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Media image of Jan Hamáček during two political events
Kubant, Vít ; Just, Petr (advisor) ; Jirků, Jan (referee)
Jan Hamáček experienced two events in one year that led to his end in high politics. Firstly, at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, during his tenure at the Ministry of the Interior, he positioned himself as a minister who, through his contacts in China, was able to secure sufficient amount of medical supplies. A year later, after the resolution of the involvement of Russian agents in the Vrbětice ammunition depot explosions, Seznam Zprávy published information that the ČSSD chairman wanted to exchange this finding for Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccines and a presidential summit in Prague. The thesis analysed how Hamáček's media image was portrayed in these situations and how it varied in four Czech newspapers.
Comparison of different approaches of selected Czech media to online formats depending on corporate convergence
Řepková, Andrea ; Jirků, Jan (advisor) ; Trunečka, Ondřej (referee)
The diploma thesis Comparison of Approaches to Online Formats in Selected Czech Media Depending on Corporate Convergence deals with the question of how the approach of selected Czech daily newspapers Mladá fronta Dnes, Deník Právo and Hospodářské noviny to their associated online news servers differs. Since the chosen media share a common characteristic, which is their originally purely print format, the author first describes the concept of media convergence, the process of media internetisation, explains the concept of digitalisation and the economic principles of media. As part of the research, the author first conducts a content analysis of texts published in the print versions of the media, which she then searches for on a news server and compars. The author also conducts three semi-structured interviews with representatives of the selected media. From the data obtained, it can be concluded that the situation is different in each of the media, both in most of the categories of content analysis examined and in the functioning of the newsrooms themselves. The editorial office of Hospodářské noviny is identical in terms of personnel to the editorial office of, while the editorial offices of Mladá fronta Dnes and are two different editorial offices, which, however, cooperate...
The covid 19 outbreak as seen by foreign reporters of Czech radio
Klečka, Jiří ; Lovaš, Karol (advisor) ; Jirků, Jan (referee)
The covid pandemic has affected both mainstream domestic and foreign news coverage. This thesis examines how the spread of the disease affected the work of Czech Radio reporters. How did they have to adapt, what impact did the pandemic have on their personal lives or what were the possibilities of returning from foreign posts to the Czech Republic. The aim of the thesis is also to compare what topics the newsroom in Prague demanded from the reporters and what information was available to them in the country where they were stationed. I also briefly discuss the radio's response to the pandemic and how Radio as a public media outlet took care of its employees abroad. I then discuss the results of the interviews with the correspondents with their then manager. Before analysing the interviews with the correspondents, the thesis introduces them in short medallions and also charts important world and domestic events that were the main focus of the news coverage during the pandemic. The thesis also briefly defines the nature of the work of a foreign correspondent and the impact of the pandemic on the news coverage.
Media analysis of the coverage of the event by the Czech and Slovak main TV news: Shooting attack in Bratislava on 12 October 2022
Hruška, Ondřej ; Jirků, Jan (advisor) ; Schneiderová, Soňa (referee)
The master thesis entitled Media analysis of the coverage of the event by Czech and Slovak main news TV channels: Shooting attack in Bratislava on 12 October 2022 examines the media coverage of the terrorist attack that took place in October 2022 in Slovakia. The theoretical part defines concepts such as reality, objectivity and agenda setting. A large part consists of a discussion of the specifics of television news coverage, which is the subject of our work. The media coverage of the event that this thesis examines raises a number of ethical issues, which is why the theoretical part deals not least with journalistic ethics. The practical part initially introduces the shooting attack in Bratislava in more detail and the objectives of this media analysis. It then focuses on the methodology of each research question, introduces the media studied and then presents the results for each of the research questions. The main aim of the thesis is to find out how different the media coverage of this event was, both on individual TV stations and between countries. In doing so, the focus was on mapping the evolution of media discourse on the topic, analysing the frames offered of the event or the position of the topic in relation to other stories in the main news coverage. Special attention was paid to...
Shifting Behaviour of Czech TV Viewers in Context of Rising VOD Platforms
Pančochářová, Natálie ; Macková, Veronika (advisor) ; Jirků, Jan (referee)
Television as a medium has demonstrated dominant status since its establishment. However, the consumption of audiovisual content is shifting towards new possibilities. Digitalization has led not only to the expansion and differentiation of the television market, but also to changes in the consumption of audiovisual content and consumer habits. Television broadcasting has no longer faced competition only from other television companies, but also from the internet and streaming service providers. The aim of the thesis was to explore how the behavior of Czech viewers has changed in the context of strengthening VOD (video on demand) platforms, which allow consumers to watch audiovisual content of their own choice without time constraints. The thesis focused on answering the following research questions: How has the behavior of Czech television viewers changed in the context of strengthening VOD platforms? Why people do (or do not) own televisions? What are the reasons of why television broadcasting is (or is not) attractive? Do VOD platforms have disadvantages? What attracts viewers to using VOD platforms? Where do people get their news from? In what direction should linear television broadcasting move in the future? To answer these questions, focus groups (group interviews) were used. A total of twenty-three...
