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The role of the father from the perspective of adolescents
This bachelor thesis deals with role of father from the perspective of adolescents. The theoretical part consists of two chapters. The first chapter deals with characteristics of adolescence. The second chapter is on the subject of fatherhood. Attention is here devoted to roles those father plays in the family, differences in the approach to daughters and sons and what the absence of the father in life of the adolescent brings. The research part, with the help of qualitative methods and case studies, compares the adolescent's perspective of the role of the father in the family and also deals with differences and common features of individual cases.
Be a good father
Men's perception of fatherhood influenced their upbringing, the experience, and the society in which they live. The research aimed to explain the mother-child relationship, and the topic of fatherhood used to be neglecting. The interest of researchers is recently changing. I described how fathers perceive fatherhood before the birth of a child and the change after. The aim was to determine how expectations in the fatherhood role differ from the fulfillment of this role. I used qualitative research. I contacted ten respondents who answered three main questions. Respondents agreed that fatherhood is a process that is constantly evolving. Fatherhood is about a greater responsibility to the family. The reality after childbirth was different from their imagination before. They also agreed that being a father is a full-time job, but there may not be any conflicts of social roles.
Childbirth from Men's Perspectives
Zavadilová, Šárka ; Sokolová, Věra (advisor) ; Jiroutová Kynčlová, Tereza (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with men's presence at childbirth. The aim of this work is to give a voice to men - fathers to tell the birth stories from their perspective. The theoretical part of the thesis provides a theoretical framework for the analysis of the construction of identities, the repertoires of fatherhood and gender relations in the family and presents a feminist critique of the childbirth discourses. The empirical part discusses methodology and methods of the research and includes the analysis of narrative interviews with fifteen fathers who were present at birth. The research of this diploma thesis answers following questions: how men talk about the experience of childbirth, how they construct their masculine identity and how they relate to fatherhood (parenthood) during narration. The aim of the research is also to identify their reasons for being present at childbirth, the roles they play at childbirth, and the importance they assign to this event. Key words: men's presence at childbirth, birth stories, fatherhood, masculine identities, hegemonic masculinity, childbirth
Role of father in family with children with mental disability
Slabá, Magdalena ; Mužáková, Monika (advisor) ; Zemková, Jaroslava (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with father of a child with mental disability. Thesis is divided in the theoretical and the experimental part. The theoretical part contains information about the role of fathers and men in families with a child with mental disabilities. Experimental part presents research using internet questionnaire focused on the role of father a child with mental disabilities. The second part of the research were related phenomenological interviews with fathers of children with intellectual disabilities or autism. The aim of the research is to describe and capture the experiences of these men.
The fatherhood in novels of Milan Kundera
Labudová, Zuzana ; Knotková - Čapková, Blanka (advisor) ; Kalnická, Zdeňka (referee)
This thesis discusses the concept of fatherhood in the novels of Milan Kundera. The first part of the analysis focuses on initiation rituals leadings to the construction of the masculine identity and the future quality fatherhood; this thesis discusses unwanted fatherhood, the phenomenon of the missing father and the ethical aspects of the (non)fatherhood and the theme of fatherhood as a coming to terms with the world. I concentrate on the basic models od fatherhood in Kundera's novels, which bear a resemblance to archetypes of father. But it is less a typical archetypes analysis than a interpretative analysis combined with a resisting reading. This thesis compares traditional concepts with concepts od modern (feminist) science and applies it to Kundera's characters.
Birth of a Child - Rituals, Customs
Hokeová, Lucie ; Dvořáková, Markéta (advisor) ; Kubišová, Zuzana (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the birth of a child in the Czech family and society in the nineties of the twentieth century and at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The chapters and the subchapters are concerned with the periods connected with the birth of a child and are aimed at rituals, customs and activities connected with coming of a new life to the world. The thesis is divided into three main parts, pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal period. In the part Pregnancy we will look at how awaiting of a new life is reflected in the language, superstitions and various practices and what is necessary to do before the birth of a child, we will especially focus on the choice of a name and surname. In this part we can find the chapter on the preference for the sex of a child and on the values which the Czech society connects with a child. In the second part Childbirth we will look at the perception of childbirth as pain, at the course of childbirth and at the first things which are necessary to do after the birth of a child. The chapters on maternity, fatherhood and family were also put to this part since the birth of a child creates a new, lifelong relationship between a child and his/her parents. In the last part Post-natal period we will focus on creating of a social identity of a child,...
Psychological Aspects of the Father-Daughter Relationship
Matoušková, Lenka ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Šturma, Jaroslav (referee)
MATOUŠKOVÁ, Lenka. Psychological Aspects of the Father-Daughter Relationship. Prague: The Faculty of Arts of Charles University, 2012. 259 pgs. The final thesis. The title of this work is "Psychological Aspects of Father-Daughter Relationship". In its theoretical part it summarizes mainly Czech, but also some foreign, contributions related to the topic of fatherhood, the specifics of paternal behavior and the importance of a functional father for the psychological development of girls. The issue is also viewed from the perspective of possible negative impacts on the psychological development of women who grew up without their fathers. The analysis is primarily focused on their problems with self- esteem, self-confidence and self-image, identity, emotions and emotional life but also on difficulties in future partner and intimate relationships. The theoretical part, with regard to the research, also discusses the concept of risk and protective factors. It respects the current trend of leaving aside pathogenic and shifting towards salutogenic factors, so it focuses mainly on mapping the protective factors in the psychological development of girls who grew up without their fathers while not excluding the risk factors. In the practical part, the topic is treated in qualitative way using retrospective...
Parental Couples' Views on Fatherhood
Pavlíček, Michal ; Pavlík, Petr (advisor) ; Havelková, Hana (referee)
This work focuses on the question of contemporary forms of fatherhood and thus responds to the current discussion about the greater involvement of men in childcare and domestic work. This ongoing discussion is closely associated with the equal opportunities for men and women. However, existing research shows that in most czech families the traditional gender division of family roles, which disadvantages women both within family and work life and limits men in fulfilling their parentel role, still prevails. The concept of active fatherhood presents man as an equally competent parent as a woman who is actively and more equally involved in childcare and domestic work. Poromoting this concept should help to eliminate inequalities mentioned above. The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic, in support of active fatherhood, has conducted sociological research "The Forms of Paternity in the Czech Republic". The qualitative research carried out in this work is based on the research areas of the qualitative part of the mentioned research, specifically the part focused on the involvement of fathers in childcare and their ideas about the father's role. Conducted research tries to provide a more complete picture of the form of fatherhood through the inclusion of women to my research. The...
Parenthood and its current complex legal situation
Hýsková, Monika ; Radvanová, Senta (advisor) ; Hendrychová, Michaela (referee)
This rigorous thesis deals with parenthood and its current complex legal situation. The rigorous thesis is divided into seven main parts. The first of them deals with the issue of determining parenthood in general, afterwards I discuss in detail the issue of determination and denial of motherhood and also identifying and denying of fatherhood. A separate part of my rigorous thesis deals with surrogate motherhood issues, as well as discreet and anonymous births and also issues of baby hatches. In the last part of my rigorous thesis I reflect on the bill of the new Civil Code and at the same time, I outlined some of the considerations de lege ferenda. In my rigorous thesis I relied mainly on the current legislation of the issue, of legal professional publications, articles and studies and the present case.

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