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How Czech journalists use social media?
Kofroňová, Johana ; Macková, Veronika (advisor) ; Trunečka, Ondřej (referee)
1 Abstract Social media are a part of journalistic work for several years now. One of them, Twitter, plays a major role in the journalistic world. With its speed, conciseness and algorithm setup, it has become the best place for journalists to meet, share information and interact with their readers. This paper examines how seven selected Czech journalists use Twitter. It follows journalists' profiles and analyses their published posts over three months on Twitter (March, April and May 2022). At the same time, each journalist was interviewed to analyse both their social media activity and how they use the networks for their work. Journalists from both, private and public service and audio-visual and written media were selected for this paper. The analysis shows that journalists overwhelmingly present themselves on social media in a purely journalistic way - as journalists who are part of the media. In the vast majority of posts, journalists shared the work of their media outlet and their colleagues. In interviews, journalists most often reported that they saw social media as a way of presenting their work and their colleagues, but also as a tool to help them gain greater insight and simplify access to information. In addition to the benefits, journalists also perceive the complications that social networking...
Media Image of the Postponed 2020 Olympic Summer Games in daily newspapers Sport and MF Dnes
Tulková, Kateřina ; Trunečka, Ondřej (advisor) ; Langer, Miroslav (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the media image of the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympic Summer Games in the dailies Sport and MF Dnes. Articles and visuals are analyzed in the time frame of one day before, during, and one day after the Games, i.e., from 22nd July until 9th August 2021. The paper has three main parts, theoretical, methodological, and analytical. The first segment deals with theoretical concepts related to the production of the media image of events and persons, a relation between sports and media and its morphosis in print, and the Olympic Games. The second segment presents the goal, method of the research, and the process of it. The last part, using the quantitative analysis, examines the articles and images, their range, theme, genre, focus, and whether they mentioned covid-19. The aim is to depict and compare created media images of a sports event in dailies of different statuses. The work output is the practical part, in which are the acquired results presented and interpreted.
(Non) voluntary athlete's self-presentation of on social media: the example of footballers from Czech First League
Podolka, Tadeáš ; Turková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Trunečka, Ondřej (referee)
Diploma thesis (In)voluntary athletes' self-presentation on social media: The case of footballers from Czech First League primarily focuses on cooperation between players and experts on the administration of social media accounts. To uncover the nature of such an account, the author uses the method of semi-structured interviews. Thanks to made interviews author determined that cooperation is in the form of consultancies or is individual. Thesis researched six Instagram profiles of footballers Bořek Dočkal, Dávid Hancko, Adam Hložek, Theodor Gebre Selassie, Tomáš Necid and Maksym Talovjerov. On these accounts, the author was interested in different topics and posts, that are there created. For this purpose, the thesis used the technique of quantitative analysis. From this method, the author was able to determine, that the most frequent topic was football. The author also focuses on the relationship between footballers and social media and shows the different motivations of players to create a public profile in the digital world and publish posts there. In this part, the author found a unique case of Bořek Dočkal, who disapproves of social media but cooperates with a social media agency. In the last part of the analysis, the thesis explored the reactions of fans in form of comments, which were in most cases...
Two Ballon d'Ors in Czech history and their reflection in contemporary press
Lukacko, Jan ; Trunečka, Ondřej (advisor) ; Chladová, Marta (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Two Ballon d'Ors in Czech history and their reflection in contemporary press" deals with reporting about two Czech Ballon d'Or winners, Josef Masopust in 1962 and Pavel Nedved in 2003, by selected contemporary press. The compared press is thus separated by 41 years. The thesis follows six variables in both cases. Five of them focus on the text - the number of published texts, their length, whether the Ballon d'Or is the main topic, the origin of the respondents and the genre structure. One then examines photos, their number and size. The bachelor thesis is divided into three parts. The theoretical part deals with the relationship of sports and the media, the history of sports in the print media, the history of the Ballon d'or and the careers of both footballers. The analytical part, with the help of quantitative analysis, describes the changes in the investigated variables during the monitored periods, which is fourteen days after the announcement of the official results.
