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RouterOS Devices Management System
Konečný, Jakub ; Novotný, Tomáš (referee) ; Hájek, Josef (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis describes a design and an implementation of an information system for management control and remote configuration of devices running MikroTik's RouterOS system. Primary purpose of the system is managing all compatible devices at one place. Within each device you can modify its DNS and DHCP settings, create or edit static DNS records and static routes. System is written in PHP using Nette Framework and MySQL database.
Game Web Portal - Object-oriented Programming
Hůla, Vladimír ; Galáž, Zoltán (referee) ; Povoda, Lukáš (advisor)
This thesis deals with design and implementation of programming structure of game web portal. The web portal will serve as a communication and information center to simplify coordination among players and allow them to gain new experience. In the thesis are analyzed the needs of players, existing solutions and their drawbacks. The results of this analysis are used to design individual functions of the portal. Implementation of the most important parts of the website has been described, the implementation of these parts were evaluated and some enhancemets were eventually suggested. In the end of this thesis several functionalities were suggested, which could extend the portal in the future.
Application for batch management of Mikrotik network devices
Kloda, Tomáš ; Frolka, Jakub (referee) ; Krajsa, Ondřej (advisor)
The goal of the thesis is to describe and develop web application for large-scale management of MikroTik network devices. The theoretical part describes RouterOS operating system. This work also describes communication through MikroTik API service. Next section includes brief description of tools, which were used for the web application development. The practical part describes development and realization of the web application. The web application is intended for Linux based operating systems.
Information System Design
Hraško, Branislav ; Novák, Lukáš (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
This diploma thesis evaluates the current state of a product developed by a company Kentico software s. r. o. called Kentico Kontent. Based on the analysis of the organization and the product is realized a proposal of a log management system designed for customers of the company which is currently not implemented in Kentico Kontent.
NFC technology and its security
Mertlík, Tomáš ; Babnič, Patrik (referee) ; Rosenberg, Martin (advisor)
The first objective of this paper is to describe the Android operating system. The chapter presents history and architecture regarding to all versions of the operating system. The significant part of chapter is focused on security. The second main topic of this paper is analysing the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. This technology is based on an older contactless system RFID (Radio Frequency Communication), so RFID is described either. The NFC technology chapter contains the description of usability, history and the definitions of physical layer, link layer and NDEF (NFC Data Exchange) data format, used for data transmitting. The next chapter is focusing on the analysis of the NFC vulnerability. It contains a possible attacks methods and solutions how to prevent them. The output of this paper is the projection and creation of an application, which allow sending an arbitrary data between two devices using the NFC technology. Additional Bluetooth technology can be used for larger files. In this case, NFC helps to create Bluetooth communication channel which is utilized for data transfer.
Application for Searching for Fitness Buddies (Android)
Kalous, Filip ; Behúň, Kamil (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
This thesis is concerned with the development of a application for smartphones. It's purpose will be to help find sports partners, no matter the sport activity, although it is aimed mainly on weight lifting activities in fitness centres. The development of the application for Android operation system and implementation of the server part made with the help of Ruby on Rails framework is analyzed in the thesis. In practice the application should enable its users to find a suitable sports partner anywhere and anytime.
API for ITIL Service Desk Systems
Širůček, Pavel ; Křivka, Zbyněk (referee) ; Rychlý, Marek (advisor)
Main focus of this thesis is creating workaround for ITIL processes in service desk systems. As a objective with highest priority was to choose service desk systems, then create interface which can make possible communication between service boards and selected processes. I described also in generally meaning ITIL library, common service desk functions and important ITIL processes. Management of incidents, problems, changes and configurations is based on a set of processes, which are able to manipulate with interface. Web services are main tool of implemented API for working with these processes. In conclusion are also presented several scenarios to demonstrate communication between clients and service across the board created interface.
Attendance System - Complete Solution with ESP and Raspberry Pi Modules
Křehlík, Petr ; Kočí, Radek (referee) ; Janoušek, Vladimír (advisor)
The main goal of this bachelor's thesis is to design and implement an attendance system based on the Arduino, ESP and RaspberryPi platforms, which communicate with each other using a WiFi network. The access station provides users access using RFID tokens and a central unit information system for managing the entire system in the form of a web interface.
Control of network operation generator from OPNET Modeler environment
Bartl, Milan ; Hošek, Jiří (referee) ; Molnár, Karol (advisor)
In this work an interface between network simulator OPNET Modeler and network operations generator IxChariot is described. The goal is to control the generator by data from an OPNET modeler simulation. More accurately the generator is supposed to produce a data flow with desired settings of DSCP field, which is used to support quality of service mechanism. The goal can be achieved by two possible approaches: using IxChariot TCL API or IxChariot C API. Both of these approaches are described and conclusions are made at the end.
Mobile Application for Location Sharing in a Group
Matějíček, Vojtěch ; Tomešek, Jan (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
Target of this thesis is creation of mobile application enabling easy sharing of user's location in a group. Thesis includes analysis of needs of users, GUI and options of including new members of a group. Application is available for both major mobile platforms, iOS and Android. For that reason it was developed with tool Flutter providing multiplatform applications development. Necessary part of the application is web server written in language PHP and framework Yii2.

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