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The Kingdom of God in the Synoptic Gospels as an Object and Source of Hope
Sluka, Jiří ; Brož, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Scarano, Angelo (referee)
The work has three main parts, one on the kingdom of God, one on hope, and one on the relationship between the kingdom of God and hope. The first part looks for all occurrences of the word "kingdom" in the New Testament and examines the differences between the terms "kingdom of God", "kingdom of heaven", and "kingdom of the Father". It then turns its attention to the meaning and content of the term kingdom of God. The section on hope presents historical and contemporary definitions of hope, types of hope according to psychological research of the last two decades, looks for the difference between the object and the source of hope, describes the specifics of Christian hope, and looks for reasons why the word "hope" does not appear in the Gospels. In the next section, the thesis defines 16 classes of statements about the kingdom of God in the Synoptic Gospels, categorizes each verse into groups, and evaluates them according to their relationship to hope. It locates and presents the principles, called the building blocks of Christian hope, that are based on the kingdom of God presented by Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels. It then draws from the results the benefits of hope for people in their efforts to enter the kingdom of God. The paper also presents some Gospel passages about the kingdom of God that...
The role of musical instruments in the cult of ancient Israel
Rais, Věra Zdislava ; Brož, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Větrovec, Pavel (referee)
This thesis deals with the issue of musical instruments in the Bible. In the first part, it introduces the reader to the musical issues of prehistoric times and the ancient Orient. The music of the ancient Near East was perceived primarily by means of mathematics and in close connection with astronomy and religion. In the second part, it deals with the names of musical instruments and musical terms as they are mentioned in the Bible. Musical instruments are examined in this thesis practically exclusively from the point of view of religiosity, prophecy, establishment of the cult by Moses, Kings David and Solomon in the context of the surrounding cultures. The musical instruments, the kinnor and the shofar became a symbol of the sacred relationship to God and the freedom of the people of Israel, which is why more space is devoted to these instruments. The primary source is the Tanach, from which the author took the original Hebrew musical terms.
The coming of the Son of Man in the light of Matthew's Eschatological sermon (Matth 24-25)
Poppr, Vojtěch ; Brož, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Matějec, Tomáš (referee)
The diploma thesis The coming of the Son of Man in the light of Matthew's Eschatological sermon (Matth 24-25) is composed of three chapters. The first chapter contains a synoptic comparison Jesus eschatological speeches in Matthew's Gospel with the eschatological speeches of other Synoptic authors. The second chapter contains an exegis of the whole of Matthew's eschatological speech (Mt 24-25), working with various commentaries on these chapters of Matthew's Gospel. The last third chapter builds on some of the findings of the previous chapter and deals directly with the central theme of this work, which is the coming of the Son of Man. After a short discussion of the christological title Son of man, this chapter digresses thematically to the area of mariology. But this digression is not an artificial insertion of the figure of the Virgin Mary into the theme of the coming of the Son of Man, because it arises from the text of the work itself, and from the thought processes contained in it.
Healing miracles in the Gospel of Matthew as a foreshadowing of Jesus' soteriology
Brejla, Pavel ; Brož, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Scarano, Angelo (referee)
The thesis "Healing Miracles in the Gospel of Matthew, the Preface of Jesus' Soteriology" sets the task of briefly and clearly presenting Jesus' miracles of healing in the perspective of the post-Evangelical Jesus, as the evangelist Matthew writes about them. The introductory chapters are devoted to the individual miracles, which will be explained by a descriptive method, assess their technical side, their classification and storage within the framework of the Gospel as well as their content. The work then analyzes the individual miracles by the exegetic method, with an emphasis on the context of Jesus' forthcoming messianism. Jesus, through his miracles, presents the authority of the divine being, the Creator of heaven and earth, who has power over the laws of nature, but also over the diseases of death. The acts of healing are the messianic signs of the coming of the expected Jewish Messiah, the "wealthy king," who will deliver Israel from oppression. They attract the attention of John the Baptist, and Jesus presents to him the miracles of healing as proof of the fulfillment of the messianic expectation. In a separate chapter, the thesis analyzes the quote of the prophet Isaiah as presented by Matthew in Matthew 8,17. The evangelist sees the miracles here as a foreword to Jesus' soteriology, a...
The Narratives about Jesus' Healing of the Deaf and Blind in the Synoptic Gospels
Jurkulák, Petr ; Ryšková, Mireia (advisor) ; Brož, Jaroslav (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of healing in the synoptic gospels. Illness and the suffering associated with it is a phenomenon that everyone encounters throughout their lives. We can look at illness and suffering from many different angles, and many scientific disciplines are studying this phenomenon. In my work, attention is focused on the meaning, meaning and perception of the disease from a human and theological point of view. The starting point of the work are excerpts from the synoptic gospels, which deal with the disease and the miraculous healing of the diseases of the human senses. Pericopes are divided according to the types of sensory impairments. Biblical events give us inspiration on how to perceive different life situations in accordance with God's purpose. These are model situations from which we draw lessons and inspiration in our life story. The introduction introduces the concepts of sin, suffering and illness from the perspective of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The next treatise then provides a view of the healing of the sick as a confirmation of the divinity of Jesus and the authenticity of Jesus' teaching. Healing by Jesus' disciples is also mentioned here. The main focus of the work is the exegesis of pericopes, ending with a summary of the main ideas of...