The media coverage of Peter Sagan in the Czech and Slovak media during the Tour de France
Petrášová, Alžběta ; Trunečka, Ondřej (advisor) ; Macková, Veronika (referee)
The bachelor thesis Media image of Peter Sagan in Czech and Slovak media during the Tour de France deals with the coverage of Slovak cyclist Peter Sagan on the internet news servers and Peter Sagan is historically one of the most successful cyclists and has achieved great victories of his career at the Tour de France. The theoretical part of the thesis summarizes the development of sports journalism, outlines the phenomenon of fanhood, building national identity through sport and presents basic information about Peter Sagan and the Tour de France. Using quantitative content analysis, the practical part examines Sagan's media image during the 2017 edition, from which he was expelled after stage 4 under controversial circumstances, and 2019, during which he won one stage and won a record seventh green jersey for the winner of the points competition. The research examines Sagan's media coverage in selected media, whether it differs from each other and wheter it changes under the influence of events. The practical part is complemented by interviews with journalists from selected media.
Covid news of on-line media during the first strifke of an epidemic in the Czech Republic
Zajíc, František ; Moravec, Václav (advisor) ; Trunečka, Ondřej (referee)
This thesis focus to research how selected online media informed about the first wave of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 epidemic in the Czech Republic. Specifically, this thesis focus on the signs of media panic (hysteria) in the news pieces of selected media, their frequency, proportion and manner of use. The media's content was analyzed by content analysis and some of this content was then analysed by discursive analysis. The research showed that the coverage of the spread of coronavirus dominated the media space. All selected media used elements of media panic in their news pieces, which could have effect society. The research further showed that in the use of these elements, there was not a hypothetical difference between the tabloid media and the self-declared serious media.
The Problematics of Racism in Sport: Events of the Rangers-Slavia Football Match in the Czech and Britisch Media
Koubek, Michal ; Trunečka, Ondřej (advisor) ; Němcová Tejkalová, Alice (referee)
The following diploma thesis The Problematics of Racism in Sport: Events of the Rangers - Slavia Football Match in the Czech and British Media deals with how Czech and British journalists reported the emotional situation of the European League 2020/2021 second-leg osmifinal, in which Slavia defender Ondřej Kúdela allegedly racially abused Glen Kamara, Rangers FC midfielder. Kúdela defended himself against the accusation and, on the contrary, pointed out that Kamara had physically attacked him after the match in the stadium tunnel and complained about the Scottish team's crude game. These three topics have become the main subject of the presented analysis. It took place on three Czech and three British online periodicals from March 18 to April 1, 2021. Research was based on quantitative method and for example determined the number of articles that dealt with the events and their message - whether they show that Kúdela committed this act, or not. Among other things, it monitored which side the texts are oriented to or what journalistic genres they are. In the theoretical part, the thesis deals with the relationship between journalism and sport, racism in the sports environment, the development of the observed case and the social context.
The motivation of participatory journalists in czech TV news programme
Šedivá, Tereza ; Moravec, Václav (advisor) ; Trunečka, Ondřej (referee)
The following Master's thesis is focused on participatory journalism. Participatory journalism has become an interesting and important part of media production since the invention of Web 2.0. In recent years, the concept of listeners and viewers creating professional news has been used by radio, television and online media all over the world, including Czech television and its ČT24 news programme. Czech TV launched a project called iReportér in 2015. People can send photos or videos of what is happening around them through a mobile application or a website. These materials, checked by editors, may be later used in a broadcast, on the website or on Czech TV social media profiles. The theoretical part of the thesis will explain main concepts necessary for understanding how participatory journalism works. For example, what is convergence, who are the produsers, what is Web 1.0., 2.0. and 3.0. It will describe what the advantages of participatory journalism are and how it is different from citizen journalism. One section will focus on ethics and another on examples of participatory journalism projects abroad and in the Czech Republic. In the practical part, the author will present applied research methods. After that, the author will evaluate data from the questionnaire survey and from in-depth...

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