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Methodology for the Classification and Evaluation of Industrial Heritage: Water Management
Ryšková, M. ; Dzuráková, M. ; Pavelková, R. ; Vyskočil, Aleš
The methodology deals with water management facilities (dams, small reservoirs, waterways, facilities for the use of water energy, water supply facilities, sewerage and sewage treatment plants), which it assesses from the point of view of monument care. It provides a basic orientation in the topic, an overview of the typology and tools for evaluating water management facilities/objects. The structure of the methodology and the focus on evaluation criteria, which are not yet sufficiently known and accepted in monument care: the typological value, the value of the technological flow and involvement in wider systems are adapted to this. In monument care practice, it should thus contribute to improvements in the documentation, evaluation and objective selection of the most important examples designed for monument protection, which could help to eliminate (or at least mitigate) the protection imbalance of individual types of water management facilities. The methodology is intended primarily for employees of monument care and state administration. It is a tool for orientation in the topic of water management and for their evaluation from the point of view of monument care. It is also recommended as a teaching aid for high schools and universities with a technical focus in the field of water construction and water management.
Potential of Historical Water Management Objects in Tourism
Havlíček, M. ; Svoboda, J. ; Skokanová, H. ; Dzuráková, M. ; Pavelková, R. ; Vyskočil, Aleš
Historic water management facilities may have various uses in the field of tourism. Some water management facilities can be adapted for purposes of board and/or lodging of visitors, which is a common alternative use of former water mills, sawmills or hammermills (workshops for processing of iron by mechanical hammer). A smaller part of water management facilities serves within tourism as attractive goals for visitors, e.g. expositions in old water mills, hammermills, paper mills, sawmills, stamping mills, hydroelectric power plants, waterworks facilities. In addition to the above examples, the preserved water management structures can also become attractive if they become part of hiking and biking trails. These include aqueducts, remains of navigation canals, old wells, preserved and extinct old weirs and dikes. Some water management objects have cultural and historical significance and are protected as cultural monuments. An evaluation of the potential of historic water management facilities in all aspects of tourism was performed in selected river basins in the Czech Republic.
Czech Minister-Countryman in the Cisleithanian government
Klečacký, Martin ; Velek, Luboš (advisor) ; Galandauer, Jan (referee) ; Vyskočil, Aleš (referee)
Martin Klečacký Dissertation thesis: Czech Minister Countryman in the Cisleithanian government (Český ministr krajan v předlitavské vládě) Abstract The central topic of the doctoral thesis is the position of the Czech minister countryman (minister without portfolio) in the framework of the Cisleithanian state administration. The first part of the paper deals with the establishment of the minister's office and analyses his competencies; furthermore it pursues the selection process of ministers and their ministerial activities, the constitution of their office and cooperation of the Czech minister with Czech parliamentary circles in the Imperial Council (Reichsrat) in Vienna. An important task of the new bureau was the protection of the Czech national interests, which also included appointments of officials of Czech nationality to leading positions of the state apparatus. The methods of the minister and his cooperation with the Young Czech Party to promote reliable and proven Czech bureaucrats to powerful and influential positions are dealt with in three following chapters. Firstly, on the level of the Crown Land, exemplified by the Governor's Office, Land School Board and Land Financial Administration in Prague, secondly, on the imperial level as in the Ministry of Commerce, and lastly, on the municipal...
Career in the civil service between Brno and Vienna
Vyskočil, Aleš
One of many relations between Brno and Vienna represented civil servants. Service in Viennese central offices war a typical part of career of civil servants. Three live stories of moravian civil servants as an example political rivalry between Czech and German nation at the turn of the 20the century.
Landscape changes in the hinterland of industrial centre in the 2nd half of 19th century
Klapka, Pavel ; Nováková, Eva ; Vyskočil, Aleš
The 19th century was a period of deep political, economic and social changes which significantly influenced the structure of landscape, its utilisation and settlement patterns, and which significantly influenced the geographic appearance of regions.
Landscape changes in the 19th century: topics, approaches, methods
Klapka, Pavel ; Nováková, Eva ; Vyskočil, Aleš
The nineteenth century witnessed crucial economic, social and political changes, which were reflected in the secondary and tertiary landscape structure and land use. Changes were most intensive roughly during the 2nd half of the 19th century. Contribution deals with assessment of topics, approaches and methods that are related to landscape changes during the 19th century.
Changes of Geographical Environment of the Blansko Region in the 2nd half of the 19th Century
Klapka, Pavel ; Martinát, Stanislav ; Křemenová, G. ; Vyskočil, Aleš
The paper in the scope of historic geography analyzes and evaluate the changes of geographical environment of the Blansko region in the 2nd half of the 19th Century.
Changes in the Landscape in a Rural Area in the Background of an Industrial Centre during the Late 19th Century
Vyskočil, Aleš ; Klapka, Pavel ; Martinát, Stanislav
Changes in the landscape as a consequence of extensive modernization processes of second half of the 19th century illustrated with example of town Blansko and environs.
State Administration and Self-Government at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries and at First Decades of the 20th Century illustrated with example of the town Prostějov
Vyskočil, Aleš
Analysis of the relationship between state administration and self-government at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries illustrated with example of the town Prostějov.

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