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Dynamics of Residential Differentiation and Segregation of Foreigners in Czech Metropolitan Areas
Klsák, Adam ; Ouředníček, Martin (advisor) ; Čermák, Zdeněk (referee) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee)
Czechia has become a noteworthy case study of international migration within Central and Eastern Europe. With a steadily increasing inflow of international migrants, it is anticipated that their contribution to the societal and urban dynamics will become more pronounced. This influx has led to a rise in socio-economic and ethnic heterogeneity, reflected in spatial patterns where distinctive population groups are localized. The expe- riences from traditional immigration countries indicate that the voluntary concentration of foreigners into ethnic enclaves often serves as an intermediary phase in the integration process. However, it can also pose significant risks in situations where immigrants are not willing to participate in broader society or face exclusion. The primary goal of this dissertation is to enhance the comprehension of the spatial distribution of foreigners across selected Czech metropolitan areas and to explain the related phenomena on multiple scales within the urban hierarchy. The investigation seeks suitable data sources and methodological frameworks to analyze the current state, trajectory, determinants, and particularities of socio-spatial differentiation and segrega- tion. Furthermore, a significant focus lies in the nuanced and theoretically grounded interpretation of results,...
The Identity Construction and Self-Perception of Queer Sinti and Roma
Tremel, Alicia Sarah Beate ; Uherek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Wirthová, Jitka (referee)
This thesis examines the identity construction and self-perception of queer Sinti and Roma in Central Europe. Sinti and Roma are at the fringe of society and are subjected to discrimination and antiziganist stigmatisation. As a result, identity construction involves greater effort and leads to the creation of a collective identity that provides Sinti and Roma with a sense of belonging. Queer Sinti and Roma are exposed to intersectional discrimination on the axes of racism and homophobia and occupy a special position within identity formation. Incorporating data from three narrative interviews, testimonies and selected chapters from an autobiographical book, this study demonstrates that intersectional discrimination highly influences identity formation within queer Sinti and Roma. It was shown that identity construction was shaped by concepts like Masking Identity and the Perception of Othering that can be overcome by finding spaces of Belonging and social networks that display Allyship. The establishment of safe spaces for queer Sinti and Roma are crucial for the creation of spaces of Belonging and the manifestation of a mutual group identity. Keywords: Identity, Sinti, Roma, Nationalism, Ethnicity, LGBTIQ, Gender Studies, Intersectionality, Belonging and Othering, Allyship.
Motivation for migration of young adults from the Moravian-Silesian region to the capital city of Prague
Němcová, Tereza ; Uherek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Grygar, Jakub (referee)
The topic of this thesis is the motivation of migration of young adults from the Moravian- Silesian region to the capital city of Prague. With the help of qualitative research, the thesis tries to present the motivation to migrate as an outcome of the current situation in the Moravian- Silesian Region. It is primarily a statement not only about individual decisions, but also about the impact of structural problems, inequalities, and socio-economic differences in Czech society on mobility and on the dynamics of demographic development. Using the examples of individual respondents, the thesis shows a certain specific life path typical for the children of the so-called "Husák children" generation from the Moravian-Silesian region. These life trajectories of the selected individuals are strongly connected with the idea of social success and the culture of migration that individuals adopt from their environment. Motivation to migrate is framed in the paper primarily using push and pull factors. The research is based on a series of in-depth episodic interviews with students and graduates of Prague universities. The main finding of the thesis is the crucial role of opportunities, in the areas of education, employment and the acquisition of social capital in the form of contacts, which functioned as the...
Social and Environmental Mobilization in the Arctic: Exploring the Discursive Strategies of the Gwich'in People
Jurčová, Alžběta ; Císař, Ondřej (advisor) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee)
This thesis explores the discursive practices of the Gwich'in tribe in Alaska, specifically in the context of the environmental conflict over the proposed oil development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, an area they have inhabited for generations. Over the years, the tribe has been actively engaged in political activism to protect the Refuge from oil development, with a specific focus on safeguarding the Porcupine Caribou herd that inhabits the area. Drawing upon the theoretical framework of political ecology, the thesis posits that the core of this conflict lies in differing ontologies of nature rather than divergent interests. To address this research problem, the thesis investigates the discursive strategies employed by the Gwich'in and their evolution, utilizing critical discourse analysis guided by Van Dijk's sociocognitive approach. By analyzing testimonies given by Gwich'in speakers before the US Congress between 2003 and 2019, the research identifies four key discursive strategies utilized by the Gwich'in. The empirical evidence supports the hypothesis that ontological differences underpin the tribe's discursive repertoire. Through an exploration of the Gwich'in tribe's discursive practices, the thesis seeks to gain deeper insights into how their discursive practices contribute to...
Motivation and expectations of Czech students for university studies in Great Britain
Jeřábková, Tereza ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee)
This study aims to identify and analyse the motivations and expectations of students who have decided to complete their full university studies in the UK. The thesis further examines the retrospective view of these students on their study abroad and their subjective perception of this experience. As part of the research, specific experiences that students had during their studies abroad and which had an impact on their personal development and life paths are investigated. Part of the study is also the identification of potential challenges and difficulties that students encountered in a foreign country and how these influences affected their motivation and determination to achieve their study goals. Last but not least, the work focuses on the assessment of student development at the personal and career level, thereby bringing insights into the benefits of this study format for the individual growth and professional perspectives of students.
