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Education of children with mild intellectual disability in ordinary elementary schools in Prague
Hübschová, Václava ; Komárková, Tereza (advisor) ; Valášková Vincejová, Eva (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with education of children with mild intellectual disability in ordinary elementary schools. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the issue of this disability, options of education for the pupils and presents support measures which are provided during lessons in ordinary classrooms. The practical part is dedicated to quantitative research done by survey which was filled by elementary school teachers in Prague. The opinions and perspectives of teachers are the outcome of the survey, as the teachers have personal experience with educating pupils with mild intellectual disability through the general education system.
Community school as one of the alternatives of home education
Zavoralová, Petra ; Kaščák, Ondrej (advisor) ; Komárková, Tereza (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the topics of community schools as an alternative for children who are enrolled in home education. The theoretical part deals with the approximation of the term community schools abroad and also in the Czech Republic, where this name is not anchored in the legislation.It points to the ambiguous use of the term,but also to the signs and principles that unite communityschools in the Czech Republic.It approaches the issue of home education and the growing interest in the use of the so-called community school. The aim of the practical part of the bachelor's thesis was to point out the differences and similarities of two communityschools where children are educated at home, in the form of attachedcase studies. These schools were subsequentlycomparedin terms of communityschool qualityindicators.It is a fact that these community schools provide satisfactory comparison rates for most quality indicators.Above all, the areas of leadershipand cooperation with parents. However, there are also areas on which they are not focused. This is primarily an area of lifelong learning.
The benefit of the general primary prevention in the point of view of lower secondary school pupils
Nejedlová, Johana ; Klapálková, Veronika (advisor) ; Komárková, Tereza (referee)
Based on the importance primary prevention represents in society as well as my own professional experience with the prevention of risk behaviors in schools through preventive programs, I decided to dedicate my attention to the specific program of primary prevention, focusing on the topic of bullying and aggression. The goal of this paper is to describe whether this program is beneficial for middle school students and whether it is providing them with fitting information to gain appropriate knowledge, based on the goals of this program. In the theoretical part, I am focusing on the system of primary prevention in schools and risk behavior in which topics are specifically chosen to be aggression and bullying, according to the focus of the examined program of general primary prevention. I am following up on the characteristics of the kids in middle school who became respondents to my research questionnaire. In the empirical part of my senior thesis I chose to use a self-proposed questionnaire of quantitative method and approach. The responders were students of middle school, more specifically students attending 6th grade. Key words Aggression, lower secondary school pupils, general primary prevention program, risk behaviour, bullying, general primary prevention
The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on home education of second grade primary school pupils
Poulová, Petra ; Komárková, Tereza (advisor) ; Skutil, Martin (referee)
The Master's thesis is based on a topical subject, which is education and distance learning at a time when schooling in the Czech Republic was restricted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The thesis specifically focuses on upper primary school pupils who have often had to be educated individually at home through distance education. The theoretical part of the introduction focuses on second grade students and their developmental specificities. It then focuses on general information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and it is impact on the school environment, the differences between teaching in a regular school setting and teaching during a pandemic. Then also on distance education as such and learning with the help of modern, simultaneously used technologies, advantages and disadvantages of distance education. The research section includes research on the influence of home preparation of upper primary school students on home-based distance learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. The aim is to find out under what conditions, in what environment and whether the majority of pupils are capable of independent school preparation without school-based support.
Distance learning from the perspective of primary school pupils
Schusserová, Kristýna ; Komárková, Tereza (advisor) ; Skutil, Martin (referee)
Kristýna Schusserová, Distanční výuka z pohledu žáků 1. stupně Abstract The diploma thesis deals with the current problem of distance education for pupils in the first grade of primary school. The main focus of this thesis is on the pupils' own evaluation of distance education during the period of the Covid-19 pandemic. The theoretical part of the thesis characterizes both the period of the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact of the existence of this virus on the acceptance of restrictions within the school curriculum. Thus, the basic principles of distance education (teaching) are also described in the next part of the thesis. Different aspects of distance education are studied, including the history, characteristics, forms, advantages and disadvantages of distance education. The practical part consists of a research on the opinions of the pupils themselves of the first grade of primary school in two different schools. The aim of the thesis is to identify the advantages and disadvantages and to evaluate the pupils of distance education as direct participants.
