based on a previous urban study of the airport in connection to following-up the development of neighboring towns and surrounding area.
The Students themselves - Student Center Poříčí
Ovčiariková, Kvetoslava ; Müller, Zdeněk (referee) ; Ruller, Ivan (advisor)
The subject of this thesis was to design student housing facility . This building closes the block of housing creating privacy in the courtyard. In the corner of the site creates a space scattering object from the street line.
City Library of Přerov
Mrázek, Josef ; Uhlíř, Petr (referee) ; Ruller, Ivan (advisor)
The work is one of the possible sites of urban design library. This proposal includes a landscape design and construction. Solution design and construction are governed by the given program, plot size and the actual place in the urban environment in relation to its surroundings. The library is designed in the territory where the paved parking lot is now and archaeological discovery of the foundations of the chapel of the 16th century. The reasons for the location of the town library just in this area are: the requirement of the city, poor areas and fragmentation of existing buildings, libraries, poor state of the area and good location due to the city, lies near the historical center, in the resting zone and adjacent to the river and the green surroundings.
Slovene National Theatre in Ljubljana
Semela, Ladislav ; Borák, Martin (referee) ; Ruller, Ivan (advisor)
The design of the new stage of the Slovene National Theatre in Ljubljana adheres to, among other things, the motto of the “TACE” (Theatre Architecture in Central Europe) project, i.e. a search of forms and types of buildings for the "New Theatre for the 21st Century". Therefore, I confront three topics: 1/ the conventional binocular conception for the drama chorus of the National Theatre, 2/ the unconventional solution of the "TACE" and 3/ the urban conception of the location, the so-called "Southern Square", designed by Josip Plečnik. Ad1/ The serious and classical feeling of the conventional form of the theatre hall is required, for this is the National Theatre. Slovenia, as a relatively young state, strives to build and strengthen its historical and national existence; therefore, the classical conception should be preferred because most plays dealing with the national identity are written for this type of theatre. Unlike the unconventional type of “performance” theatres that tend to present international rather than national art. Ad 2/ The search for spatial forms of unconventional and interactive staging of traditional types, such as ballet, opera, musical or drama as well as new forms such as “performance” resulted in a clear conclusion - “black box”. The ideal theatre of the future is infinitely multifunctional neutral space equipped with technologies that enable using the area for virtually any purpose. The principle comes very close to that of film studios, yet equipped with theatrical and other technologies. Ad 3/ A controversial location in the centre of Ljubljana, which has been waiting for an urban conception since the 1930s. It is situated at the end of Plečnik’s “Ljubljana diameter”, with the obelisk in the French Revolution Square as the opposite pole. The unfinished axis obelisk-square-theatre is quite apparent. The location features a clearance and an inner block with a poor urban development; yet it also features the so-called Knafijev prehod, a socially well functional part. The building is divided into 2 functional units - the theatre with its halls, lounge, gallery and cafe, and a commercial passage with the theatre’s administration. The facade of the theatre is a composite of several elements: From left, a decoration consisting of a ruptured pillar with a statue of an actor with a background of the fly, as we move to the right, a “curtain” going down in a curve from a glass “heaven” of the theatre’s hall towering over the passage, out of which rises the solid pylon of the gallery made of half-transparent material LitraConTM. This composition shifts the axis of the lounge beyond the axis of the park to the axis of the diameter and makes thus room for service access. The theatre’s area with the passage beneath is linked by a number of newels which can spin and thus close and in this way enable changing the mode of the passage from a lounge to a public area. The conception of the theatre's area combines sections 1/ and 2/ mentioned above. It consists of the classical stage with a trap cellar, portal and fly, which can be used a classical opera-glasses theatre for as many as 800 persons in the audience and/or, if the iron curtain is closed, as a small scene with approximately 100 seats. The remaining area functions as experimental and consists of a revolving auditorium and 4 stages whose back walls feature panorama windows.
School, the Foundation of Life – a Complex of Educational Buildings in Ostrava, Cerna louka
Holcová, Petra ; Müller, Zdeněk (referee) ; Ruller, Ivan (advisor)
Theme of the diploma thesis is architectural study of school buildings in Ostrava. It combines a kindergarten, primary and secondary school – a grammar school. The school is situated next to the cultural cluster Černá louka in Ostrava – the new designed cultural center of the city, and also on the bank of the river Ostravice. The main idea is adaptation of the scale of school spaces due to children of a different age, an orientation of classrooms to south-east and at the same time to the river bank. The kindergarten is separated from service and volume of the school, the primary school and the grammar school are united in one two- and three-store building with an inner yard. The buildings are accessible for pupils from an entrance square near Černá louka, the entrance for public is situated on the new designed street connecting Černá louka and Nová Karolina. The complex offers also sport facilities, a gym, a swimming pool and exterior sport ground which is accessible from the cycling track along the river Ostravice. The exterior look of the buildings is based on the construction, the reinforced concrete structure from white architectural concrete, and is animated by shading panels from corten sheets.
Architecture of socially excluded - Higher security prison in Brno
Pokorná, Eva ; Ruller, Ivan (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor)
The master's thesis was worked out as the arhitectural study high security prison in Brno based on the submission. High security prison for 350 prisoners responds to the needs and trends of the modern jail. The new facility is based on the principle of space saving typological solutions with minimal attendance distance. The concept is divided into two main accommodation horseshoe-shaped objects that are associated with building, that are connected operating and administrative functions. Single floor for accommodation with two housing units, which include walking terraces. Terraces are sheathed with net freely crossing the connecting object and comprehensive area of all objects. It fulfills the function of the second security. In the middle of the complex there is a sports area. Production hall with facilities closed the back of a solid fence of area. By creating a compact self-functioning complex is achieved simplicity and closeness of the prison with economic use of the land.
