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Geographical Aspects of City Safety Risks on the Example of České Budějovice
The bachelor?s thesis deals with safety aspects and risks in the city of České Budějovice from the geographical point of view. The safety issue is viewed from the point of transport, criminality and the environment. Aspects increasing or reducing safety and related risks are determined and classified. The data processed in this way are converted into a geographical information system, based on which a set of maps is subsequently created, which describes simply and comprehensibly the safety risks on the territory of the city of České Budějovice. The resulting map shows the city zoning by individual risk areas.

Is import of goods from european countries to Czech republic more or less influenced by changes in nominal and real exchange rates than in non european countries?
Vereš, Jan ; Stroukal, Dominik (advisor) ; Slaný, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis analyses the connection between import of goods from foreign countries to Czech Republic and the exchange rate changes. The initial hypothesis of this paper is to prove that the depreciation of domestic currency has positive influence on balance of trade balance. For this purpose there is eight econometric models which were created by using time series from years 2003 to 2016. These models are divided in pairs among four chosen countries. For each country two models were created that follow the development of trade balance between Czech Republic and one of the countries in two different time frames. All the models always use the real effective exchange rate, growth rate of GDP for Czech Republic and growth rate of GDP for one of the countries as explanatory variable. It is connected with the second task of this thesis, which is the analysis of the differences in the behaviour of the models that belong to the countries which are members of the EU and these that are not. The aim is to find out whether the existence of tariffs on imported goods from countries out of the EU causes visible differences in the behaviour of the variables that were included in the models. Based on the outcomes of all eight models the main hypothesis has been proved right for three out of four countries. In the models for Germany, China and France the relation of real exchange rate and trade balance came out as positive in long term, in short term the outcome was ambiguous. The second question of this thesis has been answered, but its added value is questionable. The final models for each state do show some noticeable differences and they can be used to determine if the influence of the change of exchange rates on trade balance is smaller or bigger in the countries where tariffs are used. On the other hand, from the results we can learn that the sample of only four countries is insufficient for the deduction of any conclusions.

Mergers of companies from accounting and tax view
Hlaváčová, Lucie ; Filipová, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Volc, Jan (referee)
Bachelor thesis Mergers of trade companies from accounting and tax perspective is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical one. Theoretical part include two chapters. The first chapter briefly describes legal regulations of mergers. The second chapter decribes their accountig and tax aspects. Practical part applies theoretical knowledge from previous chapters on the actual examples. The primary objective of this thesis introduces accounting and tax aspects of mergers and show them on the practical examples.

Influence of social politics on fertility rate in specific regions of Czech republic
Dvořák, Josef ; Melzochová, Jitka (advisor) ; Babin, Jan (referee)
Thesis is focused on relationship between fertility rate and tools of state support. The goal is to reveal relationship between these two factors. Partial goal is to discover specific effects of tools of state support in specific regions of Czech republic. I have aimed on research at national level and also specific regions between years 1993-2014. In order to find these relationships I used method that compares differences in development of the fertility rate. After that, I set up regression model solved by method called fixed effects. For specific regions analysis was used OLS method. Model was able to explain more than 80 % of variability. This results can be used for predicting of citizens behavior, when some changes in family allowances occurs. Main finding is, that most motivating tools are parenting allowances and child benefits.

Analysis of real and nominal convergence of the Visegrad Group in the years 2000-2015
Wikturna, Jan ; Strejček, Ivo (advisor) ; Zamrazilová, Eva (referee)
This Bachelor thesis is focused on a macroeconomic analysis of the process of the real and nominal convergence of the Visegrad Group countries to the old member states of the European Union, called EU-15 during the period of 2000-2015. The objective of the analysis is to confirm or disprove the hypothesis that in the selected period there is a convergence of the economically backward V4 countries with the advanced EU-15 countries and to highlight the factors that are behind the narrowing of the gap in economics and price levels. The theoretical part deals with the ways in which we measure and compare the economic performance and economic level, and explains the different approaches of the problem of economic growth and the subsequent catching up effect. The practical part is focused on a comparison of elected macroeconomic indicators and reference is made to the selected factors to determine whether, and for what reasons, the economic convergence of these selected countries made towards the developed countries of the EU-15. The analytical part confirms the ongoing process of the real and nominal convergence throughout the period, but its course is varied during different times of the period. In conclusion, it is found that the rate varied by the convergence processes and in fact positively affected the V4 countries, that joined the European Union. The incoming dynamics of the convergence, especially the prices, were significantly disrupted by the economic crisis.

