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Obstacle Avoidance in UAVs: Using a Bug-Inspired Algorithm and Neural Network-Based RGB Camera Collision Prediction
Raichl, Petr ; Marcoň, Petr ; Janoušek, Jiří
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are increasingly deployed in complex environments for various applications, necessitating advanced obstacle avoidance capabilities to ensure safety and mission success. Inspired by the simplicity and effectiveness of biological navigation strategies, this study introduces a novel approach to UAV obstacle avoidance, leveraging the principles of the bug algorithm combined with the predictive power of neural networks. We propose a hybrid model that integrates a lightweight neural network to predict potential collisions in real-time. Our methodology employs a two-stage process: first, the neural network assesses the immediate risk of collision; second, the bug algorithm-inspired decision-making process determines the UAV’s maneuvering actions to navigate without crashing to obstacles. The approach was tested both in simulation and real outdoor experiments.
Growth factors in cultivated meat production
Janoušek, Jiří ; Rozbeský, Daniel (advisor) ; Mašek, Jan (referee)
The rapid expansion of global meat production poses severe environmental and ethical challenges, necessitating alternatives with reduced impacts. Cultivated meat, produced from animal cells in vitro, emerges as a promising solution. However, common cell culturing techniques using fetal bovine serum (FBS) are not sufficiently scalable for this purpose. The critical role of growth factors in replacing FBS is emphasized, with a focus on summarizing existing literature regarding their importance and potential for economically viable mass adoption. The described growth factor requirements of various cultivated meat production relevant cell types, as well as the potential improvements to the production processes, activity, or stability of the most important growth factors identified, are analyzed. Finally, alternative approaches to the use of growth factors are briefly explored. This work should provide a comprehensive overview of recombinant growth factor production and optimization as it pertains to the area of cultivated meat.
Image data transmission system from UAV
Plaček, Jan ; Marcoň, Petr (referee) ; Janoušek, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis explores the processing of image data in the robotic operating system ROS2 for wireless transmission from unmanned aerial vehicles over mobile networks. It focuses on optimizing image data for fast transmission to cloud storage, emphasizing latency minimization and optimal frame rate depending on the environment type. The results of the thesis contribute to the real-time utilization of unmanned aerial vehicles, particularly in the field of robotic vision.
Analysis of inertial data from UAV
Žáček, Vítězslav ; Raichl, Petr (referee) ; Janoušek, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the design of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attitude estimation system using inertial data and its processing in a robotic operating system (ROS2) environment. The theoretical part describes the principle of operation of the inertial measurement unit (IMU), including gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer, and their role in UAV stabilization and navigation. The practical part deals with the research and selection of suitable algorithms for attitude and orientation estimation, such as the Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) and the Fourati’s nonlinear attitude estimation.
Automatic hydroponic microfarm for plant cultivation
Takács, Peter ; Janoušek, Jiří (referee) ; Szabó, Zoltán (advisor)
This thesis deals with the implementation of hardware and software design for an existing hydroponic micro-farm. The thesis includes a literature and internet search focused on automated plant cultivation. A description of different types of soilless cultivation systems is given in the thesis. General plant requirements are addressed and these requirements are thoroughly discussed. Instrumentation using specific components is also described in the thesis. The system integrates a control unit, heating and aeration controls for the nutrient solution, adjustable lighting, and sensors for pH, EC, and adjustable water and ambient temperature. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of two selected microprocessor units are discussed. Further, the operation of the microcontroller that controls the individual components is also described in the thesis. This thesis briefly describes the general circuitry of each component and includes circuit diagrams and the schematic of a printed circuit board. This thesis describes the program of the firmware and the functions of the web interface used to interact with the system. Additionally, it features remote control and monitoring capabilities via a web interface, with email alerts for external intervention needs. This thesis also includes the implementation of the electronics in terms of assembly and calibration.
Visual-inertial odometry for UAV stabilization
Pintér, Marco ; Janoušek, Jiří (referee) ; Marcoň, Petr (advisor)
This master's thesis deals with the development of a system for estimating the position of an unmanned aerial vehicle in space without using GNSS (Global navigation satellite system). Visual and inertial data are employed for the position estimation of the unmanned aerial vehicle in space. The thesis describes various methods of determining the position using visual and inertial odometry. In the subsequent part of the thesis, the selection of a suitable camera sensor and onboard computer is discussed. The choice of an appropriate operating system, ROS (Robot Operating System) distribution, and a suitable algorithm for processing visual and inertial data is also described. To acquire telemetry data and basic control of an unmanned vehicle in space, a ROS node was implemented, which was tested in the Gazebo simulation environment with PX4-SITL. With the designed system experiments of comparing the accuracy of position determination against GNSS was done in real enviroment. From the achieved results, it can be concluded that visual odometry achieves very good results compared to GNSS.
Drone position stabilization methods using image data
Koukal, Ondřej ; Raichl, Petr (referee) ; Janoušek, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis focuses on the design of an unmanned aircraft stabilization system. The purpose of this system is to determine the exact position of the unmanned aircraft in space based on image data from two cameras in real time. The theoretical part describes the image processing methods and the algorithm for determining the position of the unmanned aircraft. The practical part describes the implementation and testing of the system.
Janoušek, Jiří ; Kačmařík,, Michal (referee) ; Nedělník,, Jan (referee) ; Marcoň, Petr (advisor)
The thesis discusses various perspectives on the analysis of multispectral images, emphasizing in particular the technique’s potential in remote sensing of the Earth. Within multispectral imaging, the author has explored diverse methods for scanning plants to examine the impact exerted by the invididual electromagnetic spectrum components on the reflectivity of the investigated vegetation. Regarding the relevant vegetation indices, one of the main activities lay in comparing the approaches employed to compute the indices from applicable multispectral images. To deliver general data on the state of the plants being grown, the research involved designing and structuring relevant indicators that enabled the author to correlate the multispectral indices. In this context, the final sections of the thesis present the spectral maps acquired from the multispectral camera images and expose the analyses centered on the resulting index values, the aim being to help determine reliably the optimum harvest time in agricultural crops. The output of the project outlined within the thesis is then embodied in novel linear regression models that facilitate defining the optimum such a time. Importantly, by extension, the author also proposes a compact methodology that covers the individual phases and steps between the vegetation imaging the crops and finding the optimum harvest time.
Drone swarm control
Kolísek, Josef ; Marcoň, Petr (referee) ; Janoušek, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the drone swarm control and the using in practice. It is about the interconnection of several control units of drones and subsequent coordination in the air. The work is divided into theoretical part and practical part. The practical part describes the possibilities of drone swarm flying and coordination of multiple drones. Possible ways of communication and transmission of telemetry data for control using the MAVLink protocol. The next part describes the possibilities of controlling multiple units from one central point and creating flight instructions. The practical part deals with the realization of the software for synchronized flight of two unmanned aircraft and their connection with the ground control station for the transmission of flight instructions. The last part of the work deals with evaluation of the control, compliance of the established flight plan and the proposal of other possibilities for improvement with the solution of deficiencies.
Manufacturing of parts of microforming technologies
Janoušek, Jiří ; Peterková, Eva (referee) ; Podaný, Kamil (advisor)
This work deals with point incremental forming technology, which is now booming thanks to the possibility to program the exact path of a simple tool and to implement it on modern CNC machines. It solves the forces in the process, the roughness of the final surface of the products or their accuracy. This technology is divided into one-point and two-point forming and uses better material formability because of little local touch. Thanks to this, it is used in many fields such as medicine or the automotive industry. It is used to produce prototypes and specific components, which would be expensive.

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