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Conventional and unconventional energy storage technologies
Mikulec, Ondřej ; Rujbrová, Šárka (oponent) ; Jašková, Jana (vedoucí práce)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the systems used for the storage of electrical energy from the conventional methods being already integrated, to more unconventional ones. This thesis gives a basic explanation of these systems and their integration into the power grid. In the next part of the thesis, the focus is on their advantages and disadvantages from various points of view. The last part of the thesis pays close attention to the direct comparison of the given methods to further outline their main weakness while also showing their strong parts which makes them better for future development and additional integration.
Methods of websites localization
Nikulcha, Maxim ; Jašková, Jana (oponent) ; Šťastná, Dagmar (vedoucí práce)
The phenomenon of companies seeking to expand their markets to a global scale has been a trend for a long time. In the early days of international trade, it was quite difficult to establish connections between countries due to the lack of reliable communication systems. However, the situation changed when the Internet became a global means of communication. It introduced a new way of selling products and services using websites. The purpose of this paper is to expand the current understanding of web localization. In this paper, the definition of web localization, its origins and the difference between localization and cultural adaptation are presented. It also defines the process of localization within Translation Studies. Furthermore, it describes the most crucial methods of localization, examines typical localization errors, and provides best practice guidelines. The practical part analyzes the localization of selected websites with a focus on their functionality. This would help developers and translators to better understand the process of website localization and prevent further mistakes in their future work.
Drone technology for hobby or recreational purposes
Šibor, Vojtěch ; Jašková, Jana (oponent) ; Rujbrová, Šárka (vedoucí práce)
This bachelor’s thesis provides a list of drone technology used today and its main aim is to introduce drones for leisure activities. The first chapter divides drones according to their design, size and type of propulsion. The further chapter focuses on hobby and recreational drones, specifically the aircraft of the technology company DJI, FPV drones and the entertainment industry. Subsequently, the thesis mentions the areas where drones are used, such as the military, agriculture and building inspections. Finally, it goes through European drone legislation and is concluded with a chapter about drone accidents and ways to prevent them.
Virtual reality – technology of the future
Tran, Anh Trieu ; Šedrlová, Magdalena (oponent) ; Jašková, Jana (vedoucí práce)
With the increasing popularity of Virtual Reality, the technology is slowly moving towards the more consumer segment, making it more accessible to the public. This paper describes the current state of Virtual Reality, its components and equipment, and the application of the technology in various fields, such as education, healthcare, and the military. A brief history is included, and vice versa; the future development is discussed with possible risks involved. The practical part discusses the possible effects of Virtual Reality on the user from an immersivity and health condition standpoint.
Nasycené mastné kyseliny v rostlinných olejích: zdroje a vliv na lidské zdraví
Jašková, Jana
Tato bakalářská práce se zabývá rostlinnými oleji, které obsahují vyšší podíl nasycených mastných kyselin. Cílem bylo zjistit jejich zdroje a vliv na lidské zdraví. Jedná se o literární rešerši, která popisuje zařazení nasycených mastných kyselin mezi lipidy a informuje o nejvýznamnějších nasycených mastných kyselinách. Dále vymezuje nejčastější rostlinné oleje s převažující stearovou, palmitovou nebo laurovou kyselinou. V neposlední řade popisuje jejich pěstování a následné zpracování na výrobu oleje. V závěru práce jsou formulovány onemocnění spojené s nasycenými mastnými kyselinami, zejména zvýšení hladiny LDL cholesterolu a jeho vliv na lidské zdraví. Celkově téma lipidů a nasycených mastných kyselin není zcela prozkoumáno a objevují se rozporuplné studie o tom, jak působí na lidské zdraví a jak by se měli omezit v lidské stravě.
Robots of the present and the future
Rehák, Jozef ; Langerová, Petra (oponent) ; Jašková, Jana (vedoucí práce)
This semestral thesis is concentrated on the topic of robots of the present and the future. The objective of the thesis is to introduce robots to a reader and theoretically describe the state of robots today and predictions for the future of robotics. At the beginning of the work is a brief description of the history of robots and explains the name they were given. Subsequently, the current state of robotics is described, and the robots are divided into groups that best suit their abilities. Moreover, predictions of the future of robotics are discussed together with the technological singularity. In addition, these discussed predictions show the potential of robotics to become part of the very existence of humans by becoming cyborgs or by digitizing their mind and uploading it to the cloud. In this way, the possibility of immortality or at least prolongation of life is presented. Lastly, there is possibly the first example of a product of the future, which will be mass-produced.
5G network – how will it change our lives?
Ondriska, Josef ; Rujbrová, Šárka (oponent) ; Jašková, Jana (vedoucí práce)
This bachelor's thesis describes the concept of fifth-generation wireless systems and discusses their main benefits and risks. The work provides a brief overview of the evolution of mobile communications networks. It describes the function of each generation and lists its characteristics. Then the paper describes the concept of the 5G network, setting out its parameters and the key factors that led to its creation. Next, work is devoted to the Internet of Things, describing its history and possible applications on 5G networks. It identifies all sorts of possible uses and explains how society will benefit from this technology. Additionally, the study examines potential dangers, whether they are fake news or real threats, such as negative impacts on human health or safety regarding personal property.
Cryptocurrency – a modern kind of money
Petrenec, Vojtěch ; Baumgartnerová, Alena (oponent) ; Jašková, Jana (vedoucí práce)
Cryptocurrency has become a well-known phenomenon in the worlds of banking and electronic payments, but it is still a mystery to the general public, and not everything is explained so that anybody can trade with it. The focus of this thesis is on cryptocurrency. The study concentrates on the origins of cryptocurrencies, the principles on which their security works, why their transactions are untraceable, and how these transfers are carried out. Subsequently, the thesis deals with where the owner can store his cryptocurrencies, what types of wallets exist, what cryptocurrency mining deals with and what can be obtained through it. Individual cryptocurrencies are discussed in the second chapter of this thesis, including their history, and which wallets are appropriate for each coin. Furthermore, fiat currencies are discussed, including their history and the economic functions they perform. Lastly, these economic functions are applied to cryptocurrency. The purpose of this thesis is to gain a greater understanding of cryptocurrencies, including what they are, how they work, and how to deal with them as well as how they differ from fiat currency.
The Technology of Subtitles in Films and other Media
Tobiášová, Eliška ; Jašková, Jana (oponent) ; Froehling, Kenneth (vedoucí práce)
The purpose of the bachelor’s thesis is to explore subtitling technology. This is analysed from a historical, present, and future perspective. The research also mentions specific ways of using subtitles for certain types of media and it also includes an analysis of the target groups for which the subtitles are intended. In addition to theoretical research of subtitling technology, an experiment is conducted to assess the accuracy of subtitling between machine-generated subtitles, professional work, and amateur work. This is achieved by comparing subtitles from the same film scenes side by side in tables. The result of the research, which is derived from the criteria mentioned in the work, shows that professional subtitles are the most reliable way.
Smart cities of the 21st century
Volný, Jakub ; Šedrlová, Magdalena (oponent) ; Jašková, Jana (vedoucí práce)
This bachelor's thesis is focused on the concept of smart cities of 21st century. Its objective is to describe this phenomenon and discuss possibilities of its implementation. It analyses six sections, into which the concept is divided, and describes modern technologies used in smart cities. Furthermore, it discusses the issue of cybersecurity in relation to personal data protection and security of proper city functioning. As examples of smart cities, Prague and London are mentioned, and their smart city strategies along with examples of executed smart projects are analysed. Finally, the evaluation and comparison of both cities' smartness is carried out via two different smart city indexes.

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