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The municipality as an actor in environmental protection from a law perspective
Kovář, Pavel ; Fabšíková, Tereza (advisor) ; Sobotka, Michal (referee)
The municipality as an actor in environmental protection from a law perspective Abstract Municipalities in the Czech Republic are entrusted with a number of very important and irreplaceable roles in protecting the environment, both within their independent competence and in activities carried out under delegated competence. In the first half of the text, the author defines the basic concepts in the form of the term municipality and the term environment. At the same time, in the first part of the thesis, the author analyses the constitutional-legal basis of local self-government units, more precisely municipalities, their characteristic features and the differences between the independent and delegated competence of municipalities. The second part of the thesis is devoted to the already mentioned definition of the environment, environmental law as a distinct and dynamically developing branch of public law, and legal instruments serving to protect the environment, including their division and examples. In the third part of the thesis, the author focuses on the individual activities carried out by municipalities under delegated competence in the field of air, water, soil, forest, nature and landscape protection or waste management. The fourth part of the thesis contains a list of activities carried out by...
Optimalizace výrobního procesu se zaměřením na využívání vody ve společnosti P-D Refractories CZ, a.s.
Seidlová, Cindy Patricia
Diplomová práce se zabývá optimalizací ve výrobním procesu se zaměřením na využívání vody ve společnosti P-D Refractories CZ a.s. Velké Opatovice. V úvodu popisuje obecně problematiku životního prostředí a vliv průmyslu na životní prostředí, nakládání s vodou a legislativu, která je s tímto problémem spojená. Je zde popsáno něco z udržitelné spotřeby a výroby, jejich nástrojů, které pomáhají společnostem fungovat tak, aby co nejméně zatěžovaly životní prostředí. Vybraným nástrojem pro tuto práci je čistší produkce. Práce také představuje firmu P-D Refractories CZ a.s., ve které je tato problematika řešena. Praktická část obsahuje návrh nového způsobu chlazení lisu a výpočty ekologické a finanční úspory vody, které dokládají, že toto řešení je pro danou společnost i ekonomicky přínosné. V závěru jsou zmíněna ekologická pozitiva navrženého řešení.
Environmentální výchova jako průřezové téma RVP a jeho realizace ve školním vzdělávání na středních školách.
Minářová, Lucie
The bachelor’s thesis focuses on environmental education as a cross-cutting topic of the framework educational program and its implementation in secondary school education. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. In the theoretical part, a definition of environmental education is provided, and the main topics related to environmental issues are described. Educational programs and ways to introduce environmental education into the educational process are also discussed. In the practical part, a quantitative questionnaire survey was conducted to analyze students‘ awareness and attitudes towards environmental issues
Faktory ovlivňující kumulaci ftalátů v potravinách
Němečková, Tereza
The bachelor thesis Factors influencing phthalate accumulation in food has the character of a literature search and deals with factors that influence phthalate migration into food. Phthalates are lipophilic organic compounds that are used to soften plastics. As a result of human activities, they enter the environment, from which they subsequently enter the human food chain. However, food contamination also occurs during production and storage. Factors that influence the migration of phthalates into food include the contact time of the food with the polymer, storage temperature, ultrasound, pH of the food, UV radiation, type of preservative, and composition of the packaging material and food. Phthalates have negative effects on human and animal health. They cause reproductive disorders, allergic reactions, immune system disorders, cardiovascular problems and are carcinogenic.
Pozemkové úpravy a udržitelný rozvoj zemědělské krajiny
Bárek, Ondřej
I have chosen the topic of land consolidation on the basis of many years of working in the enterprise of the Agricultural and Commercial Cooperative (ZOD) Letonice, specifically as an operator of agricultural equipment. This area has become close to my heart and movement in the landscape has become my daily routine. The influence of the past, when our territory was suddenly subject to land consolidation and the creation of comprehensive area hunts for more acceptable farming, had a negative impact on the overall ecosystem of the landscape over time. The boundary lines between farming units have been eroded, the migratory element has been reduced or completely lost and the overall biodiversity of the landscape has been undermined. The above-mentioned problems have also affected the municipality of Letonice, where the landscape has been eroded mainly by water erosion and the land and dirt roads are currently in a poor state. The work will try to outline this situation more and also try to solve the mentioned problems.
