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International Organisation for Migration and African Union and their actions towards sustainable development in East Africa
Králová, Helena ; Tesař, Jakub (advisor) ; Kučerová, Irah (referee)
This thesis focuses on the African Union (AU) and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), analysing their respective roles in implementing sustainable development in East Africa from 2015 to 2020. The essential research questions investigate how international organisations influence the process of socialisation and the acceptance of norms related to climate change, migration, and sustainable development. Furthermore, this research uses concepts of social constructivism, such as the norm cycle and socialisation, and outlines the two organisations approaches to regional actors in East Africa. In this qualitative analysis, a case-study approach is adopted to help understand how different international organisations promote norms related to the same topics in the same region. To conduct the investigation, documents published by both international organisations are examined using critical discourse analysis. The results showed that the International Organisation for Migration draws attention to the positive contribution of migration to sustainable development and the living conditions of migrants. IOM focuses on a multi-stakeholder approach in its strategy. The study suggests that the African Union emphasises the role of states perceived as the main driving force and focuses on the local...
An analysis of the new importers of plastic waste after China's ban on imports in 2017
Wilson, Susann ; Tesař, Jakub (advisor) ; Karlas, Jan (referee)
This thesis research how the global trade of plastic waste has been relocated in the aftermath of China's ban on plastic waste imports in 2017. In recent decades, the burgeoning demand for plastics has fostered a marked upsurge in the global trade of plastic waste. Researchers has established that developed nations are often the source of plastic waste exports, while developing and underdeveloped nations are the primary destinations, resulting in the imposition of significant environmental burdens upon these nations. This phenomenon has triggered an environmental justice discourse, highlighting the unequal distribution of social and environmental costs. The implementation of China's waste import restrictions has led to an altered trade landscape, with mainly South-Asian countries emerging as significant importers of large quantities of plastic waste. This thesis looks at how this trade landscape has changed and finds that the new major importer of plastic waste is South-Asian developing countries. Moreover, the work undergone in this thesis aims at filling in the scholarly gap when it comes to the explanatory reasons behind new importers motivations towards plastic waste imports. By developing and running multiple regression analysis this thesis finds that there are some statistically significant...
The Role of Human Rights Promotion in Czech and Swedish Foreign Policy
Krehla, Lukas Oliver ; Tesař, Jakub (advisor) ; Kazharski, Aliaksei (referee)
Human rights were for a while believed to be more or less solidified in much of the world, widely accepted norms that would continue to spread into norm-violating states at a steady rate. But with the rise of the far right across the United States and Europe, democratic backsliding not only in places like Central and Eastern Europe and increasing contestation around values that were for a while taken for granted in many places, there is plenty of reason now to question that assumption. Looking at Sweden and Czechia, two states who have had national identities particularly deeply tied to human rights ideals and where the promotion of those ideals in foreign policy has been seen as not conflicting with but perfectly in line with the national interest, this study examines through critical discourse analysis two cases where these assumptions were put to the test. It finds that even in places where human rights should matter most, there is near constant contestation around not only the value of an ethical foreign policy promoting those norms, but to some extent also around the value of these human rights norms as such.
Impact Social Safety Nets on Development Efforts
Saeed, Malaika Ahmed Iqbal ; Tesař, Jakub (advisor) ; Musil, Pelin Ayan (referee)
This thesis explores the potential of how Social Safety Nets (SSNs) impact development. The paper will focus on cash transfer and food subsidy programs, implemented in Ghana, Brazil, and Pakistan. The discussion in this piece of work shall facilitate the debate on how Social Safety Nets (SSNs) affect various development indicators. In addition, the paper will also highlight a framework of what an ideal evaluation scheme for such programs must entail. Conclusively the evaluation results are analyzed, challenges with data quality and measurement will be discussed and further avenues of research are be highlighted.
Negative Implications of the Commodification of Externalities in Global Capitalism: Case of Waste Management
Jelenová Schultingová, Stanislava ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Tesař, Jakub (referee)
The decision problem faced by the consumer in a market economy is present with every purchase. The politics and policy of social and environmental sustainability of the agents selling in the market are still becoming more important when a consumer makes theirs decisions what to choose and buy. Waste management is a great part of this problematics. It is linked with every purchase we make, with all the things we use. Not just packaging, but the goods itself, the emissions behind the process of producing and transporting the goods (and services) - all of it can be now quantified and measured. In this thesis a Neo-marxist and environmentalist theoretical framework is elaborated with thoughts by Karl Polanyi to understand the problematics of waste management. When the gain is privatised, but the costs are inherently imposed on the public it is a good think to recognise the weak spots and try to evaluate and find a possible way for improvement. The following paper is designed as a case study of e-waste trading and tries to verify the hypothesis that the commodification of negative externalities such as waste brings along negative effects. These effects and impacts on society will be discussed further.
A model of two-level politics: the case of I.R. Iran's nuclear program
Habibpour Moghaddam, Ehsan ; Tesař, Jakub (advisor) ; Karlas, Jan (referee)
This research undertakes an exploration of the intricate dynamics in foreign policy strategies between the U.S. and the Islamic Republic of Iran (I.R.), primarily focusing on the I.R.'s nuclear program. A game theory framework forms the basis of this study, helping to elucidate the complex interplay between international diplomacy, domestic political forces, and strategic decision-making mechanisms. After conducting a chronological examination of the nuclear issue, from its origins through to the ongoing negotiations, this study introduces several models. These are built upon the theoretical pillars established by De Mesquita's (2010) work on modeling I.R.-U.S. nuclear controversy and Putnam's (1988) analysis of the interplay between domestic and international politics. These models capture two significant elements: 1) the substantial influence of domestic politics within both countries on foreign policy outcomes, and 2) how shifts in each influential parameter within the model affect the outcome of the game. The study underscores how the dynamics of factors such as potential for military action, perceived power status of the involved players, and domestic political pressures critically influence each country's negotiation strategies and potential outcomes within the game's structure. Additionally,...
Trade relations between USA and China during Trump's presidency
Skuratov, Alexandr ; Tesař, Jakub (advisor) ; Benáček, Vladimír (referee)
This thesis will analyse the impact of Donald Trump as the President of the United States on trade with China during his office, comparing it to Barack Obama and Joseph Biden's terms. The paper will look at both the political and economic consequences of Trump's actions and decisions, together with the response to them from the Chinese side. The Trade War, together with other Trump's economic decisions towards Asia, resulted in tensions which led to a partial loss of the United States' position in that region and a worsening of relations with China. With the help of the comparative analysis method, the research concludes that Trump had an enormous impact on trade with China but the same external factors as Covid-19 also heavily influenced it. The paper argues that the political ideas which each President adopts were also one of the primary reasons for changes in the trade, both positive and negative. The person in charge of the state is pushing the trade relationship in one way or another, even if he does not possess complete control of the economics.

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