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Dynamics of Residential Differentiation and Segregation of Foreigners in Czech Metropolitan Areas
Klsák, Adam ; Ouředníček, Martin (advisor) ; Čermák, Zdeněk (referee) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee)
Czechia has become a noteworthy case study of international migration within Central and Eastern Europe. With a steadily increasing inflow of international migrants, it is anticipated that their contribution to the societal and urban dynamics will become more pronounced. This influx has led to a rise in socio-economic and ethnic heterogeneity, reflected in spatial patterns where distinctive population groups are localized. The expe- riences from traditional immigration countries indicate that the voluntary concentration of foreigners into ethnic enclaves often serves as an intermediary phase in the integration process. However, it can also pose significant risks in situations where immigrants are not willing to participate in broader society or face exclusion. The primary goal of this dissertation is to enhance the comprehension of the spatial distribution of foreigners across selected Czech metropolitan areas and to explain the related phenomena on multiple scales within the urban hierarchy. The investigation seeks suitable data sources and methodological frameworks to analyze the current state, trajectory, determinants, and particularities of socio-spatial differentiation and segrega- tion. Furthermore, a significant focus lies in the nuanced and theoretically grounded interpretation of results,...
Effect of noise annoyance on residents near Vaclav Havel Airport
Fuková, Jana ; Čermák, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Lustigová, Michala (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the effect of noise annoyance on residents near Vaclav Havel Airport. Noise is a proven risk to human health, long-term exposure causes for example hearing impairment, sleep disorders, cardiovascular disease or annoyance. This term includes all negative feelings associated with the perception of noise. Noise annoyance can result in bad mood, reduced motivation and performance. Firstly the thesis deals with the negative effects of noise in general, but more attention is paid to traffic noise, with emphasis on air transport. Air transport, which is a very popular mode of transport, is a serious source of noise pollution. And although there has been a sharp drop in air transport demand due to the covid-19 pandemic, it is now possible to see rising demand again and thus a resurgence in noise. The aim of this thesis is to find out what effect noise annoyance from air transport has on the inhabitants of the municipalities surrounding Vaclav Havel Airport. In the practical part, the opinions of residents living near the airport (noise protection zone) will be obtained using a questionnaire survey and then compared with the answers of people from Kladno region as an area further away from the airport and less affected by noise from air transport and airport operations. The...
Labour market and spatial mobility in Plzen region
Duda, Petr ; Čermák, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Matušková, Alena (referee)
The Czech Republic underwent considerable social, political and economic changes after 1989. An important step was the creation of the labor market where jobs and wages were created based on market supply and demand. Due to effects of these market forces, unemployment was an unavoidable consequence. . Closely related to this was workforce flexibility which over the years became increasingly important. People migrating for work also had an effect on the housing market. The main objective of this thesis is to analyze the labor market in the Plzeň Region and the related spatial mobility since 2000 (with a brief development in the 90's). Another important objective is to determine to what extent the migration of the population is affected by the labor market situation and developments in the housing market. Two major institutions were used as the data source for processing thse reviews. The Labour Market in the Plzeň Region was mapped on the basis of data from the Labour Office in Plzeň. Data on development of spatial mobility and the housing market was gained from the Czech Statistical Office online databases and also from the Regional Office of CSO in Plzen. Key words: migration, labour market, housing market, Plzen
Interactions of developers and mayors of suburban municipalities in hinterland of Prague
Martinovská, Denisa ; Špačková, Petra (advisor) ; Čermák, Zdeněk (referee)
This master's thesis is devoted to the character of the interaction and negotiation about residential development between the municipality representatives and development companies, the key players in the suburban development. As the geographical area for the research were chosen selected municipalities in north-east hinterland of Prague. The theoretical part summarizes the institutional approach, residential suburbanization, spatial planning and the residential development. The practical part consists of the research itself. It was done as the qualitative analysis of the semi-structured interviews with the municipality representatives and development companies. The interviews are then evaluated on the basis of the theoretical thematic analysis. The interaction between developers and mayors is quite complicated because it represents the conflict of private and public interests. This leads to further negotiations. The character of the interaction and also the negotiations are more or less formed by various circumstances. In this thesis have been distinguished four types of interactions. These types differs in the conditions and requirements determination by the mayors and its fulfillment by the development companies. Keywords: suburbanization, spatial planning, developer, development project,...
Institutional care of seniors in The Czech Republic
Čermák, Zdeněk ; Šumníková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Šiška, Jan (referee)
This thesis deals with the issue of institutional care for the elderly in the country. The main goal of this work was to perform a general discourse in the current state of institutional care for the elderly in the country. The secondary objective is to suggest a possible application of special educationalists within accomodational services for health and social services. The main research method was used the analysis and compilation of 168 expert papers. The work is internally divided into seven chapters. The first one deals with the methodology and objectives of the work. The second presents data on age and aging. The third is focused on general aspects of institutional care. The fourth chapter introduces the reader to the current state of health services with a focus on hospice. The fourth chapter discusses the social services especially for elderly homes. The fifth chapter deals with the care of the dying senior and sixth chapter presents the author's conception of a possible application of special educationalists within the accomodational and health services. Keywords Age, Senior,Family, Long term care, healthservices , socialservices, Long-Term Care Hospitals, nursinghomes, hospice
Migration from Ukraine to Czechia after 1991
Mjartan, Zdeněk ; Pavelková, Lenka (advisor) ; Čermák, Zdeněk (referee)
Migration from Ukraine to Czechia from 1991 Abstract The aim of this bachelor thesis is the analysis of Ukrainian migration to Czechia after the separation of Ukraine from the USSR in 1991. The main indicators used here are the evolution of quantity of immigrated Ukrainians, total number of Ukrainians living in Czechia, the scheme of population percentage according to age, gender, etc. These trends are monitored on 25-years basis, dates from years 1991 to 2015. The first part of thesis explains general migration types a theories of migration. These theories, that are explained, were chosen according to their possible use for describing this specific Ukrainian migration to Czechia. This part is completed with general overview of main migration theories.The second part covers political, sociodemographic and economical characteristics of Ukraine. The third part is focused on the migration politics of Czechia between years 1991 and 2015, especially how the legislative framework affected the migration rate to Czechia. The fourth part shows how the migration from Ukraine looked like from the beginning of the 20th century to 1989. The main indicators used here are the origin of migrants, the destination of migration, and the time evolution of migration. Crucial part of the thesis is the fifth part, which is...
Accessibility of Retail Facilities in Bratislava
Riška, Martin ; Čermák, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Križan, František (referee)
Martin Riška: Dostupnosť maloobchodných predajní v Bratislave Abstract The aim of the thesis is to analyse accessibility of food retail facilities for elderly people in Bratislava in public transportation network. This thesis combines traditional methods of social sciences (questionaire survey, statistical analysis) with modern tools of geographical information systems (GIS). The empirical knowledge about consumer behaviour of elderly people took in field survey was linked with multimodal network dataset and with geodatabase of retail facilities. As a main result of this thesis can be considered regionalization of study area of Bratislava city based on character of local retail environment. Key words: accessibility, retail, elderly people, spatial analysis, GIS, Bratislava

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