From the Law comes Slavery, from the Gospel Freedom (Gal 4:21-31)
Boháčik, Jaroslav ; Brož, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Matějec, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of the thesis "From the Law comes Slavery, from the Gospel Freedom: Galatians 4:21-31" is to provide a comprehensive interpretation of the allegorical pericope about Hagar and Sarah as representatives of two different covenants (Gal 4:21-31) in relation to the overall context and the theological message of Paul's letter. The introductory chapter deals generally with the letter of the apostle Paul to the Galatians with regard to its origin, reason and place of writing, addressees, key theological emphases and structure. The core part of this work is the linguistic and literary analysis of the above- mentioned pericope, including exegesis. This chapter takes a closer look at the rhetorical aspects and tools that Paul uses in the epistle, also with regard to contemporary tendencies in Judaism confronted with the Hellenistic world. It places the analysed pericope in the overall context of the letter to the Galatians and further reflects the intertextual dimension of the use of the story from the book of Genesis, including a direct quotation (Gn 21:10) and a reference to the book of the prophet Isaiah (Is 54:1). The meaning of the pericope is clarified by the immediately following verse (Gal 5:1), which is the key to its correct reading based on the Christian's freedom in Christ.
Peter the Apostle in the Gospel of Luke and in the Acts of the Apostles
Hanáková, Kamila ; Brož, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Ryšková, Mireia (referee)
Apoštol Petr v Lukášově evangeliu a ve Skutcích apoštolů Kamila Hanáková Abstract The bachelor's thesis deals with Saint Peter, included by Jesus Christ among his apostles and from the first given a privileged position as the "rock" on which Jesus was building his church. This made Saint Peter one of the most important figures in early Church history. One of the reasons why I chose Saint Peter as a topic is his personality, generally known to be on the energetic and intense side. His thinking, however, is characterised by naiveté, fear, a sense of justice and honest regret. All this makes him relatable in my eyes as his views mirror those of a regular person. Although he did not seem to be particularly religious in the beginning, through his faith he soon became aware of the magnificence of Jesus Christ. I focus on Saint Peter as depicted mostly in the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles as I believe these books illustrate his personality and activities well. Keywords Peter the Apostle, the first disciple, rock, church, Jesus Christ, faith, Goespel of Luke, Acts of the Apostles.
Reverend Father Karel Bříza - friar, liturgical music composer, organist, organ builder and teacher
Náměstek, Vít ; Pecháček, Stanislav (advisor) ; Nedělka, Michal (referee) ; Brož, Jaroslav (referee)
This dissertation presents a complex look at the life and creative legacy of an eminent personality of sacred and liturgical music living in the second half of the 20th century, Rev. Father Karel Bříza (1926 - 2001). His name has become known especially in the field of post- conciliar liturgical music thanks to his composition of the nationally widespread and timeless Czech Mass Ordinary - a piece that is imprinted on the minds of believers as an inseparable part of the Catholic liturgy throughout the Czech lands. Apart from this Ordinary, however, Karel Bříza authored many other musical works, ranging from shorter hymns to extensive collections of the so-called Czech Masses. Each of the more than seventy pieces is analyzed in this dissertation, with a brief discussion of the main musical characteristics and distinctive elements of the particular piece. A catalogue of Bříza's musical works is included as an appendix. The present work also provides a complete and systematic overview of organ-type instruments single-handedly built by Bříza, including images and descriptions of the current state of each individual organ masterpiece still in existence. As part of the portrait of Bříza's life, obtained largely from authentic accounts of living relatives and associates, as well as from personal...
Analysis of power plays in Czech republic U18 for the last three World Championship (2018, 2019, 2021)
Brož, Jaroslav ; Novák, Dominik (advisor) ; Vojta, Zdeněk (referee)
Title: Analysis of power plays in Czech republic U18 for the last three World Championship (2018, 2019, 2021) Objectives: The aim of this bachelor thesis will be a detailed analysis of the goals scored from numerical superiority at the U18 World Championship in 2018, 2019 and 2021. The first sub-objective is to determine the positives and negatives of the Czech national team's power plays at these World Championships. The second sub-objective is to compare the Czech Republic's power plays against the top two ranked teams from all World Cups. Methods: The analysis was conducted in the form of indirect observation. Using video recordings, 71 power play goals scored in 43 matches from three World Championships in 2018, 2019 and 2021 were observed. The teams observed were always the Czech Republic together with the finalists of these three World Championships. The goals were then recorded in the created record sheets and analysed. Results: The analysis included the shooting area, shooting location, the formation used to score the goal and the type of shooting. The results show that the most common shooting space was in front of the goal, which was seen in 26,76 % of power play goals. The most exploited shot of the World Championship was the cross-ice shot with a share of 63,38 %, which was most often...
Role and significance of Joseph in the Gospel of Matthew
Hladík, Michal ; Brož, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Scarano, Angelo (referee)
This diploma thesis Role and Significance of Joseph in the Gospel of Matthew is divided into five chapters. The first two chapters are an essential basis for a study of the next three chapters that are the core of this thesis. Thanks to these, it can be said who Joseph is. The first chapter deals with the linguistic and literary analysis of the first two chapters of the Gospel of Matthew, since these two chapters are seen as a source of exploration into Joseph's character. The second chapter of this thesis is concerned with a synoptic comparison of the gospel texts which speak about Joseph. The third chapter follows up on Joseph's position, task and role in Jesus's genealogy, as recorded by Matthew. The fourth chapter follows up Joseph's role as Mary's husband. The biblical narration is put into the context of entering into a Jewish marriage with all the sequences of events and requirements. Further, the fourth chapter elaborates on Joseph's role as Jesus's father before the Law, including all the rights and obligations Joseph had to fulfil towards Jesus. The fifth chapter enquires into Matthew's second chapter from Joseph's point of view. Here Joseph is situated into his historical, political and social contexts. This chapter also deals with the trust between God and Joseph because Joseph's entire...

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