On-line career guidance and counselling in working with gifted pupils
Turzová, Lucie ; Komárková, Tereza (advisor) ; Valášková Vincejová, Eva (referee)
The topic of the thesis is individual career counselling provided to secondary school students online. The aim of the theoretical-empirical master thesis entitled On-line career counselling in work with gifted pupils is to describe and compare the way of work of different career counsellors in on-line counselling with secondary school pupils in the Czech Republic. In the theoretical part of the thesis, the basic concepts related to the topic are introduced, namely career counselling, on-line counselling, adolescence, giftedness and talent, career counselling methods and career counselling in the Czech Republic. The empirical part of the thesis is based on a mixed design - on a qualitative research strategy, on the technique of semi-structured interviews with career counsellors within the project of a selected Czech non-profit organisation and on the analysis and evaluation of questionnaires sent to respondents (gifted secondary school students) who participated in the project of the selected Czech NGO. The thesis points out the need for individual career counselling in combination with the offer of individualised excursions to the selected organisations and the need for an individual and open approach to the target group, gifted secondary school pupils.
Teaching assistant working with student with a different native language
Hošnová, Nikita ; Komárková, Tereza (advisor) ; Klapálková, Veronika (referee)
The growing numbers of foreigners in the territory of the Czech Republic have resulted in an increasing frequency of students with different native languages entering Czech schools. The presence of these students in a new environment is a milestone not only for the students themselves but also for the teachers and the entire class collective. In such situations, the role of the teaching assistant becomes crucial as they are capable of providing adequate support to the students in their education. This master's thesis maps the role of the teaching assistant working with students with different native languages in regular primary schools. The aim is to shed light on the significance of the assistant's function within the educational process for non-native language students. The qualitative research focuses on the challenges encountered by the assistants and the strategies they employ to address them. It also examines the level of preparedness of the assistants for the arrival of a student speaking a different native language and the quality of their collaboration with the classroom teacher. Keywords Student with a different native language, teaching assistant, diversity, inclusive education
Mental health in education and training within the school environment
Vokáčová, Natálie ; Komárková, Tereza (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis is of a theoretical-empirical nature and focuses on the level of upbringing and education during adolescence, that is, so-called mental literacy. The theoretical part defines the basic thematic areas arising from the empirical part, and at the same time, it is a synthesis of professional literature dealing with psychosocial development, and the current development of education in a school environment. Space is also preserved for the analysis and evolution of methodological tools for evaluating mental literacy and the well-being of children and adolescents. Both foreign and Czech education systems as well as the healthcare system are constantly evolving in an effort to respond to current development and the needs of the population in line with modern approaches and current scientific knowledge. Various projects, studies, and programs backed by professional institutions for mental health and psychosocial development are already in place and continue to evolve to address these needs. The aim of the research part is to verify, using quantitative methodology, data presenting the level of knowledge about mental health, that is, mental literacy, further to determine the level of well- being of respondents, also supplemented by mapping so-called coping strategies, that is, methods of handling...
Upbringing and education of children with Asperger's syndrome from the perspective of teaching staff
Vaňková, Alena ; Komárková, Tereza (advisor) ; Lindová, Markéta (referee)
The bachelor's thesis is focused on the issue of education of children with Asperger's syndrome. Its main aim was to find out how the teaching of children with Asperger's syndrome is carried out from the perspective of pedagogy workers. The thesis has a theoretical - empirical character. The theoretical part first defines the concept of Asperger's syndrome, then detaily describes its characteristic symptoms. Next chapter is focused on other disorders of the autism spectrum and the last chapter discusses the education of children with this disorder. Some researches that have already been done in this area are presented at the end of the theoretical part. In the empirical part there is located an analysis of the data that has been a part of semi- structured interviews with the pedagogy workers. Five research questions were set for this part of the thesis and the data was analyzed using an open coding method. The thesis is concluded by a discussion and interpretation of the research results.
Utilizing the Potential of Gifted Pupils for the Benefit of the School Community and Themselves
Urbanová, Kateřina ; Komárková, Tereza (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
This Master's diploma thesis discusses utilizing the potential of gifted students for the benefit of the school community and themselves. The author's intention is to find out how schools work with the potential of gifted students. The main goal of this thesis is to discover the opportunities provided by schools to gifted students so that they can enrich their school, wider community and also themselves. The thesis focuses specifically on the development of social and emotional skills of gifted students, which could represent limits to realizing their potential. Also, the forms and methods that are used in selected schools to realize the potential of gifted students. The theoretical part of the thesis provides basic information that forms the initial framework of the given issue. The empirical part presents the conclusions of qualitative research, which included four schools from different regions of the Czech Republic. Data were obtained through a semi- structured interview and analyzed using via interpretive phenomenological analysis. The results of the research allow look into the deeper contexts on the development of gifted students' potential. They convey the lived experience of research participants and provide an insight into how selected schools work with gifted students in practice....

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