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Stress management in second-year bachelor students
Podveská, Lucie ; High, Radka (advisor) ; Vozková, Anna (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with stress management in second year university students. In the theoretical part, the thesis focuses on theoretical knowledge, i.e. the definition of stress, what stressors cause it, stress on campus, i.e. what stressors affect students in higher education, and also prevention and the actual methods of stress management. The practical part focuses on the actual research part, which I conceived using a semi-structured interview and its subsequent processing using open coding. The research sample consisted of a total of eight female students. The main objective itself is broken down into several sub-areas and these are how students perceive stress, when students experience stress, how stressful students perceive studying, what methods students use to cope with stress and how overwhelming studying is for students. Research shows that students often use methods found in the literature, but often without knowing that these are directly recommended methods for coping with stress. Students also defined stress as distress, but also eustress. How stressful studying is for students often depends on the discipline they are studying. And as the main and biggest stressor that occurs for students is the academic one. KEYWORDS Stress, stress managment methods, stressors, academical stress
Motherhood in women with ASD
Finkerová, Veronika ; Vozková, Anna (advisor) ; Hrdličková, Kristýna (referee)
This bachelor's thesis examines motherhood in women with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The aim of the thesis is to explore how mothers with autism spectrum disorder experience motherhood. The theoretical part of the thesis is divided into three main chapters. The first chapter introduces autism spectrum disorder, its definition, manifestations, and autism spectrum disorder in women. The second chapter focuses on the topic of motherhood, its basic definition, and selected psychological and interpersonal aspects. The last chapter deals with motherhood in women with ASD and presents the results of previous research on this topic. The empirical part of the thesis describes the conducted qualitative research. The research goal, main research question, and five sub-research questions were determined. The research was conducted through semi-structured interviews with five mothers with autism spectrum disorder. The collected data were analysed using the method of thematic analysis. Four main themes emerged from the interviews with the participants: me as a mother, relationship with the child, challenges of motherhood, and support in motherhood. Each theme included several sub- themes. The research findings indicate that motherhood is challenging for women with ASD, but also brings positive aspects to...
Novice teachers and educational inclusion: impact of attitudes and self-efficacy
Vozková, Anna ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Štech, Stanislav (referee) ; Denglerová, Denisa (referee)
This thesis focuses on novice teachers, their attitudes towards educational inclusion, and the impact of teacher self-efficacy. The theoretical part is divided into five main sections devoted to various aspects of a teacher's work, addressing the development and enhancement of their professional identity and teacher self-efficacy at the outset of their career. The last two chapters describe the concept of inclusion within the context of the Czech educational system and summarize the current research on teachers' attitudes towards inclusion. The empirical part presents a mixed-methods research study examining Czech novice teachers' attitudes towards and experiences with inclusion. The study also investigates factors potentially influencing the implementation of inclusion, including teacher self-efficacy, social environment, and perceived support. The research was conducted in three waves; however, due to attrition, only data collected during the first two waves were analyzed. In each stage, participants completed three types of questionnaires and participated in semi-structured interviews. The data were processed using statistical methods and thematic analysis as appropriate. This resulted in the development of a new model, proposing that teacher professional identity mediates the relationship...
Evaluation of the benefits of the primary prevention program Nevypusť duši for its participants
Licholetova, Kateřina ; Frombergerová, Anna (advisor) ; Vozková, Anna (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the evaluation of the primary preventive programme Duševní zdravověda, which deals with mental health issues and is implemented in secondary schools. The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the effectiveness and benefit of this programme for its participants. Another aim was also to find out if variables such as gender, age and experience with mental illness of the respondents can influence their attitudes towards mental health. In the theoretical part of the thesis are defined mental health and illness, primary prevention and the current state of school primary prevention in the field of mental health are also defined. Also identified are protective factors that primary prevention programs dealing with mental health should support. Principles of effective primary prevention programmes and examples of proven mental health prevention programmes are presented. The preventive programme Duševní zdravověda and the non-profit organization Nevypusť duši, which implements it, are described here. The research group consist of 1898 respondents (1655 respondents from the experimental group and 243 from the control group). The research method is evaluation feedback questionnaires, which were provided to respondents before and after the implementation of the programme. The results of...
