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Occupational therapy program to develop the skills of a child with a physical disability for the transition from kindergarten to primary school
Veselá, Markéta ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Valešová Malecová, Barbara (referee)
This thesis deals with the evaluation of a self-designed occupational therapy programme to support children with physical disabilities in their transition to primary school. The aim of the research is to test the effectiveness of this programme. The theoretical background explores the concepts of occupational therapy and physiotherapy in educational settings, their role in paediatrics and the impact of physical disability on school adjustment. It also focuses on the importance of movement, sensory integration and well-being in relation to successful school adjustment. The transition to primary school for the child with physical disabilities and the preparation of the family environment and the child itself for this step are other topics of this thesis. A further aim is to determine whether the programme can be used by teachers as part of an educational curriculum. The final section shows how an occupational therapy programme can be integrated into the regular school environment and how it can contribute to the successful integration of children with physical disabilities into a new school environment. The methodological section describes the research methods used, including intervention evaluation research and the plan for testing the programme. The empirical section then presents the occupational...
NEW ON THE „OLD“ – Brno, Bratislavská - Stará Corner
Hrubá, Lenka ; Veselá, Markéta (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor work is made of corner building near to down town of Brno city. In contrast to traditions I open this area to public.
Primary Architecture / Teaching Architecture Elements
Juřicová, Magdaléna ; Veselá, Markéta (referee) ; Ponešová, Barbora (advisor)
The thesis addresses the connection of the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Fine Arts in the newly designed building. Both faculties are defined primarily by practical creation and corresponding elementary teaching spaces - studios. From these basic elements literally grows the final form of the school. The design process itself is accompanied by constant changes and the search for adequate spatial expression for individual functions of the school. The final solution is the result of gradual rationalisation, finding certainties and sticking points in the proposal. In the end, the barest, most elemental, is crystallized from a multitude of variations and reflections on space.
Jaroslavice – place in the landscape
Májek, Jan ; Veselá, Markéta (referee) ; Foretník, Jan (advisor)
The work is aimed at the center of the village, which is a square that, in size comparable to that of the Square of Freedom in Brno, is an exhibition of problems: considerable deterioration of the building fund, underground use of the public space, which is moreover unreadable and unreachable. The proposed solution divides the area of the square into three smaller public spaces that have a different character and function. Mariánské námětí is the torso of the existing one, which has been earmarked for the building of a new municipal office and library, is characterized by town houses and the location of services and public amenities. The second area is a semi-detached cottage. It is dominated by walnuts and water. The proposed buildings are oriented towards the library and the wine house. The third such defined area is the Wine Market, which is the crossroads, the scattered area of the surrounding houses, like a school, shops, or wine house. A large part of the COOP building has a sports complex with a halo and a swimming pool. There are solved especially the buildings of the town hall with a library and a wine house.
Impact of elevated carbon dioxide concentration and nitrogen fertilization on protein content of glutenin fraction in winter wheat
Veselá, Markéta ; Vespalcová, Milena (referee) ; Hrstka, Miroslav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis studies the impact of elevated carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere and nitrogen nutrition on protein kontent in winter wheat (Triticum aestivum) var. Bohemia. Glutenin proteins were separated by SDS-PAGE method and protein quantification was performed by computer densitometry. It was proved that the nitrogen fertilization has a great influence on the amount of glutenin proteins, which increased in all samples. Effect of elevated CO2 concentrationis not nearly as significant, however certain differences can be seen. Samples of wheat grown under conditions of reduced UV radiation, and samples of wheat grown under natural conditions did not show great differences in the content of glutenins.
Hevlín – place in the landscape
Kubíčková, Karolína ; Veselá, Markéta (referee) ; Foretník, Jan (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to create a landscape that supports water retention and helps the river Dyje to create a branched, meandering watercourse. The design also deals with the permeability of the territory and the design of wooden objects that respond in function and shape to the created landscape.
Hranice – redefinition of urban structure
Varmužová, Adéla ; Veselá, Markéta (referee) ; Foretník, Jan (advisor)
I think of a library in a small town as a social center rather than a closed institution. It should be seen as part of the public space of the city, an open place with a cultural - educational and social life. Apart from the possibility of concentrated individual study, it should also provide space for group work and social gathering of residents. Authors' readings, lectures and workshops are held in such a library. The library environment should be pleasant and suitable for a long stay with plenty of natural light and contact with the exterior. It includes a literary café, a buffet and an open-air reading room. The library in Hranice is designed as a terraced "house" with walking roofs. The building creates a link between the park and the street of 1. Máje. You can walk through the library from the street to park and vice versa, both through the interior of the library and outside on its roof.
Smržová, Kristýna ; Veselá, Markéta (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Jan (advisor)
I suggest two buildings, gallery and multifunctional building. For my design solutions was crucial that we find ourselves in a place with very strong traffic and small place. I design primarily the gallery, so I decided to open the block and relieve the gallery building. With the same intention i taper the wall of the main facade to the street fluctuate, thus creating a freer parter. Gallery becomes detached building and operating space around freely. I wanted to reach such an impression that it was a stone house, something quality and stable, so I chose the concrete substructure as well as the exposed material. The construction is monolithic reinforced concrete. The second house is a multifunctional building directly adjacent to the Commercial Bank
Jaroslavice – place in the landscape
Mrlinová, Lucie ; Veselá, Markéta (referee) ; Foretník, Jan (advisor)
South Moravia has a good quality soil. Changing climatic conditions and an unhealthy human approach result in drought and soil erosion. Soil, like our nutritionist, is very rare. Therefore, in my work I deal with the proposal of a research institute for soil protection, which I place on the site of a former manor court in Jaroslavice. The Institute consists of three buildings that define a common yard. The location of the complex complies with the direct connection to the adjacent experimental field. Jaroslavice, as a municipality in the warmest and driest area in the Czech Republic, is ideal for research.
Production of beta-glucans by some yeasts and algae
Veselá, Markéta ; Kočí, Radka (referee) ; Márová, Ivana (advisor)
Several yeast strains and microalgae were selected for this diploma thesis. -glucans, lipids, carotenoids, ergosterol and coenzyme Q were determined in selected producers, and the cultivation conditions for yeast strains were optimized to gain enhanced production of -glucans. Microalgae cultivations were carried out according to the instructions of the Collection of Autotrophic organisms (CCALA). Selected microalge strains include Desmodesmus acutus, Dunaliella salina, Arthrospira maxima and Cyanothece sp. Selected yeast species include Rhodotorula glutinis, Cystofilobasidium macerans and Sporidiobolus metaroseus. Edible yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae was cultivated to compare with other yeast strains because of it's verified production of -glucans. -glucans were then determined by the enzymatic kit K-YBGL Megazyme, carotenoids, ergosterol and coenzyme Q were analyzed by HPLC/PDA and fatty acids were analyzed by GC/FID. The best producer of yeast -glucans was R. glutinis and S. metaroseus, and the best conditions for the production of -glucans and other metabolites was the C/N ratio of 70. Within the microalgae species, only -glucan production was observed, the best producer was D. acutus.

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