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Financial analysis of a selected tennis center
Peterka, Adam ; Ruda, Tomáš (advisor) ; Krause, Veronika (referee)
Title: Financial analysis of a selected tennis center Objectives: The main objective of the work is to perform a financial analysis and, according to the information found, to determine recommendations that will be used for the following years. Methods: For this thesis, quantitative data from the tennis facility's financial statements from 2018 to 2021 was used. Horizontal and vertical analysis of the balance sheet and profit and loss, difference and ratio analysis was performed. Lastly, a bankruptcy model was calculated. Microsoft Excel was used to calculate and analyze the data. Results: The analysis confirmed that running a business in a sports environment is challenging. The results were particularly affected in 2020 and 2021, when the sports sector suffered from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The overall picture of the financial health of the selected tennis center was not encouraging, as the company reported losses in most of the indicators monitored. Based on these findings, specific measures were suggested to improve the situation in the coming years. Keywords: tennis, tennis center, financial analysis
Sociálně-ekonomická specifika firmy po změně vrcholového managementu
Heller, Břetislav
The main objective of the bachelor thesis is a socio-economic analysis of the com-pany and the identification of specific factors of its development after the change of the company's management in the field of business activities. In the theoretical part I characterize the tools of analysis of the external and internal environment of the company, the technique of qualitative and quantitative research and the motivation of the workers. In the empirical part I analyze the internal documents of the firm. I introduce the company under study, its history, organizational structure, economic results and socio-economic specifics over the past seven years. In this part I will discuss the bankruptcy-bonite model of IN05, horizontal and vertical analysis of the in-come statement and ratio analysis using profitability, activity, liquidity and debt ratios. For the social analysis of employee satisfaction, I will use the questionnaire-research method as well as interviews with current and former employees of the company. In conclusion, I will try to summarize the specifics of Unilin Czechia s.r.o. and propose recommendations to reduce possible risks of future losses. Emphasis is placed on the evaluation of the financial and social situation of the company in times of extraordinary social events.
Obchodní strategie firmy JAS SLUŽBY, s.r.o.
Foitová, Viktorie
The goal of this bachelor's thesis is to create a business plan for the company, which will be usable, bring profit to the company and competitive advantage. My bachelor's thesis consists of three parts. The first part deals with the theory and a summary of the basic terminology. The second part contains an analytical part, where I focus mainly on the analysis of the external and internal environment and the threats and opportunities, as well as the strengths and weaknesses and financial health of the investigated company. A SWOT analysis is further compiled based on these findings. The last part contains suggestions for improving the company's position against the competition and increasing profits. The conclusion of the work is a discussion of individual proposals, costs and expected benefits.
Ekonomická analýza odvětví pivovarnictví České republiky
Brabenec, Martin
This thesis is focused on the economic analysis of the brewing industry in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part describes the main terminology that characterizes the agrarian sector, the current form of agricultural enterprises, the basic characteristics of the brewing industry, methods of competitiveness analysis and methods of economic analysis. The thesis itself characterizes the development tendencies in the Czech Republic in the brewing industry, where in 2010 the brewing industry started a gradual upward trend in all aspects under study. Furthermore, the competitiveness analysis is elaborated, the conditions acting on the brewery market are defined, and the selected brewery is characterized, for which a SWOT analysis and a financial analysis are compiled. The SWOT analysis pointed out that the company could expand more into the foreign market and reach more customers. The financial analysis clarified that there was mainly a reduction in assets during the period under review, which was due to the reduction of fixed assets. From a financial point of view, the company is performing well and has a good market position.
Finanční analýza vybraného podniku a jeho dopad na region
Smejkalová, Jana
The topic of this bachelor thesis is "Financial analysis of the selected company and its impact on the region". It is focused on the evaluation of the financial situation of the company PBS Turbo s.r.o. and its impact on the region in which it is located. The thesis is divided into two parts, namely the literature research and the actual results. In the literature research is described the concept of financial analysis. The next part of this thesis is the actual results, where the characteristics of PBS Turbo s.r.o. are first described, followed by the calculations of the individual financial analysis ratios. Furthermore, the impact of the selected company on the region is evaluated.
