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Primary School Pupil Numbers and Demographic Change in Czech Municipalities
Kusovská, Marie
Primary School Pupil Numbers and Demographic Change in Czech Municipalities Abstract Following a sharp fall in fertility to its historical minimum after 1990, the population of Czechia began to increase again gradually. Consequently birth cohorts of varying size are emerging and these then enter the education system. Moreover suburbanisation has led to a change in population distribution. These factors have mean that in some areas primary school capacity does not reflect the numbers of primary school age children, with some schools having insufficient places and others suffering from a lack of pupils. The aim of this dissertation is to analyse regional demographic change in Czechia after 1990, including changes in the spatial pattern of compulsory school age children (6-14 years). The information obtained is set against the changes in the spatial patterns of primary school pupils and maximum primary school capacity. The whole analysis is undertaken within the catchment regions for combined primary schools (schools that provide nine years of primary and middle school education), which were created on the basis of the shortest road distance from the district to the nearest combined primary school. Webb's graphs were used along with spatial autocorrelation since these are appropriate methods for conducting...
The role of soft factors in the development of the inner periphery of the Eastern Bohemia
Komárek, Marek
The role of soft factors in the development of the inner periphery of the Eastern Bohemia Abstract In recent years, research on conditionality process of space polarization and regional development puts emphasis on understanding importance of endogenous and "soft" factors. General theories of regional development (formed mainly on the basis of evaluating "hard" data) are verified by frequent case studies because of their limited explanatory power. In these case studies, especially qualitative approaches of evaluation are applied. Influence and validity of "soft" factors significantly increases with decreasing hierarchical level, so it is desirable to conduct empirical research at the municipal level. Diploma thesis aims to analyze "soft" factors of regional development and understand the nature of differences in socio-economic development at the municipal level in the inner periphery of Bohemia. The concept of the institutional thickness has become the theoretical basis. This concept has logical overlap to the concept of the social capital. The objects of research are the spatial co-operation of actors of regional development (mayors), their reciprocal trust and engagement in local activities. Thesis aims to identify and to explain the nature of relations, direction of interactions and impact of political...
The influence of socio-geographical exposure and other factors on the extensification processes of land use
Janoušek, Zbyněk
The main topic of the dissertation thesis is the evaluation of the influence of socio- geographical exposure and other factors (natural: altitude, inclination of slopes, productivity of land) on the extensification processes of the land use in Czechia in the period of more than 160 years, 1845-2010. Emphasis is also placed on the associated losses of agricultural and arable land, given that afforestation and increase of grassland took place essentially at the expense of that land. The main data source is the "Database of long-term land use changes in Czechia (1845-2010)", LUCC Czechia, based on cadastral records. It is a detailed monitoring which covers almost 9,000 so-called stable territorial units. Both the extensification processes and the overall intensity of land use (using the coefficient of ecological importance) are evaluated. Given that most of the Czechia's territory is still used as agricultural land, the thesis also includes an overview of the evolution of the selected agricultural intensity indicators. Attention is likewise paid to the wider context of land use changes at the European level. The essential part of the thesis is to build models of socio-geographical exposure of Czechia, which are comparable with the data on land use in the time horizons of 1845, 1896, 1948, 1990 and...
Approaches to the study of spatial interactions in geography: an example of evaluation of transport relationships among settlement centres in Czechia
Chmelík, Jakub
Spatial interactions considerably influence complex geographic organisation and the shaping of settlement structures, explaining and describing the importance of interrelationships in the landscape sphere on all scale levels. This is why they are called one of the crucial general terms of geography. When it comes to this topic, the biggest emphasis on it is primarily laid in the study of transport as well as transport networks that we can consider the main support for interactions. The topic of evaluation of spatial interactions or, if defined narrowly, of transport relationships, is characteristic due to its important interdisciplinary nature because the questions of interrelatedness of individual centres and their needs in the context of transport offer are dealt with by transport engineering fields, economic fields, land-use planning specialists, etc. Similarly to other spheres of social and economic geography, where this occurred earlier, present-day geography of transport is undergoing a change in the form of a variety of methodological approaches, "internal" specification of a more detailed delineation of the subject of study and new application challenges. As a rule, the topic of intensity and nature of transport relationships is associated with quantitative methods of cognition of the...
Alternative food networks in a post-communist context: Farmers' markets and farm shops in Czechia
Syrovátková, Marie
Alternative food networks in a post-communist context:: Farmers' markets and farm shops in Czechia Marie Syrovátková ABSTRACT The emergence of farmers' markets (FMs) and farm shops (FSs) in Czechia is a follow-up of the expansion of alternative food networks (AFNs) from Western Europe and North America where they have been developing for several decades. AFNs are an up-to-date topic as they respond to the growing concerns about the negative effects of the globalized conventional food system on social, economic and environmental aspects of food production, distribution and consumption. Each form of AFNs emphasizes a different aspect of the food system sustainability. FMs and FSs should primarily enable direct selling of quality local products made by small producers to support local economy, rural development, environmental protection and to improve quality of life. Based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, the aim of the dissertation is to explore the emergence and development of AFNs in Central Europe. Using the example of Czechia, considering the communist past of the region, the work evaluates the contribution of AFNs to build a more sustainable system of food production and consumption and the weak points of the phenomenon in Czechia and, using a comparison of the AFN evolution...
