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The evolution of Far-Right political parties and movements in the Czech Republic
Svoboda, Jiří ; Collins, Jonathan (advisor) ; Kocmanová, Markéta (referee)
Following the Velvet Revolution in the Czech Republic, far-right political parties and movements began to emerge. Since the Republican party, the far-right scene in the Czech Republic transformed several times, changing key topics and communication approaches. The objective of this paper is to examine the ongoing security dilemma that has been present throughout the entire existence of the independent republic. This paper explores far-right actors by examining various aspects and identifying trends, in contrast to studies that only focus on one aspect of a particular actor. The main goal of this paper is to answer the research question How have Czech far-right parties developed, changed, or stayed the same from 1993 to 2023? This is done by the content analysis research method. The research shows that the contemporary far-right carries similar themes to its predecessors, but it managed to adapt to a democratic reality in the Czech Republic by becoming less extremist and carefully choosing topics that might attract more voters and sympathizers. Findings of the paper may help scholars or security actors prepare themselves for a potential future development.
The Impact of Human Agency on Creating Development Potential and Transforming Development Trajectories in the Cheb and Sokolov Regions during the Post-Totalitarian Period
Svoboda, Jan ; Komárek, Marek (advisor) ; Ježek, Jiří (referee)
This thesis focuses on analysing the concept of human agency in peripheral regions with a discontinuous development and contributes to the current debate in economic evolutionary geography. Specifically, the study targets two districts in the Karlovy Vary region - Cheb and Sokolov - with the region being internally differentiated in terms of development potential. The aim of the thesis is to gain a deeper understanding of how human agency has transformed in the post-totalitarian period concerning development trajectories and how this human agency and its changes contribute to the creation of development potential. To achieve this goal, intensive qualitative research was conducted using semi- structured interviews. The data collection involved a wide range of actors from both regions, including representatives of public administration at the local and regional levels, significant entrepreneurs, non- profit development entities, and others. The data obtained for this study was analysed through coding, which enabled the identification of key themes, patterns, and correlations in human agency and their roles in creating development potential and directing development trajectories. The research results revealed that both districts exhibit multiple types of human agency simultaneously and that worse...
Budgetary allocation of taxes for municipalities and regions
Svoboda, Jan ; Boháč, Radim (advisor) ; Tuláček, Michal (referee)
Budgetary allocation of taxes for municipalities and regions Abstract This thesis deals with the topic of budgetary allocation of taxes for municipalities and regions. Budgetary allocation of taxes is a comprehensive and ongoing issue that has a significant impact on the functioning of the state, regions and municipalities while also helping to define their mutual relationships. Tax revenues are essential income for public budgets, providing funding for the basic functions of the state, public goods, services and the operation of public administration. Due to the number of entities with different interests in its form, the budgetary allocation of taxes is part of a political battle and has a significant impact on the lives of ordinary citizens even though the general public is not familiar with it in detail. The aim of this thesis was to describe, analyse, and evaluate budgetary allocation of taxes to municipalities and regions from a legal perspective. The author selected general criteria for evaluating and analyzing the system of budgetary tax allocation and its legal regulation such as simplicity, clarity, integrity, and administrative complexity. This thesis serves as a general theoretical foundation and starting point for possible future in-depth research on budgetary allocation of taxes. The thesis...
The role of microglia and astrocytes in Alzheimer's disease
Pospíšilová, Eva ; Telenský, Petr (advisor) ; Svoboda, Jan (referee)
Alzheimer's disease is a neurodegenerative disease that affects the central nervous system and is characterized mainly by problems with memory abilities. With the more aging population, the number of patients with this disease is gradually increasing, so Alzheimer's disease research is becoming one of the main priorities of today's health care. Although the research has been going on for more than a century, the exact causes of the Alzheimer's disease are still unclear. For a long time, the main role was attributed to the pathology of amyloid β and tau protein, the basic pathophysiological features of this disease, but in recent years, it has become clear that microglia and astrocytes also play an important role. These glial cells affect the amount of amyloid β and the hyperphosphorylated tau protein, but they are also crucial for maintaining homeostasis of the central nervous system. Activation of microglia and astrocytes in Alzheimer's disease can lead to disruption of the physiological functions of these neuroglia, and thus to problems with the removal of amyloid and tau protein, but also to the induction of chronic neuroinflammation. This work aims to summarize and organize the basic knowledge about the role of microglia and astrocytes in Alzheimer's disease, while focusing mainly on their role...
Designofa Reporting Solution for Internal and External Clients of a Marketing Agency
Svoboda, Jakub ; Luhan, Jan (referee) ; Kříž, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is a proposal to improve reporting solution for the marketing agency Business Factory. Based on the variant selected by a multi-criteria evaluation, it will be possible to extract, transform, present and analyze the data needed for decision-making faster and more reliably than before. The result will be a more efficient way of decisions making both for the agency's internal team and for its clients.
