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The issue of informalcare for a close person with Parkinson's Diseasefrom the perspective of caregivers
Mašková, Monika ; Válková, Monika (advisor) ; Ondrušová, Jiřina (referee)
Diploma project, the issue of informal care for a close person with Parkinson's disease from the perspective of caregivers is focused on the intensity of care and access to services that could help informal caregivers in the care of their loved ones.In the theoretical section of Parkinson's disease I am describing, its development and changes that the disease brings along. Then I followed with the care of relatives person and support from the social system - the state. In the practical part I have chosen for my research a survey, which was attended by only a small part of respondents from informal carers. Care of long-term sick family member is very difficult. Caregivers feel tired and exhausted, they report that their own health becomes wors. Care also affects cares professional life and there leisure time. Although half of the respondents are still able to find time for their hobbies. Some carers have no idea about the possibilities of helping services and just minimum of them use these services.
Quality Indicators of Social Services
Hanulíková, Zuzana ; Holmerová, Iva (advisor) ; Válková, Monika (referee)
This master work deals with the measurement of the quality in social services. The present system how to guarantee the quality is quite new in the Czech Republic. So it can be useful to investigate it deeply. The study focuses on the indicators of the quality in social services, because assessing the quality by inspectors is based on them. There are the first analyses of the past inspections nowadays. They point out the heterogenity in the evaluation of the indicators as the components of the evaluated standards. The caseless judgement of the poor quality of social services can cause farreaching consequences to them. Many of providers are occupied with solving financial situation, creating standards of quality and solving everyday matters in so far they can devote their time to this theme marginally or not at all. In the empirical part of this work, there has been used a grouded theory, which has been based on qualitative interviews identifying crucial factors of the surveyed area. Cumulating and lingering problems away can mean a wide range of the negative impact for the organization: As from a negative attitude to the philosophy of quality, spreading a bad reputation of the inspection and ends with frustrated employees,, or even their leaving social services. The interviewed providers of social services...
The Influence of state policy of employment to persons under the age of 26
Hillebrandová, Monika ; Válková, Monika (advisor) ; Stretti, Sylvie (referee)
The purpose of the Diploma thesis "The influence of state policy of employment to persons under the age of 26" is to define a group of young unemployment individuals with elementary and high education with certificate of apprenticeship. The thesis describes tools of employment policy, which influences the target group of people. The practical goal of the thesis is to conduct qualitative survey inside the user group of streetwork programme for children and young adults in the Cerny Most area. The users of the programme are target group in the thesis. The main purpose of the survey is to find out, what are the experiences of the users with jobs searching and with specific active tools of employment policy. The results of survey are analyzed and conclusions with recommendations are made. KEYWORDS The employment policy of Czech Republic Active tools of employment policy Unemployment Employment office (job centre) Ministry of Labor and social affairs of Czech Republic Social work
Management of exceptional events
Řehořová, Jitka ; Holmerová, Iva (advisor) ; Válková, Monika (referee)
Management of exceptional events should be an integral part of increasing quality in every health care center. In provision of health care there are and there inevitably will be mistakes made from different reasons. Therefore, safe health care should be a priority of every health care facility. Exceptional events may vary between different wards and it is important for the middle management to know there sorts and numbers. The goal of my thesis is to map the different kinds and numbers of exceptional events in our hospital, city hospital in Jablonec nad Nisou. I also want to emphasize that careful tracking of exceptional events is possible only in the climate of safety at every ward. By knowing the kinds and numbers of exceptional events it is possible to reduce or ideally eliminate them.
Historical Development, The Present and Prospective Development Trends of Nonprofit Organisations in the Czech Republic
Mlezivová, Kateřina ; Krpálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Válková, Monika (referee)
The non-profit sector in the Czech Republic has undergone a significant transformation over the last 120 years. This thesis describes the beginnings of the non-profit sector, its heyday in the First Republic period, as well as the period of decline during the Second World War. Equally, how the civil society developed in the 1970s, on which basis the non-profit sector is built today. The diploma thesis depicts the role of civil society within the non-profit sector, issues and difficulties of the non-profit sector in The Czech Republic and explains to the reader the typology and problems of terminology for the non-profit sector. The last segment of the theoretical part deals with the prospective trends in the non-profit sector, and then in an empirical survey, tries to determine whether we can observe the onset of these promising trends in the Czech Republic. The diploma thesis contains two types of research in this direction: quantitative and qualitative.