The use of social media as new information platforms during the war in Ukraine
Smržová, Aneta ; Jirků, Jan (advisor) ; Charvát, Jakub (referee)
The Diploma thesis titled "The use of social media as new information platforms during the war in Ukraine" is primarily devoted to the Twitter social network and its content. In the diploma work is defines not only a journalist, but also an ordinary user and influencer. The author also focuses on new journalistic sources, the deprofessionalization of journalism and the issue of social media. The thesis aims to analyze the behavior and reasons for reporting on the war in Ukraine by both sides - journalists and ordinary users who do not make a living from journalism. The content of the work is also dedicated to an analysis of the Twitter posts of all ten respondents from the first two weeks of the war. The conclusion summarizes the most important findings.
New media as a means of obtaining information among secondary school students
Janovská, Markéta ; Jirků, Jan (advisor) ; Šimková, Karolína (referee)
This diploma thesis entitled New media as a means of obtaining information among secondary school students deals with the role of new media in obtaining information among students of the second year of grammar schools and non-grammar school types of secondary schools. The aim of the thesis is to find out what news consumption looks like among secondary school students, whether they get information only through new media, or if some of them turn to traditional media as well. The theoretical part of the thesis describes what new media look like today, or whether they can be an easier means of spreading disinformation. Part of the work is devoted to how different authors view media literacy. The topic of the theoretical part is also the news consumption of young people - what means media literacy, whether young people are able to distinguish between information and disinformation, and that problematic media use can, in the worst case, end up in cyberbullying. The analytical section is devoted to a questionnaire survey, which was carried out among students of the second year of secondary schools in seven regions. 314 students in the respective regional towns participated in the research. The graphically processed results are verbally described and explained in the thesis. In the annex of the diploma...
The influence of social networks on the mental health of generation Z
Slovák, Jan ; Jirků, Jan (advisor) ; Vochocová, Lenka (referee)
The aim of this master's thesis is to know and better understand the experience of generation Z representatives with the use of social networking sites and smartphones, and to identify what role this experience plays in their subsequent further use. Data collection took place using a qualitative methodology in the form of semi-structured interviews. 14 representatives of Generation Z aged 19 to 24 took part in the research. Data collection was terminated when theoretical saturation was reached. Data analysis was performed using open coding followed by categorization. Within the data analysis, six main categories were identified: perception of the social networking sites environment, social networking sites, perception of the influence of social networking sites, smartphone, perception of the influence of a smartphone, and attitude towards influence. Representatives of Generation Z described their experience of using social networking sites and smartphones and identified their functions in everyday life. In the field of mental health, they confirmed the influence of social comparison, FOMO, phubbing, as well as the perception of addiction and abstinence.
Travel publicistic journalism in the era of new media and multimedia platforms
Strasmajer, Matěj ; Halada, Jan (advisor) ; Jirků, Jan (referee)
The first part of the theoretical part of the thesis deals with the functioning of social networks, for example their monetization elements and functions, enabling the creation of travel content. It explained the space of the social networks studied and their relevant importance in the fields of social sciences, marketing, journalism and content creation. Thesis explained the topic of social networks for content creation from many professional definitions through which we can deepen our knowledge of social media content creation. This section explained the monetization and creative principles of Facebook, Instagram and especially YouTube. The second part focused on content creation and terms such as Web 2.0 or participatory culture. She tried to explain content creation as a separate professional discipline that has its own methodology and space in the world of social media. She explained the many forms of collaboration and monetization of content, which in the social media space not only allow creators to consume and collect information, experiences and knowledge from the content, but also gives the authors the opportunity to make a professional living from the content. In the third part, she elaborated on the travel content form and the areas through which travel content is created, for example,...
Media Image of the Politician Dagmar Buresova in the Czechoslovak Radio
Folwarczna, Aneta ; Lovaš, Karol (advisor) ; Jirků, Jan (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the personality of the lawyer and politician Dagmar Buresova. It aims to present the media image of the politician Dagmar Buresova in the Czechoslovak Radio set in the historical and political context of the time. Her political mandate is limited from December 1989 to June 1992. Firstly, she was a Minister of Justice and then a President of the Czech National Council. The empirical part of the thesis examines, with the help of framing analysis, a total of 29 audio recordings from the archive of the Czech Radio in Prague, which are associated with Dagmar Buresova in the context of her active participation in politics. In order to provide a more comprehensive grasp and the possibility of comparing the media images, the author enriched the research part with the analysis of audio recordings from the period outside the active involvement in politics within the Czech Radio until the end of 2022. During this period, the author examined a total of 7 recordings. In addition, for the purposes of this master's thesis, three interviews were also conducted with personalities from various fields, whose answers offer yet another angle on JUDr. Dagmar Buresova.

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