Comparison of burnout syndrome in teachers of natural sciences and humanities
Martinčíková, Barbora ; Vozková, Anna (advisor) ; Vítková Rulíková, Klára (referee)
The thesis initially focuses on the definition of the teaching profession, characterizes the very concept of a teacher and his/her personality, defines the ideal view of a teacher according to the point of view of pupils and their parents. The next part of the bachelor thesis focuses on stressors in education, coping strategies, the development of burnout syndrome, and based on documented research, burnout syndrome is presented in relation to length of teaching experience and gender. The thesis looks at how individual teachers cope with stress and relates the use of coping strategies to levels of burnout syndrome. It describes the symptoms of the burnout syndrome, its prevention and treatment. Focuses on selected methods for diagnosing burnout. The next section defines the concept of well-being in relation to the school environment and mentions the 2030+ strategy. The last part of the theoretical thesis classifies the differences between the humanities and the sciences. The practical part consists of quantitative research in the form of a questionnaire that was administered to teachers who teach different subjects in different types of schools. The results are illustrated both verbally and graphically. The aim of the research is to find out whether the subject taught is related to a higher level of...
Specifics of teacher assistants work with pupils with ASD in mainstream primary schools in the field of social skills development
Zdeňková, Simona ; Tetourová, Tereza (advisor) ; Vozková, Anna (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to clarify the specifics of the work of teaching assistants with pupils with autism spectrum disorder in mainstream primary schools in the field of social skills development. The theoretical part of the thesis is devoted to autism spectrum disorder and basic theoretical knowledge about these disorders, including the definition of triad problem areas and the way of classification of individual disorders. The theoretical part further deals with the description of the position of teaching assistant within the Czech education system, including its legislative anchor. In the following chapters of the theoretical part of the thesis, the work of teaching assistant with pupils with autism spectrum disorder is discussed with a specific focus on methods that teaching assistant can use in his work with this target group. In addition, the topic of cooperation of teaching assistant with pupil(s), their family(s) and school is also presented. The theoretical part concludes with a chapter on the possibilities and importance of developing the social skills of pupils with autism spectrum disorder within the framework of normal education. The empirical part brings the results of qualitative research, which were obtained through semi-structured interviews with ten assistant...
Trans People on the Autism Spectrum
Vaněčků, Alex ; Vozková, Anna (advisor) ; Vanek, Marián (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with a co-occurrence of trans identity and autism, which has been a subject of academic interest in recent years. Its aim was to find out how these people relate to their dual diagnosis, what are their experiences with professionals, and whether they relate to autistic or trans communities. The theoretical part addresses three areas. The first part introduces the basic concepts related to trans issues and the process of transition in Czechia that most trans people go through. It also mentions the sources of stress that have psychological impacts on these people. The second section defines autism, introduces the concept of neurodiversity and briefly mentions gender differences in autism. The third part then describes the findings on the co-occurrence of autism and trans identity, the theories in consideration and the recommendations of the clinical guideline. The empirical part describes the conducted qualitative research. Two online interviews, one unstructured and one structured, were done with each of the three respondents. The interviews were transcribed and then subjected to thematic analysis. The results present the five themes that were identified in the interviews. These were: self-perception, difficulties and subjective experience, own double distinctness, the...
Influence of working memory on school achievement in primary school age children
Vojtová, Vendula ; Páchová, Anna (advisor) ; Vozková, Anna (referee)
This final thesis primarily focuses on the influence of working memory to school achievement of younger school age children, using tests for working and short-term memory and also didactic tests focusing on mathematics and czech language. Main goal of the study is to analyze the relationship between working memory level and school achievement of younger school age children who visit regular primary school. Another goal of the study is to analyze the outcome of the tests (didactic and memory). Last but not least of goals is to analyze theory of working memory from authors Baddeley and Hitch. Theoretical part includes information about variables which are related to subject of matter. There is a chapter about memory, working memory, intelligence, school achievement and executive functions. Analytical part includes methodology of research, which has been done like quantitative type of research. We used working and short-term memory tests, which included the Rey-Osterrieth complex figure, Coding and Repeating numbers from WISC-III, Memory for sentences and Memory for beads from Stanford-Binet intelligence scale and Raven progressive matrices. We also used outcomes from mathematics and czech language didactic tests. We used IBM SPSS programme for statistical analysis, specifically correlation analysis,...

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