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Childbirth from Men's Perspectives
Zavadilová, Šárka ; Sokolová, Věra (advisor) ; Jiroutová Kynčlová, Tereza (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with men's presence at childbirth. The aim of this work is to give a voice to men - fathers to tell the birth stories from their perspective. The theoretical part of the thesis provides a theoretical framework for the analysis of the construction of identities, the repertoires of fatherhood and gender relations in the family and presents a feminist critique of the childbirth discourses. The empirical part discusses methodology and methods of the research and includes the analysis of narrative interviews with fifteen fathers who were present at birth. The research of this diploma thesis answers following questions: how men talk about the experience of childbirth, how they construct their masculine identity and how they relate to fatherhood (parenthood) during narration. The aim of the research is also to identify their reasons for being present at childbirth, the roles they play at childbirth, and the importance they assign to this event. Key words: men's presence at childbirth, birth stories, fatherhood, masculine identities, hegemonic masculinity, childbirth
Gender Analysis of the characters of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter
Stará, Petra ; Knotková - Čapková, Blanka (advisor) ; Jiroutová Kynčlová, Tereza (referee)
The subject of this master's thesis is gender and archetypal analysis of the characters in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter. The first part of the thesis consists of methodologies and theoretical concepts used in the subsequent analysis section of the thesis. Feminist theories are the core of this thesis. The main focus is placed on archetypal analysis and feminist spirituality. The second part of the thesis focuses on the analysis of the main characters of the story. Emphasis is placed primarily on the power dynamics, the relationships and ties between the characters, as well as on the analysis of the archetypes and the symbolism in the myth. Keywords: archetype, myth, Homeric Hymn to Demeter, goddesses, gender analysis
Gender Analysis of Christian Magazine IN! - dívčí svět
Macháčková, Anna ; Knotková - Čapková, Blanka (advisor) ; Jiroutová Kynčlová, Tereza (referee)
The thesis presents a qualitative gender analysis of a Christian girls' magazine "IN! - dívčí svět" and explores how femininity is constructed in the magazine and how the results of the analysis can be interpreted using feminist theology. An important starting point of the thesis is the belief in the existence of asymmetric power relations. The study of the literary-media text, thus, allows showing whether the power relations are strengthened or subverted through it. The main analytical category of this thesis is gender. In the theoretical-methodological part, the basic concepts and methods used during the analysis are presented. In the analytical part, the method of resistant reading and critical discourse analysis is used. The analytical part consists of fifteen selected texts. Finally, the collected data are summarised.
Gender-sensitive Literary Analysis of Richard Yates's novel The Revolutionary Road
Gondeková, Miroslava ; Jiroutová Kynčlová, Tereza (advisor) ; Nováková, Soňa (referee)
In the thesis "Gender Literary Analysis of the novel Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates" a qualitative interpretative analysis with aspects of discourse analysis is used to interpret the plot and characters from a gender perspective. These interpretations are based on the "resistant reading" method introduced by Judith Fetterley. The literary analysis concepts introduced by Pam Morris and Elaine Showalter are also used as a point of reference. The aim for the application of Gender as a methodological category is to reveal and find new potential meanings and interpretations of the whole story and its characters with respect to their gender identity. The key areas that are focused on are motherhood, emancipation.
Gender literary analysis of novel Němci by Czech author Jakuba Katalpa focusing on the concepts motherhood and parenthood
Mazancová, Hana ; Jiroutová Kynčlová, Tereza (advisor) ; Kalivodová, Eva (referee)
In the diploma thesis Gender Literary Analysis of the novel Němci by Jakuba Katalpa focusing on the motherhood and the parenthood is a gender literary analysis of the novel Němci by the Czech writer Jakuba Katalpa. The thesis focuses on the motherhood, fatherhood, respectively parenthood and how are these phenomenon established within the concrete society: as essentialist, that means biologically, versus the constructivist, therefore socially constructed paradigm. In my thesis I use qualitative interpretative analysis with aspects of discourse analysis and feminist literary theory. Using gender as a analytical cathegory as a methodological category, I try to find and uncover new interpretations and meanings of the book Němci and try to find alternative interpretations of plot and characters. Methodological-theoretical part on the basis of literature introduces the basic terms in use (gender, patriarchy, literary canon, feminism, feminist literary theory), with the help of several writers and authors (Terry Eagleton, Pam Morris, Elaine Showalter). The next part of the thesis pays attention to the concepts of motherhood (Zuzana Kiczková, Sara Ruddick, Elisabeth Badinter, Hana Hašková) and fatherhood (R. W. Connell, Ann Oakley, Elisabeth Badinter). I use the method of so- called resistant reading...
Helimadoe and Petrolejové lampy: A gender analysis of Jaroslav Havlíček's novels
Teclová, Petra ; Jiroutová Kynčlová, Tereza (advisor) ; Heczková, Libuše (referee)
The master thesis Helimadoe and Petrolejové lampy: A Gender Analysis of Jaroslav Havlíček's Novels examines selected texts and conveys gender-focused interpretations. The analysis of both of Havlíček's novels is carried out within the context of feminist literary theories. The main methodological and theoretical foundations of the thesis are "resisting reading" as introduced by Judith Fetterly and Jonathan Culler's "reading as a woman". Since the thesis is also a qualitative sociological analysis, it uses the processes of discourse analysis as well. The text focuses on the issue of power relations and their gender dimension, on the construction of gender and gender identity of individual female and male characters, on their sexuality, on their gendered activities and on the description and interpretation of the environment that the literary characters inhabit. A special attention is primarily (but not only) paid to main female characters and their revolt against the patriarchal system of the society. In relation to this problem the thesis necessarily deals with the topic of the gender social order and it shows what influence this order has along with other factors on the lives of individual characters. Key words: feminist criticism, resisting reading, Jaroslav Havlíček, Helimadoe, Petrolejové...

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