Crime and its perception in urban environment
Jíchová, Jana
Jana Jíchová: Crime and its Perception in Urban Environment ABSTRACT Crime is an important social phenomenon that affects many aspects of the functioning of society and the life of every person. It also represents an important interdisciplinary topic that deals with a number of disciplines, including geography. Logically, there is a thematic and methodological overlap; each of the sciences emphasize on different aspects of crime, using various methods and research approaches, interpretations, and therefore contributes to the knowledge of crime differently. The importance of geography is particularly in the enrichment of the crime research on spatial dimension and contributes to its cognition through analysis of the distribution of crime and studies of perception of crime. Although this type of studies is well established in Western crime research, in the Czech geography is paid to them only little attention. This doctoral thesis introduces geography of crime in the Czech context, discusses its theoretical and methodological developments and its applicability and application in our cities.. More emphasis is put on the concept of fear of crime, which constitutes an essential component of feeling of safety affecting daily life, the use of urban space and spatial mobility of individuals. Better understanding of...
Social metabolism in Czech and Czechoslovak territory in historical perspective
Grešlová, Petra
This dissertation is based on the conceptual framework of social metabolism and it applies methods of Material and Energy Flow Analysis and Ecological Footprint. It studies interactions between human activities and natural environment in Czech/Czechoslovak territory from the historical perspective (after the division of Czechoslovakia for Czechia and Slovakia together). The term of social metabolism is a metaphor inspired by biology. Society or human economy similarly to a living organism which extracts materials from the earth, processes biophysical materials to maintain itself and emits its wastes back. So the economic system functions in an analogy to a living organism and those processes are called "social" or "industrial" metabolism. This dissertation comprises seven individual empirical studies: (I) An introduction to a research topic covered in following articles. It is based on the work of leading world environmental historian and it interprets selected Czech realities within the context of the world environmental history. (II) The historical series of MEFA indicators together with ecological footprint. (III) An article which applies the ecological footprint method on the ecological farm in comparison to conventional agriculture in the context of more foreign studies on this topic. (IV) An...
Social abd human capital as a factor of development of peripheral areas of Czechia
Pileček, Jan
Within the framework of the research focused on the polarization of space, or peripheral areas of Czechia respectively, approaches of cultural geography have been applied to a significant extent recently. As far as the issue of such areas development is concerned, the importance of the so- called "soft" socio-cultural development factors (including social and human capital) has been accentuated. The way-out is the belief that with the limited development potential of the peripheral (and rural) areas, activity and activism of local communities (quality of social and human capital) as the important internal (endogenous) development factor become more important. Despite the number of attempts, which have been made, we are not able to find exhaustive answers to questions relating to the actual importance of social and human capital (and different forms thereof) in the (socio-economic) development of these areas or the mutual relation (conditionality) thereof. For this reason, problems can be seen both in the area of theory and methodology (conceptualization) and, in particular, in insufficient verification of such theoretical concepts by means of empirical research, be specific in particular at the micro-regional up to local level. The dissertation therefore focuses on identification and explanation of...
Analysis of morbidity in Czechia investigating health care provision and take-up in relation to diabetes mellitus
Kocová, Markéta
Analysis of morbidity in Czechia investigating health care provision and take-up in relation to diabetes mellitus Abstract Diabetes mellitus is a life-threatening disease which presents as hyperglycaemia or raised blood glucose. Late detection or a failure to follow treatment guidelines may lead to complications that significantly impact on the sufferer's daily life and require expensive medical treatment. The growing prevalence of this disease, which no longer only affects developed countries, therefore presents enormous risks to health care systems and society as a whole. The aim of this thesis is to analyse the geodemographic characteristics of the current diabetic population in Czechia. Particular attention will be paid to the age of diabetes sufferers, since in Czechia data on this is lacking. In pursuit of this aim the thesis makes use of anonymised data from the largest Czech health insurance company (Czech General Health Insurance). The first part of the thesis looks at diabetes mellitus as a medical condition, concentrating primarily on the basic types of the disease but also considering the potential health complications this disease causes. The theoretical part will discuss the main risk factors of developing the disease, such as genetic predisposition, age, obesity and other potential factors...
Socio-geographic determinants of risky substance use among Czech adolescents
Kážmér, Ladislav
The thesis aims at the specific issues of health-related behaviour among the contemporary Czech youth, with particular emphasis on a socio-geographical dimension of the phenomena. In particular, it aims at identification of selected demographic, social, and contextual factors underlying the inequalities in risky substance use among the Czech adolescent population in its complex multilevel perspective. By applying the advanced methodology of multilevel modelling, the author reveals an integral nature of these factors in space and time, and thus contributes to a deeper knowledge on the structures and processes determining the selected forms of risk behaviours. In addition to an integrative multilevel approach, the author derives recommendations for an effective planning and implementation of preventive measures in agenda of the Czech drug policy as well. Key words: adolescence; substance use; prevalence; socio-geographic inequalities; multilevel analysis; Czechia

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