Client's life at Special Needs Nursing Home and their activation
Kolářová, Kristýna ; Válková, Monika (advisor) ; Kaňák, Jan (referee)
In my diploma thesis entitled The life of clients of the Home with Special Regime and their activation, I deal with issues related to activation programs for the elderly and their effectiveness. The use of exploratory questions using case studies of clients provides insight into their daily routines and into their leisure time that can be used for activation. The aim of this survey is to seek to expand opportunities to develop current but also future activation. The thesis also looks at the different types of therapies (art therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, etc.) that are suitable for use in a Special Needs Home. The thesis also focuses on activation workers who should be provided with motivation to work with clients. Due to the covid crisis, I was forced to focus only on the Home with Special Regime, within the CSOP of Prague 15. The practical part is devoted to a survey to determine the quality of the current activation and to focus on improving future activation programs. The results of the survey show that the clients of the Home are satisfied with the current activation, although there are some reservations from the respondents, which, thanks to the survey and the answers from the survey questions, showed that there is room to start addressing these inequalities.
Activation of Older People as a Professional Qualification
Zaworová, Neli ; Válková, Monika (advisor) ; Krahulcová, Beáta (referee)
The "Activation of Older People as a Professional Qualification" diploma thesis deals with the activation of older people and with the professionalization and professionalism of activation staff as professional workers. The thesis also focuses on the designing of activation methods as a professional tool that is to be beneficial to any pre-defined objectives of the activation and also successfully finalized. A key element in the process is the emphasis placed on the professional knowledge of activation, its principles, the possibility of designing the procedures from a holistic point of view, and the subsequent planning of activation collectively, with respect to a team, as well as individually, in a manner that is tailored to the client. In this thesis, I define the profession of an activation worker as highly professional, requiring an active dialogue between the activation worker as the guarantor of activation and the activated, as a person who needs to achieve predetermined goals through activation. This work also addresses the demographic development of the population in the Czech Republic (as a factor which confirms the need to professionally elevate this profession). It also defines the health, psychological and social aspects of old age in practice. However, this thesis focuses in...
The Application of the Equity Principles in the Development of the Health Care System
Válková, Monika ; Holmerová, Iva (advisor) ; Janečková, Hana (referee) ; Hruška, Lubor (referee)
The thesis regarding the topic of Application of the equity principle during the creation of the health system is focused on the ethical principles, which were reflected in the development of the health system in the Czech Republic. Those are solidarity, justice, equality and the right to health. Solidarity is the oldest of the principles, that has had impact on the creation of the individual types of social states in Europe. Solidarity is examined from the perspective of development of social security in times of illness and poverty. The health system of the Czech Republic is appraised in terms of application of the ethical principles at various stages of organisation of the country from the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to present. The health systems of Sweden and France were compared to the health system of the Czech Republic in terms of solidarity, justice, equality and right for health in the practical part of the thesis. The main objective of the thesis was to demonstrate whether our health system respects the ethical principles in accordance to recommendations of the WHO document on the grounds of selected indicators. Cardiovascular diseases were selected as main indicators in terms of incidence, treatment and accessible structures of health care (rehabilitation and long- term care)....
The Application of Ethical Principles in the Development of the Health Care System
Válková, Monika ; Holmerová, Iva (advisor) ; Pinc, Zdeněk (referee) ; Jurašková, Božena (referee)
Univerzita Karlova v Praze Fakulta humanitních studií Název oboru Filozofie Disertační práce (obor Aplikovaná etika) Uplatňování etického principu při tvorbě zdravotnického systému The Application of Ethical Principles in the Development of the Health System Mgr. Monika Válková Vedoucí práce: Doc. prim. MUDr. Iva Holmerová, Ph.D. Praha 2013 2 Anotace Disertační práce na téma Uplatňování etického principu při tvorbě zdravotnického systému je zaměřena na etické principy, které se promítaly ve vývoji zdravotnického systému v České republice. Solidarita, spravedlnost , rovnost a právo na zdraví jsou základní etické principy uplatňované ve zdravotnických systémech Z historického hlediska je solidarita nejstarším etickým principem , která měla vliv na utváření jednotlivých typů sociálních států v Evropě. Solidarita je zkoumána z pohledu vývoje sociálního zabezpečení v době nemoci a chudoby. Zdravotnický systém v České republice je hodnocen z hlediska uplatňování etických principů v různých etapách společenského uspořádání země od Rakouska Uherska a ž do současnosti. V praktické části disertační práce byly srovnávány s Českou republikou zdravotnické systémy Švédska a Francie dle etických principů solidarita, spravedlnost, rovnost a právo na zdraví Hlavním cílem disertační práce bylo prokázat na základě vybraných...

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