Postavení ekologických zemědělských podniků v podmínkách ČR
Vošmerová, Denisa
This thesis is about the position of organic farms in the Czech Republic's conditions. The results are compared with conventional farms. Sets of surveyed farms are classified into three categories due to the region where they are farming (mountain ANC, other ANC, and areas outside of ANC). This thesis aimed to answer the questions which arose from literature research. These questions are written in the chapter Aim of the thesis. At-tention was paid to agricultural production and financial indicators. And also, the subsi-dies and their effect on the farm's economic situation had attention. It was evaluated by the share of an operating subsidies on net added value. The net added value was also used to calculate the farm's economic viability. In the end, there is environmental strain caused by farming which was also evaluated. Based on a comparison of selected costs. As a main database was used Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN). One of the main findings is differences in the intensity of agricultural production. In terms of different types of farming (organic and conventional) and also in terms of ANC. The composition of agricultural production was also considered. Animal production is more in ANC com-pared to crop production which is more in areas outside of ANC. And also, the farm's dependency on operating subsidies was confirmed. While organic farms are more de-pendent on these subsidies than conventional farms. Due to the characteristics of organic farming, the expected results of environmental strain were confirmed. Organic farming caused lower environmental strain than conventional farms.
Stanovení hodnoty vybraného podniku
Bartoňová, Magdaléna
The diploma thesis is focused on determining the value of the selected company as of 31. 12. 2021. To verify the going concern principle, a strategic and financial analysis is prepared followed by a forecast of value generators. Subsequently, the value of the company is determined using the income approach, which is compared with the market approach and asset-based valuation to verify the appropriateness of using the income approach of valuation.
Ziskovost pojišťoven v závislosti na kvalitě institucionálního prostředí
Dvořáček, Jan
Dvořáček, J. Profitability of insurance companies depending on the quality of the institutional environment. Thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2023. This diploma thesis is devoted to the influence of the institutional environ-ment on the profitability of insurance companies in the entire European Union and the United States of America in the period 2009–2018. The aim of the first part of the literary research of this diploma thesis is to clarify the issue of finan-cial analysis of insurance companies and highlight important milestones in the history of the insurance industry in the world and on territory of the Czech Re-public. In the second part of the literary research, a characterization of the area of the institutional environment and institutional economics as such is carried out. Among other things, the method of classification, measuring the quality of institu-tions, and the influence of the institutional environment on the profitability of in-surance companies are described. In the last part of the literature search, the var-iables that will be used in the empirical part of this work are selected, including the justification of their choice. Empirical analysis is carried out using microeconomic specifications of insur-ance companies and indices specifying the institutional environment. Data from the period 2009–2018 are used for the analysis, these data have an annual fre-quency and relate to 13,865 insurance companies. Due to the specific behavior of insurance companies, a model using panel data with fixed effects was chosen. The results of the empirical analysis confirm the positive influence of some microeco-nomic specifications of insurance companies and the quality of the institutional environment in the area of the judiciary. Conclusions were also made in the case of the division of insurance companies into larger and smaller insurance institu-tions, and based on these findings, recommendations were made towards the management of insurance institutions. Keywords
Vyhodnocení ekonomické situace zemědělského podniku
Moravová, Adéla
The bachelor thesis deals with the evaluation of the economic situation of the company Agro Záblatí, a.s. on the basis of the provided accounting reports and information. The theoretical part defines the basic characteristics of the agribusiness environment and enterprises, including their classification and specifics of agricultural enterprises. The practical part focuses on the financial analysis of Agro Záblatí, a.s. Horizontal analysis of balance sheet and profit and loss, vertical analysis of balance sheet, ratio analysis are used to analyze the situation of the enterprise. The results of the analysis are then evaluated, commented in the context of the situation in the industry and based on them recommendations for future years are proposed.
Pozice a výkonnost zemědělského podniku v současném prostředí agrobyznysu České republiky
Hrdličková, Lucie
The diploma thesis focuses on the position and performance of the agricultural business in the current agribusiness environment in the Czech Republic. A selected agricultural com-pany, which is PROAGRO Radešínská Svratka, a.s., is characterized in the thesis. The business core of this company is crops, animal and other production. An important line of the agricultural business is the milk commodity and the production of biogas. Selected indicators of financial analysis were used to evaluate the economic situation of the company. Based on that, it has been concluded that the company is in an acceptable financial situation. It can respond appropriately to the stimuli from the outside environment through its strategic decisions. The thesis draws attention to the main milestones of strategic decisions and their causes. It also considers possible future threats.

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