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Paradoxes of support help and care
Stretti, Sylvie ; Krahulcová, Beáta (advisor) ; Zelinková, Olga (referee)
The opener of this thesis is a pilot long-term study of a family with a handicapped member. The author has followed this family for more than six years. Following chapters of the thesis include descriptions of different experiences of members of this family. In order to understand specific needs of the family the thesis defines basic concepts such as care, help and support. Confusion of these notions causes dissipation of borders between the individual needs of different family members. Next chapter deals with the use of power in different supporting professions, concluding that its application is desirable under certain circumstances. It demonstrates that the possession of power doesn't necessary lead to manipulation of individuals. The last chapter covers the need of humane approach in supportive professions as has been proven in literature. This quality is highly beneficial to the client.
Work with Biblical Text in Hagiotherapy and in Individual Imaginative Interpretation
Zuzánková, Anna ; Racková, Barbora (advisor) ; Stretti, Sylvie (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with two methods of working with the biblical text in social work, existential hagiotherapy and imaginative interpretation. The primary goal of this work is: Description of the experiences experienced by hagiotherapy group participants and participants of individual imaginative interpretation with biblical text in 2Sam 11. The secondary goal is: Validation of the method of individual imaginative interpretation based on hagiotherapy. Hagiotherapy is already a comprehensive and structured method of working in a group. The method of imaginative interpretation is a method not yet used in practice and represents individual work. The diploma thesis presents this method in the light of an already functional method. The theoretical part deals with the presentation of both methods and their placement in the context of social work. Differences and similarities of the method of hagiotherapy and imaginative interpretation are presented here. At the end of this section, are given possible interpretations of the text. The theoretical part defined terms that were essential for answering the basic research question. The basic research question is: "What lived experience do the religious participants of the hagiotherapy group and the religious participants of the individual imaginative...
Construction of reactions to the ethical dilemma of curators as employees of the selected Socio-legal child protection Authority
Merklová, Markéta ; Kaňák, Jan (advisor) ; Stretti, Sylvie (referee)
UNIVERZITA KARLOVA HUSITSKÁ TEOLOGICKÁ FAKULTA KONSTRUKCE REAKCÍ NA ETICKÁ DILEMATA KURÁTORŮ JAKO PRACOVNÍKŮ VYBRANÉHO ORGÁNU SOCIÁLNĚ-PRÁVNÍ OCHRANY DĚTÍ V PRAXI Construction of reactions to the ethical dilemma of curators as employees of the selected Socio-legal child protection Authority Magisterská diplomová práce Vedoucí práce: Autor: Mgr. Jan Kaňák, Ph.D. Bc. Markéta Merklová, DiS. Praha 2022 Abstract In my diploma thesis, I address the question "How do the curators of the criminal activities of children and youth of one selected OSPOD in the Czech Republic construct a response to the dilemma of intervening vs not intervening in their normal practice?". My effort was to describe how curators of criminal activities of children and youth, as specifically targeted social workers of OSPOD, create responses to the dilemma of intervene vs not intervene. The motivation for choosing this topic was that I myself, as a former curator, faced this dilemma and did not know how to respond adequately and in time to such situations. The greatest support for me at that time was sharing the situation with colleagues who did not always have the time and desire to think about the topic. I was interested in whether curators encounter these situations and how they react to them. These findings can subsequently serve as...
Subjective experience of power by workers in selected Low-threshold facilities for Children and Youth
Chmelová, Klára ; Kaňák, Jan (advisor) ; Stretti, Sylvie (referee)
This thesis explores the subjective experience of power of workers in low threshold facilities for children and youth. It presents definitions of power, approaches to power in social work, the use of power in relation to the client, and discusses the concepts of control and help, powerlessness, empowerment and authority. It also mentions the definition, objectives and methods of low threshold facilities for children and youth. The aim of the paper was to answer the main research question "What is the experience of workers in low threshold facilities for children and youth with power?" The answer to this was obtained through semi-structured interviews with four workers in low threshold facilities for children and youth. An interpretative phenomenological analysis method was used to analyse the interviews. The analysis revealed that workers' experiences of power were predominantly felt in the form of influence and decision-making, both in their relationship with the client and in their work team. Furthermore, they experienced it in situations where they gave sanctions and set rules. They also perceived their experience of power in terms of themselves as authority figures. They also experienced a certain type of power in the form of powerlessness, help and empowerment.
