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Social Work with Sexuality of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in Sheltered Housing
Machová, Vendula ; Cimrmannová, Tereza (advisor) ; Zelinková, Olga (referee)
In my diploma thesis I expressed the importance of sexuality for every human bein . Sexual health is part of general health conditions and is a necessary condition of a quality life. Every human has the guaranteed right to enjoy sexuality freely, on condition that no one is constrained. Sexual rights are guaranteed by Bill of Rights, international agreements and also by documents issued by Czech government. I have theoretically described the goals, basic assumptions and educational topics in the area of sexuality of people with mental disabilities. For practical reasons I have included the illustrative tools/techniques for social work with sexuality. I have described the personality of an expert, who is occupied with the sexuality of mentally disabled and ethical rules, to which he/she is obliged to follow. I have tried to compare Czech and foreign scholar literature. I have described the methods of working with sexuality in a concrete Sheltered Housing. As a research method I used the analysis of internal documents, especially Sexual report and recorded interviews. When describing social work with sexuality I have relied mainly on my own experiences. In my diploma thesis I have used my experience primarily for description of individual case study; I mentioned two most complicated examples of cooperation...
The motivational interview Working on change with the non-alcoholic drug users in a low-threshold facility
Kolovecká, Petra ; Čedík, Miloslav (advisor) ; Zelinková, Olga (referee)
The main theme of this thesis is the description of the social technique - the motivational interview, which is used when working with drug addicted persons in low-threshold facilities. The thesis first covers the field of drugs and drug addiction. Then it focuses on the low-threshold programs in the drug care system, describing the principles of Harm Reduction and Public Health that constitute the main pillars and the basic philosophy of these facilities. The main part of the whole thesis is the chapter about the motivational interview, its differentiation from other approaches used in counseling and description of the basic principles, strategies and techniques.
The exercise of deaf people in the employment market
Wodziková, Petra ; Krahulcová, Beáta (advisor) ; Zelinková, Olga (referee)
This work deals with people who are hearing impaired and their possibilities of employment. Having a hearing disability puts this group at much higher risk of unemployment. The theoretical section of this paper is focused on the possible causes of this phenomenon.
Children Running Away from Facilities Providing Institutionalized and Protective Child Care
Houfková, Aneta ; Čedík, Miloslav (advisor) ; Zelinková, Olga (referee)
Numbers of cases of children running away from children care and protective care institutions in the Czech Republic have increased over past years. However, not enough attention is given to the topic of runaways. The goal of this paper is to introduce running away in broader theoretical perspectives and to explore methods of work with runaway children. The theoretical part of this thesis deals with the definition of running away and presents the model of runaway process, types of runaways, consequences of runaway behavior, and recommended intervention methodologies. It also presents a brief characteristics of children in children and protective care institutions and legal framework of the system. In the research part of the paper contents of 11 semi-structured interviews with workers and representatives of children and protective care institutions were analyzed, coded and grouped by topics and categories. Following methodology of qualitative research, the analysis shows overview of what is perceived as running away, the child care workers beliefs and attitudes towards running away, prevention and intervention methods and services available.
Difficulties in Teaching of Foreing Languages by Students with Dyslexia at HTF
Šimánková, Sylvie ; Zelinková, Olga (advisor) ; Krahulcová, Beáta (referee)
Diploma thesis "Difficulties in teaching of foreign languages by students with dyslexia at HTF" deals with students affected by specific learning disability, who study foreign languages at HTF. I have chosen this topic, because I think it is important to consider their disabilities not only during university studies, but also afterwards. This is crucial here in Czech Republic since educational system does not care about them after leaving High school, even though their problems usually persist, sometimes for life (i.g. foreign language learning). These issues often cause repeated failures that lead to termination of their study.

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