Významné aspekty obnovy a výsadby zeleně města Lanškroun
Minaschková, Natálie
The bachelor thesis focuses on significant aspects of the restoration and planting of greenery using climate change adaptation measures. The aim of the thesis is to identify the importance and possibilities of supporting urban greenery and to define the potential of its use for increasing the quality of life in cities. Furthermore, their application is described in the project of the L'Art Multifunctional Center and its park, which was designed by the company Atelier90, s. r. o. In the theoretical part, sustainable urban development is presented and the benefits of urban greenery and green architecture, their implementation, are described and possible risks. In the practical part, the economic and social contribution of urban greenery is assessed using cost-benefit analysis (CBA) extended by the concept of ecosystem services. The economic evaluation is carried out on the project of the Multifunctional Center and the L'Art Park. Based on findings from the theoretical and practical part, conclusions and recommendations are formulated for the applicability of urban greenery and green architecture in other areas.
Meziobecní spolupráce v oblasti odpadového hospodářství a životního prostředí
Jakešová, Karolína
The diploma thesis is devoted to inter-municipal cooperation in the areas of waste management and the environment. The main aspect of the final thesis is a look at motivation, access to support and perception of inter-municipal cooperation through the lens of representatives of voluntary associations of municipalities. The aim of the thesis is to map the current state of inter-municipal cooperation in the mentioned areas in the Central Bohemian and South Moravian regions of the Czech Republic. According to the conducted questionnaire survey and in-depth interviews with representatives of voluntary unions of municipalities, qualitative information was provided that illustrated the overall view of inter-municipal cooperation in the areas of environment and waste management. The conclusion of the work synthesizes the captured results and proposes measures for the identified barriers that prevent the further development of inter-municipal cooperation projects in the field of waste management and the environment.
Zdanění emisí potravinářské výroby
Funková, Dominika
The food industry accounts for approximately 30% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, yet this sector has so far not been included in the emissions allowance system. The goal of this thesis is to evaluate the effects of hypothetical taxation on greenhouse gas emissions in the food industry. The thesis is based on consumption data and consumer prices of 20 selected foods over a 10-year period in the Czech Republic. The hypothetical amount of the tax is set at EUR 53.51 per ton of CO2 equivalent. The outcome of the thesis research indicates that any of the 6 proposed tax scenarios can have a positive impact on the environment. Emissions originating from food could be reduced by up to 25%, depending on the chosen tax scenario.
Mikroplasty a jejich vliv na životní prostředí
Kopicová, Jana
This bachelor thesis deals with plastic pollution in the environment predominantly focusing on microplastics. The aim of the theoretical part is to acquaint readers with the terminological background of plastics and their microscopic parts. This part also contains an overview of current information about sources, presence, and possible impact of microplastics in the environment centring on the water component. The theoretical part further discusses the effect of microplastics on living organisms and one’s health. In the practical part of the thesis, a questionnaire survey was carried out to find out respondents’ opinions and awareness of the given matter. The results of the survey confirmed that most of the respondents, despite being familiar with the term microplastics, are not well informed about their impact on the environment. The survey also indicates that this area lacks public awareness. Furthermore, a comparative analysis shows that more than 80% of the respondents would be in favour of refundable plastic bottles. Finally, the survey appears to confirm that respondents have poorer knowledge in legal regulations dealing with plastic waste.
Vliv problémové rodiny na školní úspěšnost středoškoláka
Přikrylová, Natálie
This bachelor thesis content is focused on the success of disciples in school in regards of problems in a family environment. The main goal of this work is to find out how a problematic family conditions affects the disciples success in school. In theoretical part of this work, I will define individual influences and concepts, that are closely related to school success. Next, I will define individual influences that considerably affect school success. The following part of this bachelor thesis is dedicated to family environment. Every individual person throughout life lives in different family conditions, that may affect them in their own way in their academic upbringing. Because of this, I incorporated in this work different kinds of conditions. Since my work is focused on period of high-school education, I dedicate to characteristics of adolescence in my work. The final chapter of the theoretical part is focused on individual functions of family and the problematic burdens on it. Empirical part of this bachelor thesis refers to my results obtained in exploratory investigation, data needed for this research I obtained using a qualitative method. I used semi-structured conversation form, individual data I then analysed, using open coding and thus, I got the necessary results that are part of the empirical part.

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