Dance as a Therapy
Tomášková, Kateřina ; Čedík, Miloslav (advisor) ; Stretti, Sylvie (referee)
This diploma thesis concentrates on working with a group of children refugees coming from Ukraine, using elements of dance-movement therapy. The theoretical part focuses on introducing information about dance in general and its meaning for humans since tribal times, its processes and analysis of movement according to Laban methodology. The practical part focuses on describing how the project with refugees came to life and all the aspects connected to its evolvement and realization. Another part of the practical part of the thesis concentrates on a description of witnessed behaviors of the group and their evolution during the times the group met.
Meaning in the Context of Existential Hagiotherapy
Nečasová, Eliška ; Racková, Barbora (advisor) ; Stretti, Sylvie (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to describe meaning in the context of Existential Hagiotherapy and to answer the following research question: How do hagiotherapy participants experience the existential meaning? The first chapter reflects the chosen topic for the context of social work. It draws on a discursive conception of social work and a typology of the interrelationship between spiritual and professional discourse (see appendix A.1). This thesis is based on the belief that hagiotherapy belongs to spiritually sensitive social work. The second chapter focuses on the trends of existential therapy. It points out the considerable differences between the different trends, but also the similarities that can be found between them. In particular, three specific trends are important for this thesis, namely existential psychotherapy according to I.D. Yalom, logotherapy and definitely existential hagiotherapy. The third chapter deals with the meaning of life and shows how individual philosophers see it. Firstly, the different perceptions of the so-called higher or cosmic meaning and its influence on human freedom are pointed out. It also points out one of the questions connected with the existence of God, which mankind was occupied with for thousands of years: If there is a God, where does evil come from in the...
Analysis of the needs of users of the low-threshold social service of the Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation in the from of an expert assessment within the framework of an intercultural study
Nachtmanová, Andrea ; Novák, Petr (advisor) ; Stretti, Sylvie (referee)
Nachtmanová. A., Analysis of the needs of the low-threshold social service users in the Don Bosko Bulgaria Foundation in the form of expert assessment within an intercultural study, Prague 2022, Diploma Thesis, Charles University in Prague, Hussite Faculty of Theology, Department of Psychosocial Sciences, Social and Charitable Work, Supervisor PhDr. Petr Novak PhD. Keywords: comparison of facilities, Don Bosko Foundation, facilities in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, low-threshold facilities for children and youth, needs of children, social service My work deals with the description of the needs of users - children and adolescents - in the low-threshold social service in Bulgaria and a comparison of the needs of children and adolescents in a similar facility in the Czech Republic. At the beginning of the work I describe the Catholic Order of the Salesians, their history and their current activities in the Czech Republic. I also describe the social service and low-threshold facilities. In chapter 3, I describe for which clients the device is intended, function and goals of this device. In the fourth chapter, the needs of children are described. At the same time, I refer to Abraham Maslow's theory of needs, which is supplemented by the theories of two Czech psychologists - Zdeňek Matějček and Zdeňek...
Loneliness in the Context of Existencial Hagiotherapy
Tesařová, Petra ; Racková, Barbora (advisor) ; Stretti, Sylvie (referee)
Loneliness represents an important existential aspect of being, which forms a necessary element of the internal dynamic structure of a human being. In direct encounter with this foundation of life, we experience anxiety, to which our psyche reacts with various defense strategies. If our efforts fail, its clinical manifestations begin. However, loneliness in the context of Existential hagiotherapy has not yet been further developed or explored. The master's thesis therefore tries to contribute to the opening of the discussion, offers a certain summarization of the sources that are crucial for hagiotherapy, and dares to propose some alternative perspectives. The theoretical part is devoted to the first aim of this thesis: Description of loneliness in the context of Existential hagiotherapy. Loneliness is discussed first from the point of view of I. D. Yalom's Existential psychotherapy, then from the point of view of M. Buber and E. Lévinas. Then the thesis focuses on the pair loneliness and relationship. The relationship appears in two forms - a way out of loneliness (M. Buber and E. Lévinas) and a defense against loneliness (I. D. Yalom). This is followed by the direct point of view of hagiotherapy, where loneliness is concretized as a violation of interpersonal relationships, alienation from the...

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