Analysis of the Economic Development of BRICS Countries in 2007–2015
Berka, Kryštof ; Procházka, Pavel (advisor) ; Dyba, Karel (referee)
The aim of the bachelor's thesis is economic development assessment among and within BRICs countries in the context of developed world during 2007-2015. Based on yearly panel data, an analysis for following macroeconomic indicators was carried out: gross domestic product, inflation rate, unemployment rate, current account on the balance of payments, exchange rate. The profound analysis of selected indicators is instrumental in the comparison of member states and is supplemented by the comparison of BRICs and G6. Based on its evidence, I come to a conclusion that the BRICs as a whole succeeded in establishing as a strong global actor. That has been achieved with the help of global financial crisis, but also with regard to the economic policy implemented in 2007-2015. As a result, GDP of BRICs in terms of GDP of G6 achieved stable growth rate leading to its increase by 52 %. Besides providing main findings, outcomes of this thesis enable to identify main weaknesses and strengths of BRICs economies affecting the prospects for continuance of stable economic growth.

Accounting Frauds in Russia
Kontsova, Anna ; Purina, Marina (advisor) ; Hora, Michal (referee)
The subject of this thesis is the characteristics and detailed classification of accounting frauds in Russia. The whole work is based on current government regulations, expert articles and statistical data related to the issue of accounting frauds. This bachelor thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. Theoretical part focuses on characteristics of the system of accounting frauds in Russia from the perspective of government regulations, indicates historical assumptions and current tendencies and presents classification of accounting frauds based on several parameters. The practical part illustrates the issue with examples of accounting frauds in two different companies and assesses their impact on economic situation in each company.

Sustainable tourism development of Vysocina Region
Veselá, Markéta ; Macháček, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vondráková, Zuzana (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of sustainable tourism development at the regional level. This phenomenon is elaborated on the example of Vysocina Region. To evaluate sustainability of its development, the potential of this touristic destination is researched regarding various areas, including key products. These are subjected to comparisons with recommendations of significant tourism organization for the purpose of assessing the sustainability of tourism. The diploma thesis also includes a comparison with other Czech regions experience as a touristic destination. Vysocina Region has favourable initial conditions for its sustainable development, especially regarding supply of key products, which include both environmentally friendly goods and cultural attractiveness contributing to the personal development of individuals and promoting intercultural tolerance. The main issue appears to be the spatial imbalance of its development in the region, caused mainly by the concentration of tourist activities to certain areas and low local initiative in the less attractive areas. The diploma thesis proposes a number of solutions, such as utilization of geocaching and products of gastroturism, supporting the foundation of local destination management organisations, promoting cycling tourism and the foundation of highly visited tourist destinations.

Role of the chancellor in the foreign policy of the Federal Republic of Germany: Angela Merkel
Farská, Kateřina ; Druláková, Radka (advisor) ; Dubský, Zbyněk (referee)
This master thesis is concerned with the role of the chancellor in the foreign policy with respect to the institutional possibilities that the German political system provides him, and also with respect to the personality of the chancellor - it strives to answer the question, if it is possible to identify the personality impact in the chancellor foreign policy positions. As the case example the current chancellor Angela Merkel has been chosen, who serves for a period long enough to carry out the research and who is at the same time well-respected personality abroad. The thesis comes to the conclusion that the chancellor has the rights to intervene in the foreign policy and uses those rights. By means of the discourse and content analysis of chancellor's speeches it has been possible to identify foreign policy preferences of the chancellor which can be associated with her personal life experience.

The way of consumerism in the interwar Czechoslovakia nn the example of consumption of coffee, cocoa, chocolate and tea.
Syrová, Tereza ; Jakubec, Ivan (advisor) ; Jančík, Drahomír (referee) ; Štemberk, Jan (referee)
Dissertation thesis discusses the consumption of cocoa, coffee, tea and chocolate in the interwar period in the Czechoslovakia. On the basis of statistical data and examination of archival sources comes with the definition of the middle classes of the population, which those commodities consumed. The thesis shows the distribution of consumption of commodities based on the survey in blue-collar and white-collar families. Furthermore provides insight into the lives of families, distribution of their spending and the size of income. It refers to the representation of cocoa, coffee, tea and chocolate in the consumer basket and shows the elasticity of the mentioned commodities. For the central part of the research of the dissertation thesis chose the Czech territory only, because here were without difficulty accessible data sources. The Dissertation thesis clarifies the causes of consuming cocoa, coffee, tea and chocolate and concludes that each was consumed from another purpose, which resulted status of these commodities. Tea consumption has been designed especially for the higher classes of the population, chocolate bought mostly white-collar family, but over twenties speared consumption of chocolate products also among the middle and lower classes into the population. The chocolate products were subject to early 20s of the luxury tax. Cocoa was used in connection with cooking and baking, but families didnt use this product frequently. Coffee drank all layers of the population, but consumption was based on the social status of the consumer. Very frequently families consume rye coffee and chicory coffee. Dissertation thesis also highlights the regional differences between the classes, which were further intensified. Thesis examines in detail the amount of the duties of the commodity, which in the interwar period varied widely, and concludes that the duty to disproportionately increase the price of products and made it impossible for consumers to buy more of cocoa, coffee, tea and chocolate.