HOUSE ON THE EDGE – Valašské Meziříčí, Sokolská Street
Švec, Martin ; Müller, Zdeněk (referee) ; Ruller, Ivan (advisor)
Modern and lightweight-looking architectural concept of the town house, which is the counterbalance to the former historical development and highlight of the look-through axe from the Main square. The inner-space functional allocation come through to the exterior look of the building. The former Poláškova street is extended, there is the piazetta with outside seating. The parter is determined by the roof cantilever and the wooden pergola with the outdoor LED illumination. In the ground floor there are two shopping spaces, pharmacy and film café. The first floor contains rehab centre. Its look is maximally lightweighted, the fassade is made only from the structural glassing. This makes the contrast between the ground floor growing up from the ground a the three-storeyed section for living. This part of building is carried by massive frames from reinforced concrete and is designed as a wood framework with pasted frames and gridiron ceiling pannels. It contains 28 appartments. Most of them are low-cost, epecially for young families and singles. In the underground are three storeys of parking. 81 places are the replacement of former public parking. The arrival ramp is situated on the south side by the Sokolská street. The connection point to the busy drive-through road is on the former crossroad with the Králova street, where are newly installed the traffic lights. The access to the shops is situated on the north side by the historical town centre. To cross the parcel is possible next to the building through the small park on the western side, or throught the centre of the bulding. The terrace above the ground floor is walkable and accessible by the stairs from piazetta or by the skew roof of the film café. The skew roof contains also benches and artificial waterfall, which ends in the fountain. The fountain is there for the good feeling of the space and for technical reasins. It is connected with the reservoir of the rain water.
HOUSE ON THE EDGE – Valašské Meziříčí, Sokolská Street
Pavolová, Soňa ; Trefil, Zdeněk (referee) ; Ruller, Ivan (advisor)
Polyfunctional building filled with educational features (Art school Valašske Meziríči) and commercial functions on the first floor. The building has also the residential function.
NEW ON THE „OLD“ – Brno, Bratislavská - Stará Corner
Šebestová, Pavla ; Antl, Roman (referee) ; Ruller, Ivan (advisor)
Proposal for the multifunctional building is located within the City and to more accurately Brno - center . The shape of the proposed buildings complements the missing mass corner . It creates what the imaginary connecting node both street front . Buildings also respects the height of adjacent buildings . The whole building consists of one basement and six floors. Towards the street in Bratislava effort to parter is as open as possible and make pawn courtyard space . At the same time due to what arises from the space directly opposite the theater joy that visitors can theater be used freely . Old Street is then conceived as a quieter street with passing on the main floor and a number of shops that attract a pawn just to enter the building. On the corner is then in a spacious ground floor cafe . The building in the street in Bratislava are on the second floor lounge for tenants and the third to the sixth apartments themselves . In the second building on the street of old apartments are located in the second to sixth floors .
Multipurpose Town House on Křížová Street, Brno
Poruba, Martin ; Němec, Josef (referee) ; Ruller, Ivan (advisor)
Design Theory 1st WHAT IS THE TOWN HOUSE By Town House (the only no MD) is undoubtedly the "parterre". The parterre is meant the space where the public associates with a freelancer (the owner of the house rules), which produces original products and original services. The advantage of this arrangement is just the comfort of home owners who meet only a few steps and is in its own business. Up to then follow the floors for residential owners and floor suitable for extended family living or for rent. The building can be rented for parts. The bottom line is that at least one of the apartments will be permanently residing owner. This is achieved by real form MD. The possibility of phased construction, in principle, helps to achieve optimal distribution of project funding (see figure below), ie. There is no need to invest at a time. It is important to fill the empty land in the streets of the city the right partner, with a gradual hill floor living, creating and MD. Just like in nature and in grow houses in the same way. Live to see if any of them, it is easy to replace by a new town house in a relatively short period of time. 2nd TRANSPORT VISION January 2 The need for transport for the urban man City man living in MD would be able to travel virtually anywhere on foot. Common goals, which during the day or week Stakes should be available nearby. She would arise from the need to own a personal vehicle for city driving. So the MD automatically receives the imaginary top of the pyramid forms of housing. Living it has many advantages. I would venture to say that owning a house might be the goal of each of us. As the owner of MD do not happen to work, ie. carry him away from home. All comfort is located in the vicinity. This form of housing support retail development and maintenance of interpersonal relationships. It is a healthy way of life. Basically I'm trying to point out the long years of proven experience. February 2 Future Transport When thinking about the future of transportation, I think of flying caps, with automatic navigation. Today we may seem too fantasy, but it can be assumed that this direction for the future traffic will develop. Such a concept of urban transport is therefore clear that it will be necessary to invest large sums in building road corridors and the streets will again become a pleasant place for people to meet. Just imagine the morning when you come to lift the roof of the MD and sit at sunrise in your hovercraft ... amazing! If you stay in the country, even today there are solutions that will relieve traffic in the city. Good public transport will solve many. Congestion nodes not in the inner cities, what to do. MHD What should be: efficient, clean, for an annual pass with the support price At least busy line should be abolished and congested lines strengthened, leading to migration of people into urban centers. It is a challenge for city planners. A sufficient number of seats in vehicles is a necessary condition for successful public transport. Cars with low starting edge and in good technical condition are showcase quality public transport. Bicycle hire Following the example of many EU countries, we should consider for transportation by bicycle wheels. Bike rentals should be the norm. RENTAL MOTOR UNIVERSAL MINI carts Likewise, the creation of citywide rental carts with electric motor at low speed 25 km / h would be very beneficial.

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