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Methodology of Research, Revision and Passporting of Historical Library Collections
Šípek, Richard ; Mašek, Petr ; Hájek, Pavel ; Paličková, Tereza
The aim of the methodology is to present a clear synthetic guide and tool for the care of the historical book collection, its analysis in terms of content, chronology and provenance and its synthesizing evaluation in the form of a study. In addition to a comprehensive secondary bibliography on the issue of the historical book collection in the broadest sense and an overview of current legislation, it also contains a clear guide to the global treatment of the historical book collection according to its specific type, as well as recommendations for its long-term management and care. The methodology also includes advice on the selection of books for conservation and restoration and on ensuring appropriate storage conditions for the historic book collection.
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Stanovení in vitro stravitelnosti organické hmoty kukuřičné siláže pepsin-celulázovou metodou
FOUS, Dominik
Silage, and especially maize silage, is the most abundant roughage both in the Czech Republic and in Europe. Silage compensates for a large part of the energy needed for the proper performance of animals. Stable efficiency and its increase can be ensured only by a constant and balanced composition of the feed ration throughout the year. Due to the importance of preparing quality feed, additives are often used. It is possible to add homofermentative bacteria to the ensiled mass with silage additives to rapidly lower the pH of the silage, or to add heterofermentative bacteria which improve aerobic stability in the silage, it is also possible to combine these bacteria or use other silage additives.
The ruins of a medieval castle and modern technology
Novotný, Jakub
The topic of the paper is the relationship between torsional architecture and modern technologies. First, the Report assessing innovative restoration techniques, technologies and materials used in conservation is briefly presented, which provides an overview of the most used techniques, technologies and materials for the exploration and protection of this type of monuments. Furthermore, the paper provides an overview of the progress and results of the regional cooperation project Technological research of the Štamberk castle ruins in the wider context of the region with an emphasis on the use of modern technologies.
Historic Interiors and the Speech of Materials
Cichrová, Kateřina ; Lukášová, Eva ; Ourodová-Hronková, Ludmila ; Tejml, Ladislav ; Troupová, Ivana ; Raichlová, Michaela ; Caran, René ; Němec, Luděk ; Čekalová, Antony Sylva ; Bukovjanová, Radka ; Pešek, Vít ; Soukup, Libor
The methodology is a continuation of the work of the team of authors titled Metodika tvorby interiérových instalací a reinstalací (Methodology for Interior Installation and Reinstallation Design), published by the National Heritage Institute in 2011 (ISBN 978-80-87104-86-6). Individual chapters deal in more detail with several phenomena that, in addition to their undeniable and sometimes essential aesthetic role, had a primarily practical purpose in historical interiors. Historic floors, heating elements or upholstery have their irreplaceable place in interiors and they objectively testify to important details of the contemporary lifestyle. With the language of the material they testify to the taste and practical needs of their owners and they are a tangible testimony not only to the technical skills but also to the level of aesthetic sensitivity of their creators. In individual chapters, the publication deals in detail with these phenomena and the impact of their quality on the integrity of the historic interior and its narrative value. One part also describes how to use modern 3D technologies to reconstruct the no longer existing phases of the historic interiors. As an example, the publication presents the reconstruction of two interiors from the Manětín and Veltrusy Castles. The publication mainly provides practical information and instructions on how to apply and implement the maximum respect for the authenticity of the monitored elements (floor covering, historic heaters, all upholstered elements) within the framework of the rehabilitation of historic interiors. The informations are given on the basis of practical examples of possible solutions and supplemented by a large number of illustrative illustrations.
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Methodology of documentation, archiving and access for non-cinematographic works of art with audiovisual content
Klodner, Michal
The methodology is intended for museum and archival memory institutions that already manage or are interested in collecting moving image art for long-term digital preservation and access in digital form. Due to the obsolete nature of historical moving image media comprising a wide range of electromagnetic or optoelectronic image formats, the risks of degradation are increasing, while the availability of original playback devices is progressively more limited. The methodology provides a combination of existing archival standards and practices that are necessary or appropriate to apply in the field of moving image art in order to guarantee the trustworthiness of the archival record and the entire curatorial process.
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Heritage conservation of the remains of human activity in the forest
Sklenář, Karel ; Novák, Jakub ; Kadavý, Jan ; Mikita, Tomáš ; Rybníček, Michal ; Bajer, Aleš ; Kučera, Aleš ; Kolář, Tomáš ; Friedl, Michal
The main objectives of the methodology include: 1. setting the issue in the legislative environment; 2. introducing the processes of disturbance of objects in the forest environment; 3. characterization of modern methods of identification of objects in forests; 4. introducing the practical procedure of identification of objects of human activities in forests; 5. proposing procedures for ensuring the preservation and presentation of anthropogenic remains of human activities in forests for state administration and local government. The methodology was developed in cooperation between experts in the humanities and natural sciences. It seeks to apply and combine procedures of different disciplines. The methodology is recommended to be used with methodology Methods and procedures for the protection of anthropogenic objects of historical human economic activity in forests (Kadavý et al. 2022). The two methodologies are complementary to each other.
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Population trends, threats and conservation of island endemic birds
Rohová, Kateřina ; Reif, Jiří (advisor) ; Sam, Kateřina (referee)
As endemics are considered plant and animal species including birds, which are in the focus of this thesis, that are found in a restricted geographic region and nowhere else in the world. Such endemics typically occur on the islands that are often recognized as important global biodiversity hotspots. However, many endemic species are very vulnerable due to numerous factors (mainly genetic and demographic) closely linked to the way of life on the islands. Huge effort is dedicated to their conservation, and it thus reasonable to ask whether such an effort made a significant contribution to prevent their loss. Here, I evaluate the overall success of island bird endemics conservation compared to continental conditions because such a global analysis has been lacking up to now. In addition, this thesis examines how three major threatening factors (namely habitat destruction, invasive species, and overexploitation) driven by anthropogenic activities affect population trends of continental and island bird species. Finally, I mapped and explained, using examples, which conservation tools are effective for supporting the populations of island endemic species. The results of statistical analyses, based on a global dataset containing almost 8000 avian species, showed that island endemic species are more...

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