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Attitudes towards Homosexuality in Relation to Adoption of Children in Society Today
Drbohlav, Lukáš ; Janošová, Pavlína (advisor) ; Vágnerová, Marie (referee)
The aim of the work is to explore attitude of society to homosexuality in connection with potential children adoption. The first part of the thesis is aimed at defining the term of homosexuality, clarifying its origins and summarizing its history. There are also described attitude changes in present society in connection with homosexual emancipation. Attention is devoted to the fact, how it is reflected in attitudes of society in working and school environment and also in context of friendly relationships. The last part of the thesis is devoted to topic of homoparentality, what is children upbringing by homosexual partners. Discussed is also potential influence of parents' sexual orientation when children are raised by gay or lesbian couple. Issues of adoption of children from institutional care, a child adoption by the other partner and foster care are also studied. Results of the research, whose aim was to map attitude of humanist and technical oriented men and women to non-heterosexuality and possible child adoption by homosexual families, are presented in the second part of the thesis. Some of the respondents' reactions that present attitudes towards given minority are quoted. Keywords: homosexuality, partnership, parenthood, adoption, attitudes, society
Substitute family care
Petrů, Jaroslava ; Kohnová, Jana (advisor) ; Jančaříková, Kateřina (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on substitute family care in the Czech Republic and its importance for the child. The theoretical part defines the basic terms, describes history and the forms of substitute family care. It also deals with the process of placing a child in substitute family care, the preparation of foster parents and the legislation regulating substitute family care. The practical part is based on qualitative research in families with children in foster and tutelary care, in families with adopted children, in Klokánek and in SOS Children's Villages. In the final part of the work the gained knowledge is analysed and processed and at the same time the importance of substitute family care for the child is pointed out.
Homosexuality and Attitude of Czech Public on Commitment of Children to the Care of Homoparental Families
Závůrková, Hana ; Leontovyčová, Jana (advisor) ; Poláčková, Jana (referee)
The first part of my work is focused on the definition of homosexuality and clarifies some concepts and a summary of its history. Registered partnership is explained there, including its advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore it also focuses on the importance of family for the child and review of the types of foster care. And finally, first part summarizes various factors that influences children's psyche. The second part described the results of my survey which is focused on the public image of child custody to gay couples. It consists of several reactions collected from various chat forums and the most representative opinions obtained from questionnaires. The work is accompanied by five case studies and opinions from among homosexuals.
Problems of substitute family care in the Czech Republic
Horáková, Petra ; Vítečková, Michaela (advisor) ; Pelikán, Jiří (referee)
Theoretical part of this thesis deals with description of substitutional family care and its types. Importance of family care for child's development is emphasized at the beginning of the thesis. Further legislation of the substitutional family care and also terms of its mediation are described. The theoretical part deals with history of the substitutional family care in our country and also in other countries. Then some weaknesses of the substitutional family care and its system are mentioned. Second part of the thesis contains research with several chosen caseworkers who work in branch of the substitutional family care. Detection of respondents' opinions about education and personality predispositions for good practise of profession is the aim of the research.
Capitis deminutio minima
Stloukalová, Kamila ; Skřejpek, Michal (advisor) ; Falada, David (referee)
Capitis deminutio minima The purpose of my thesis is to analyse the institute called the capitis deminutio minima. In this respect, it is primarily necessary to describe the meaning of the word caput for the understanding of the whole topic. The first chapter deals with the explanation of the above-mentioned term. The caput of a human being has in Roman Law three elements: the status of liberty, of citizenship and of family, and the subdivisions of the first chapter correspond to it. There, the first subchapter focuses on the persons who are free and those who are slaves; the latter were not considered to be legal persons at all. The following subchapter characterises the rights and duties of Roman citizens and the situation of the foreigners. The last subchapter contains basic information about the Roman family and its members, who are divided into two cathegories - the sui iuris and the alieni iuris. At the beginning the text describes the position of the head of the family (the pater familias), and his powers. The following text examines the conditions of those who are subjected to the authority of the pater familias. The last part of the text demonstrates the importance of religion in the daily life, both for the family and the whole society. The second chapter contains the description of the capitis...
Changes in the self-concept of parents who have adopted a child
Ransdorfová, Jana ; Presslerová, Pavla (advisor) ; Sotáková, Hana (referee)
The thesis is dedicated to changing the self-concept of parents who have adopted a child. The aim of the thesis is to explore how parents who have adopted a child perceive and evaluate changes in their self-concept. How these changes are perceived by mothers and fathers. How the perception of self-concept changed throughout adoption decisions, adoption processes, and adaptation to parenthood. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with parenting, substitute family care and the adoption process. It also describes the identity, role and self-concept of the parent, then the adaptation and the specifics of adoptive parenting. The practical part represents qualitative research that is done through semi-structured interviews with parents who have adopted a child. The results of the research resulting from the data analysis are interpreted and compared with specialist literature. Self-perception changed due to the burden that respondents had to cope with, from coping with childlessness to adaptation and becoming the parent of an adopted child. Perceived changes in the self-concept of fathers and mothers are somewhat different, but they basically result from different positions in the family and their role. Keywords: parenting, adoption, self-concept, substitute family care
Taboo subjects in French Childern's Literature
Mrázková, Jana ; Fučíková, Milena (advisor) ; Ébert-Zeminová, Catherine (referee)
The thesis entitled Sensitive topics in childhood and youth literature deals with one of the main tendencies of contemporary Francophone literature for children and youth, which is the inclusion of sensitive topics in children's books. The thesis tries to find answers to these questions: Since when did these topics start to appear in children's and youth's literature? Which topics do we consider sensitive? How do the authors handle these difficult topics and what is their place and objective in children's literature? The introduction of the thesis generally outlines the specifics and functions of literature for children and youth and subsequently tries to answer the defined questions. As such, the introduction is followed by the chapters examining the history of the children and youth genre, taboo and sensitive topics in children's literature, which will help answer these questions. The thesis carefully focuses on the topics of death, illness and disability, racism and diversity and difficult family situations such as divorce, adoption or homoparentality.

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