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Neogothic in sacral architecture of Prague
Marešová, Marie ; Czumalo, Vladimír (advisor) ; Pech, Milan (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with neogothic prague sacral architecture and its based on two churches of new prague towns. First part is devoted to evolution of Prague in 19th century and to the position of the Catholic Church as builder in this period and second part summerizes a the concept of Gothic architecture in art history and also problems of historicism in architecture. The crux of the matter this thesis create analysis of three churches in context of three newest prague towns. It's church of St. Ludmila in Royal Vinohrady and church of St. Antonín Paduan in Holešovice-Bubny. The final chapter is going to summerize basic attribute of neogothic in prague sacral architecture, which were deduced from the comparison of these churches.
Modern architecture in Slaný
Pučerová, Marie ; Czumalo, Vladimír (advisor) ; Bendová, Eva (referee)
The author of diploma thesis will compile an art-historical monography of an architecture of the first half of the 20th century in town called Slaný. Firstly, she briefly outlines the urban and architectural development of the town from its beginnings to the end of the 18th century and more specifically in the 19th century. This part of the thesis should result in defining the overall architectural characteristics of the town and identifying those that could positively and negatively determine the entry of modern architecture into the historical environment. The core part of the thesis will be devoted to the analysis and interpretation of selected buildings from the period between 1900 and 1950. The author will observe by which contents and ambitions was the city connected with modern architecture and what forms the battle between tradition and modernity resulted in. As well, she will attempt to find such architectural aspects between smaller town and center, that could be generalized for the entire Czech environment during the stated period. Through the reconstruction of the interwar construction activity of local architects and builders on the one hand and developers on the other hand the author will show the development of local building culture, and if the historical sources allow it, she will...
Water towers in the first half of the 20th century in the territory of the Czech Republic: Architecture, urbanism, conversion
Varvařovská, Viktorie ; Czumalo, Vladimír (advisor) ; Bendová, Eva (referee)
The study about water towers explains their development in the territory of the Czech Republic. More specifically it deals with water towers of the first half of the 20th century, which are studied from perspective of architecture, historic preservation, and urbanism. They are considered in broader context and finally proven to have a rightful place in the history of Czech modern architecture. Special attention is paid to the integration of water towers into contemporary towns. It is presented on real examples of conversion, while it bears in mind the issues of historic preservation and industrial heritage. Key Words water towers, industrial heritage, architecture of the 20th century, urbanism, conversion
Early works of Martin Rajniš 1968 - 1986 in the context of the Liberec Association of Engineers and Architects (SIAL)
Staňková, Tereza ; Bendová, Eva (advisor) ; Czumalo, Vladimír (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the early works of Martin Rajniš, closely connected with his work in the SIAL Kindergarten. The first chapter is devoted to the establishment and the education at the SIAL Kindergarten within the Liberec Association of Engineers and Architects, as well as the leading representatives of both groups. The second chapter of the thesis presents the work of M. Rajniš during his postgraduate years in the SIAL Kindergarten at the turn of the sixties and seventies. The third chapter is devoted to Rajniš's cooperation with the Liberec Stavoprojekt. His first big project is the design of the Prior 02 Shopping Centre, later called Máj Department Store. It is located at Národní třída in Prague. M. Rajniš collaborated on this project with John Eisler and Miroslav Masák, the founders of the Liberec Association of Engineers and Architects. Rajniš's collaboration with the architect Michal Brix, who himself went through the SIAL Kindergarten, is also crucial for this time. The fourth chapter is connected with the year of 1986, when M. Rajniš, in collaboration with M. Brix and Studio Shape, managed to design the exhibition Expo 86 in Montreal, Canada. Expo 86 had a major impact on the founding of Rajniš's first DA Studio in the same year. The aim of the work is to find the contexts...
Josef Čapek - art critic
Bytelová, Adéla ; Pech, Milan (advisor) ; Czumalo, Vladimír (referee)
The main goal of the diploma thesis Josef Čapek - Art Critic is to present the critical activity of Josef Čapek between years 1905 and 1939. The thesis seeks to address the changing nature of Čapek's art-critical activity depending on the artistic and cultural climate of that time. In addition to the critics themselves, attention is focused on Čapek's theoretical articles, in which he formulated general theoretical opinions, which were then reflected in his art criticism. Strongly emphasized is also the role that Josef Čapek played as an art critic in different time periods.
The problematics of art in public space during the period of normalization on the example of the Prague metro
Němcová, Alice ; Pech, Milan (advisor) ; Czumalo, Vladimír (referee) ; Rathouská Štroblová, Kateřina (referee)
The problematics of art in public space during the period of normalization on the example of the Prague metro This thesis deals with the problematics of art in public space during the period of normalization on the example of the Prague metro. The premises of metro required formal restrictions on the artworks that were intended to embellish it. For security reasons the artworks were not allowed to be on the platforms, nor in the central access tunnel, and could appear only in the vestibules and public passages or on street level at the exits from stations. On the one hand Prague metro had a clearly political component, emphasizing the friendly relationships with the Soviet Union and the key importance of the involvement of Soviet experts for the existence of modern transport systems in Prague. On the other hand, the same project made it possible to involve artists whose independent work was rejected by the regime. At the beginning of the text, I summarize the history of the Prague metro and the phenomenon of underground transport as such, followed by a section devoted to the influence of the Moscow metro on the Prague environment. The main portion of the thesis is dedicated to the art general, circumstances of the origin of artworks, assessment, financing, and realization of works of art in the...
Reception and expansion of modern architecture outside the center on the example of Benešov and its surroundings
Chýlová, Lenka ; Czumalo, Vladimír (advisor) ; Bendová, Eva (referee)
Reception and expansion of modern architecture outside the centre on the example of Benešov and its surroundings Abstract The diploma thesis is a monography of an architecture of the Benešov in the first half of the 20th century. The emphasis is to be put on the reception of modernity related to the centre- periphery relations. After a summary of the architecture development in Benešov, a history of the Czech modern architecture is briefly outlined using examples from Benešov. Diploma also focuses on enforcing individual style layers of a modern architecture in local environment and monographically contemplates an input of two chosen figures, Otakar Novotný and Alois Mezera. The author of the thesis attempts to restore how their production influenced local building culture. In final conclusion, the specifics of modern architecture in Benešov are listed to give general answers to the questions exposed in the introduction. Keywords 20th century architecture, Benešov, local architecture, Otakar Novotný, Alois Mezera, Marcel Dusil, František Scharf

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