CPU Rendering of Large Volumetric Data
Svoboda, Jan ; Vlnas, Michal (referee) ; Španěl, Michal (advisor)
This thesis deals with design and implementation of a system that allows displaying large volumetric data in real time on the CPU of a conventional computer. The thesis aims to solve two biggest problems. Firstly, it aims to solve the problem with rendering itself, where this amount of data often cannot be placed into the main memory of a target computer. Secondly, it aims to solve the problem of storing of this data, where, in the case of large datasets, storing them in the storage of a target computer may not be desirable. The proposed solution contains two applications -- the server one and the client one. The server part is used as a remote storage of volumetric data that is provided to the client application in small blocks and in different qualities. The client application renders this data by the ray casting method and, according to the created strategies, performs loading and storing of required blocks in the local memory. In order to achieve high performance, the client application was implemented with an emphasis on parallelization of the main processes. The resulting system allows a user to display large datasets stored on a server's storage and to manage the datasets using a simple graphical user interface.
The role of striatal cholinergic signalling in the control of behaviour
Abbondanza, Alice ; Jakubík, Jan (advisor) ; Bellone, Camilla (referee) ; Svoboda, Jan (referee)
Cholinergic transmission regulates many behavioural domains, ranging from motor activity to cognition. Acetylcholine signalling is mediated by muscarinic and nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (mAChRs and nAChRs, respectively). While mAChRs are slow responding metabotropic receptors, nAChRs are ion channels, mediating fast neurotransmission. There is a growing body of evidence suggesting a role of nAChRs as important modulators of behavioural functions. However, as nAChRs consist of many subtypes, depending on their composition in subunits, and as they are expressed by various neuronal populations in different brain regions, their contribution to behavioural control is very complex. To decipher their contribution, it is necessary to selectively target nAChRs expressed not only in particular regions but also by particular neurons with a defined effect on local microcircuits. The goal of the present thesis was to use different genetic strategies to induce regional- and cell-specific deletion of β2-containing nAChRs in the mouse brain, in order to characterize the functional role of these receptors. We focused our work in two brain areas, the striatum and the prefrontal cortex (PFC). In the striatum, we identified the striatal neurons that express one of the most common nicotinic subunits, the β2...
Dwarf galaxies with active galactic nucleus
Adamcová, Barbora ; Svoboda, Jiří (advisor) ; Grossová, Romana (referee)
Title: Dwarf galaxies with active galactic nucleus Author: Barbora Adamcová Institute: Astronomical Institute of the Charles University in Prague Supervisor: RNDr. Jiří Svoboda, Ph.D., Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences Abstract: This masters's thesis deals with star-forming dwarf galaxies with an enhanced X-ray luminosity based on the predictions from star-formation processes. We constructed a sample of dwarf galaxies observed with the SDSS telescope in optical light and with the ESA XMM-Newton observatory in X-rays. We compared different methods to predict the X-ray luminosity from star formation processes and compared it to the observed values. We investigated whether the X-ray excess is related to any physical properties of the studied galaxies, such as stellar population, metallicity or specific star formation rate, or can be attributed to active galactic nucleus. We also processed the first X-ray observations of 7 Blueberry galaxies, which are analogues of high redshift galaxies. We found, that their X-ray luminosities are lower than expected, with only 1 source having an X-ray excess, 1 source being detected and for the rest only the upper limits could be constrained. We discuss possible sources for the measured X-ray excess in the dwarf galaxy sample, as well as the implications...
Parvalbumin and somatostatin interneurons in Alzheimer's disease
Beranová, Kristýna ; Svoboda, Jan (advisor) ; Málková, Petra (referee)
It is becoming increasingly clear that disruption of different types of cortical interneurons is crucially involved in various brain pathologies, even though interneurons constitute only a relatively small fraction (15-20 %) of all cortical neurons. The aim of this thesis is to describe, using a literature review, the role of parvalbumin and somatostatin neurons in the development of Alzheimer's disease, both in human patients and in experimental animal models. Keywords: Alzheimer's disease, animal models, interneurons
Fuzzy logic as a decision support in management practice
Svoboda, Jan ; Václavík, Lukáš (referee) ; Janková, Zuzana (advisor)
The thesis describes the process of evaluating internet domains for the purpose of automating the registration process. The set of measured results is used to support the managerial decision-making of XYZ company, utilizing advanced decision-making methods in the creation of the model. The model is developed using two programming environments, namely MS Excel and MATLAB. The decision-making tool fully corresponds to the current needs of the automation team, and the output is a final recommendation for the selection of suitable internet domains.

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