Use of the public space of the town Sázava
Křikavová, Ema ; Uherek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Soukopová, Aneta (referee)
Téma bakalářské práce je veřejný prostor města Sázavy a sebeprezentace lidí v něm. Hlavní výzkumná otázka zní "Jakým způsobem se sebeprezentuje vedení města Sázavy a lidé, kteří se na dění ve městě nejvíce podílejí a jakým způsobem se tyto sebeprezentace promítají do veřejném prostoru?" K tomu, aby autorka dospěla k zodpovězení hlavní výzkumné otázky, si určila dílčí podotázky. Další podotázky zní "Jaké jsou klíčové veřejné prostory města Sázava a do jakých kategorií spadají a co se na nich odehrává?", "Jak vnímají veřejné prostory obyvatelé města Sázavy?" a "Jaký postoj zaujímají k veřejným prostorům obyvatelé města a jak se na nich sebeprezentují?". K tomu, aby autorka dospěla k odpovědím na výzkumné otázky, nejprve téma práce ukotvila v teorii a vycházela z odborné literatury vztahující se k tématu. Druhá část práce se zabývá samotným výzkumem. Ve výzkumu byla použita kombinace kvantitativních a kvalitativních metod. Do kvantitativních metod spadá anketa, která byla distribuovaná obyvatelům města a obsahovala otevřené otázky. Do kvalitativních metod spadá zúčastněné pozorování a polostrukturované rozhovory. Autorka dospěla k výsledkům, že se vedení města a lidé, kteří se na dění ve městě nejvíce podílejí se sebeprezentují pomocí zkvalitňování veřejných prostor. Zaměřují se především na ty...
Czech diaspora policy, its dimensions and international context
Cibulková, Tereza ; Janská, Eva (advisor) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee)
5 Abstract This final thesis, Czech diaspora policy, its dimensions and international context, is focused on the diaspora policy of Czechia towards the population living abroad. It consists of several parts. The first part introduces the thesis with the key concepts that appear in it. The theoretical part will introduce the concept of diaspora policies. It will then briefly summarise the history and current situation of emigration from the territory of Czechia, the development of Czech diaspora policy in the European context and the activities of the main institutions dedicated to the diaspora. In the practical part, I will introduce different approaches to comparing diaspora policies and I will analyse the diaspora policy of Czechia using the multiple correspondence analysis schemes introduced by Ragazzi (2014) in his article. Based on this analysis, the policies of Czechia will be evaluated. The thesis will be enriched by the results of interviews with representatives of main institutions involved in diaspora policy making. The thesis uses data collected during projects funded by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic. Based on the findings, we can summarise that Czechia is a state which has granted many rights to its population abroad. It is typical for...
The role of ethnic and social capital in the environment of a second-generation Vietnamese ethnic association
Knor, Tomáš ; Freidingerová, Tereza (advisor) ; Uherek, Zdeněk (referee)
In my thesis, I examine the importance of ethnic and social capital in the context of a second- generation Vietnamese ethnic associations. Previous research on ethnic communities and associations demonstrates that for their members, these platforms play an important role in capital generation and upward social mobility. This is also the case for second-generation Vietnamese who were born in the Czech Republic or arrived here at an early age. Therefore, a large proportion of second-generation Vietnamese grew up in close contact with the Czech cultural environment and their primary educators were often Czech nannies. Because of this, some of them may have developed an ambiguous relationship with both the majority society and their own Vietnamese community. This research demonstrates that a response to this perceived disadvantage resulting from the second-generation immigrant way of life may be the formation of ethnic associations that provide individuals with a trusting and safe environment consisting of like-minded members. Drawing on methods of in-depth unstructured interviews with association members and participant observation at association- organized activities, this paper sheds light on the role of ethnic and social capital in the environment of an ethnic association. An ethnic association...
Ways of Self-identification of Zlín Residents with the City Space
Kopecká, Šárka ; Uherek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Soukopová, Aneta (referee)
This bachelor's thesis primarily focuses on the exploration of different ways of self- identification of the inhabitants of the urban space of Zlín. The author chooses the case study method for this purpose. The author further understands the city as a constructed unit, which, however, has its own individual parts, particularities that can be separated from each other to a certain extent. Meanings are assigned to the city and its space by its inhabitants in manifest and latent ways. In this work, however, residents are not viewed as exclusively active actors who would (re)shape the space in which they live. Even the urban space itself is understood as formative and then in its self-reproductive role. Residents' identities are conceptualized as fluid and heterogeneous. The aim of this work is to answer the question of whether there is a difference in the forms of self-identification depending on the generation in which the research partner is placed. Self-identification is conceptualized as an ongoing process dependent on both internal and external factors. Even in connection with such an understanding of self-identification, the space is necessarily marked as changeable since it is also influenced and de facto shaped by the people within it.

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