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Communication strategy of IKEA in the field of CSR in the years 2019-2021
Dvořáková, Markéta ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Schneiderová, Soňa (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the communication strategy of IKEA in the field of CSR in the Czech market in 2019-2021. The theoretical part provides a comprehensive theoretical background to the topic focused on corporate social responsibility and communication strategy. The practical part is focusing on the global furniture company IKEA. The thesis first describes the chosen research methods. Then it offers a brief introduction of the company and its CSR strategy. It describes not only its current approach, which is summarized in the document "People & Planet Positive" updated in 2018, but also the company's journey until then. A subsequent analysis of the communication strategy in the selected period presents a detailed description of the 9 largest CSR campaigns, as well as smaller topics in this area of communication. The analysis also includes an interview with the PR Leader of IKEA Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, which helped to complete the picture of the company's approach to CSR communication. At the end of the thesis, one can also find research in the form of a questionnaire survey conducted to find out consumers' opinions on the issue under study.
Comparison of wedding traditions in the Christian and Jewish culture
Mikelová, Denisa ; Dvořáková, Markéta (advisor) ; Kubišová, Zuzana (referee)
The work entitled "A Comparison of wedding traditions in the Christian and Jewish culture" means that will be comparing cultural thinking of faithful Jews and Christians. As indicators of cultural norms I have chosen respected and kept wedding customs. On each particuliar indicators I will be searching similarities and differences between the Christian and Jewish social view of the world. Culture and belief interact and support each other. Essential requirements of the faith and rules keeping, determined by religious community, are most clearly manifested in the customs practiced. For me, the preferred customs are these maintained before and during the wedding day. In my work I will therefore comparing above all socio-cultural meaning of marriage and marriage itself, which is in the course of centuries accompanied by more or less stable and unchanging habits. Thesis will be divided into four parts. In the first part I will examine the theoretical exploration of the Jewish wedding, and then in the second part the Christian weddings. In the third part I intend to compare different cultural expressions of religious Jews and Christians. The thesis wil be finished by two kinds od interview conducted with a small sample of randomly selected respondents who attended the wedding as the bride or groom.
Cooperation between Vlastivědné museum in Nymburk and region's schools in the area of education
Líbalová, Jana ; Dvořáková, Markéta (advisor) ; Županič, Jan (referee)
Cooperation between Vlastivědné museum in Nymburk and region's schools in the area of education Diploma work is divided into two parts. Theoretic part of work talkes about development cooperation museum and schools in the area of education children and teenagers in Czech republic from 2. halves 20. century to the presents. Next chapter is relates to Vlastivědné museum in Nymburk, for him are created educate programs in practical part of these diploma work . The chapter is presents history of Vlastivědné museum in Nymburk, inclusive familiarization with actual activities, his continual expositions and with offer of educate activities for schools and next interested persons. First part of work close current data theory of education and next museum activities, which affected conception created programmes in second parts diploma work. Practical part presents two educate programs created for Vlastivědné museum in Nymburk, inclusive take into account needs and aims of all of the three subject, for that are programs totalled - schools, museum and participants programmes. On the ground of roundness work and requierement special knowledge contentual pages programmes list second part diploma work also with history town - Nymburk, inclusive his most considerable memories respective to subject educational...
Impact of Today's Family Crisis on Children's Socialization
Votavová, Pavla Marie ; Havlík, Radomír (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Markéta (referee)
Family is the staple part of society and state. Its basic functions are reproductive and sexual function, social-economic, emotional function and socialization. This social unit is affected by many factors. Also because of their influence, family has lost much of its original status. State tries to support families through financial support, suitable housing policy, as well as in the area of employment relationships. In spite of all this, less and less people get married and vice versa, the number of divorces rises. Now, so-called singles have also entered our society. Bad relationships in family, or its break up, have very negative impact on child development. The presence of a father is of crucial importance. The father can work as the best prevention from the delinquency of children and youth. Well spent free time also has a great impact on the future of children. It is very difficult to put a finger on what has to be changed, but the true is that this change is crucial for development of the Czech society.
Fates of the Castle of Zelená Hora during the 20th Century
Barochová, Jana ; Županič, Jan (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Markéta (referee)
During its whole existence, Green Mountain castle played an important role in the history of our country. At the opening part this bachelor's thesis describes and explaines the methodology of work, than it is concerned with the oldest and also the later history of the castle. The principal part of the thesis affects the inflictions adherent to quite recent events that fatally touched the object in the course of the twentieth century. The social and political conversions that came in the twentieth century at the territory of our republic mirror clearly in the fate of the castle (birth of the Czechoslovakia, the World War II, the rise of the communist regime, the velvet revolution …). In the end the work deals with an actual state of the Green Mountain. Keywords: Green Mountain castle, Nepomuk, the Auerspergs, Black Barons, Army.
Birth of a Child - Rituals, Customs
Hokeová, Lucie ; Dvořáková, Markéta (advisor) ; Kubišová, Zuzana (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the birth of a child in the Czech family and society in the nineties of the twentieth century and at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The chapters and the subchapters are concerned with the periods connected with the birth of a child and are aimed at rituals, customs and activities connected with coming of a new life to the world. The thesis is divided into three main parts, pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal period. In the part Pregnancy we will look at how awaiting of a new life is reflected in the language, superstitions and various practices and what is necessary to do before the birth of a child, we will especially focus on the choice of a name and surname. In this part we can find the chapter on the preference for the sex of a child and on the values which the Czech society connects with a child. In the second part Childbirth we will look at the perception of childbirth as pain, at the course of childbirth and at the first things which are necessary to do after the birth of a child. The chapters on maternity, fatherhood and family were also put to this part since the birth of a child creates a new, lifelong relationship between a child and his/her parents. In the last part Post-natal period we will focus on creating of a social identity of a child,...
Possibilities of development of partial functions in preschool and early school age
Dvořáková, Markéta ; Felcmanová, Lenka (advisor) ; Kotvová, Miroslava (referee)
TITLE: Possibilities of development of partial functions in preschool and early school age AUTHOR: Bc. Markéta Dvořáková DEPARTMENT: Department of special education SUPERVISOR: Mgr. Lenka Felcmanová ABSTRACT: In my diploma thesis I deal with the issue of partial functions and their possibilities for development in the preschool age and the early school age. The theoretical part focuses on the characteristics of the preschool age, the school age, the school entrance age, partial functions and their development, deficits, diagnostics and possible intervention. The practical part analyzes the results of research evaluating the effectiveness of an intervention program focused on the development of selected functions, which includes input diagnostic of functions of the selected groups of children aged 5 to 7 years, the intervention program and output diagnostic after its completion. KEYWORDS: Partial functions, diagnostics, visual perception, auditory perception, right left orientation, intervention, preschool age, early school age
Culture of the Bulgarian minority in the Czech Republic in relation to the majority Czech population
Lindová, Jitka ; Dvořáková, Markéta (advisor) ; Stracený, Josef (referee)
Title: Culture of the Bulgarian minority in the Czech Republic in relation to the majority Czech population This thesis inquire into the signs of Bulgarian culture in the Czech republic, presents options and limits of its implementation in focus to interaction of Bohemian a Bulgarian cultural settings. Final discourse combines author's theoretic knowledge with empiric perception of Bulgarian community. The main emphasis of thesis is represented by overreach of cultural territory and historical contacts to contemporary reception of different ethnic minority. Importance of ethnic cultural activities support and urgency of cultural knowledge spreading are also referenced in the text below. Keywords: Bulgarian culture, Czech culture, Czech-Bulgarian relations, ethnicity, intercultural dialogue

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