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Sales Promotion and Advertising of Company
Baťková, Nikola ; Havíř, David (referee) ; Mráček, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of sales promotion and advertising of a pet supplies company. In the company, marketing communication is largely neglected. In this thesis, a large part of marketing communication will be analyzed, but more attention will be paid to advertising and personal selling, as they form an essential part of the communication mix. The thesis will conclude by suggesting improvements that should lead to an increase in the number of sales, mainly due to an increase in the satisfaction and loyalty of regular customers and an increase in the number of new customers.
Customers satisfaction research
Rodan, Zdeněk ; Trégerová, Jaroslava (referee) ; Němeček, Petr (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on customers satisfaction research with provided services. The goal is to find out, evaluate and determine of such steps, which will bring increasing of satisfaction in future. The theoretical part focuses on the explanation of concepts, problems in marketing research and marketing of services. The second part includes questionnaires and data evaluation procedures.
Marketing Plan Proposal
Soukupová, Hana ; Milichovský, František (referee) ; Novák, Petr (advisor)
In this diploma thesis a marketing mix of the chosen Company is analyzed. Theoretical part of the thesis focuses on the explanation of the basic terms such as marketing, marketing mix, marketing analysis and research in marketing. The goal of the analytical part is finding the current state of the marketing mix in the Company. Based on the results of analytical part the proposals are formulated. They should improve the current state of the Company and help it to solve the issues it is currently dealing with.
Marketing processes in the construction industry
Dohnálek, Petr ; Jégl, Adam (referee) ; Dohnal, Radek (advisor)
The purpose of this bachelor thesis called „Marketing strategies in civil engineering“ is to follow and describe the instruments of marketing communication in particular company. Then it deals with the assesment of their current state and with a plan of its optimization.
New Approaches in Marketing Communication in Outdoor Clothing Segment
Mráček, Pavel ; Kita, Jaroslav (referee) ; Stávková, Jana (referee) ; Světlík, Jaroslav (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
Presented dissertation is involved in the issue of marketing communication within the framework of relations among supplier/producer of materials – producer of clothing – retailer and customer in the outdoor clothing segment in the Czech Republic. A specific role of the customer is considered in the context of the value co-creation concept with the emphasis on the development and increase of perceived value. A primary objective of the dissertation is the identification of new approaches to the marketing communication with customers within the framework of mentioned relations with the stress on the determination of the synergistic effect of mentioned relations in the influence of various forms of communication to the customers. Partial objectives are defined in link with this objective. The dissertation objectives and individual hypotheses, in which submitted dissertation is interested in, are defined on the basis of the analysis of theoretical starting points and secondary data. Conducted primary research then combines qualitative and quantitative approaches aiming at the analysis and description of the individual parts. Results of research are presented both in the form of partial conclusions characterizing the individual spheres and in the form of summary conclusion. In the formulation of conclusions a strong emphasis is put on the visualization in the form of schematic illustrations of identified principles. The dissertation contains conclusions and recommendations offered to the individual involved parties. The dissertation conclusion summarizes contributions to science and research, practical as well as educational applications. A complex philosophy of the exploration of the theme is completed with an introduction of restrictions of carried-out research and incentives for further research studies in this particular field.
Proposal for Marketing Activities of Specific Company
Oulehla, Michaela ; Chlebovský, Vít (referee) ; Mráček, Pavel (advisor)
The topic of this diploma thesis is to create a proposal for marketing activities of café and bar Limbo situated in Brno. The proposal should lead to improvement of the company’s communication skills, consequently to raise public awareness and potentially to increase the number of new customers. Therefore, the most extensive part of proposals is focused on marketing communication. The proposal is based on theoretical knowledge in the introductory part and, above all, on suitable analysis of current situation in second part of diploma thesis.
Proposal of Communication Plan in Company ADPAK, s.r.o.
Juříčková, Klára ; Kašparec, Michal (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis is focused on communication mix. In first part are defines theoretical knowledge that are needful for the understanding of the issue. In second part are these knowledges applied on concrete company and is made strategic analysis of the environment and the communication mix. Based on the findings are advised changes that would lead to effective marketing communications.
On-line marketing communication
Jílková, Šárka ; Novotný, Lukáš (referee) ; Schüller, David (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focussed on on-line marketing communication with cosmetic studio Mis-sys. The Theoretical part describes the basic concepts of marketing which are used in the analytical part. The analytical part charakteristics basic information about the company and its actual state. Based on retrieved information from analyzes and questionnaire survey proposes solutions to issues and their benefits follow in the practical part.
The Proposal of Communication Mix for the Event Hip Hop Kemp
Škrlant, Jan ; Kejklíčková, Petra (referee) ; Navrátilová, Ludmila (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the communication mix of the specific event Festivalpark company. The first part contains explanations of the theoretical knowledge related to the topic. The second part is focused on application of these knowledge and analysis of existing communication mix. Based on the findings own proposals of communication mix are created in the last part of the thesis to improve marketing communication for next years of the event.
Proposal of Communication Strategy (for real company, organizaci)
Tuč, David ; Kruliš, Vladimír (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
The diploma thesis concerns a creation of communication strategy for multimedia festival named Lumirova triska 2009. The work includes a summary of basic marketing approaches towards the communication strategy creation, description of its application, former communication analysis and an overview of the current state on the market of festivals involving advertising creation, as well as proposals for communication improvement, managing model of the event and an effectivity assessment from the economical point of view.

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