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Specifics of Ballet Environment as Potentially Risk Factors for the Development of Eating Disorders: Qualitative Analysis
Šimčáková, Markéta ; Vanek, Marián (advisor) ; Taušová, Jitka (referee)
Ballet is a risk environment for the development of eating disorders. At the same time there are specific risk factors that occur only in this environment. For these factors, a statistically significant relationship with risky eating behaviour has been proven. For the vast majority of ballet dancers, these factors induce dissatisfaction with the body. The aim of this study was to expand knowledge about these factors, with an emphasis on how they may affect ballet dancers and how ballet dancers may perceive, experience and respond to these factors. Data was collected through semi-structured interviews and two questionnaires and processed by thematic analysis method. The result is a description and interpretation of the 14 factors through the experience of ballet dancers, a hierarchical categorization of specific risk factors according to how they affect ballet dancers and a thematic map integrating the emerging topics at a higher level of abstraction. Based on the data analysis, the parent "superfactor" Ballet Ideal was identified, giving meaning to all other factors. Ballet dancers who do not fulfill the Ballet Ideal may be more vulnerable and prone to developing eating disorders. The impact of the risk factor on ballet dancers who do fulfill this ideal may be greatly diminished or eliminated....
Trans People on the Autism Spectrum
Vaněčků, Alex ; Vozková, Anna (advisor) ; Vanek, Marián (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with a co-occurrence of trans identity and autism, which has been a subject of academic interest in recent years. Its aim was to find out how these people relate to their dual diagnosis, what are their experiences with professionals, and whether they relate to autistic or trans communities. The theoretical part addresses three areas. The first part introduces the basic concepts related to trans issues and the process of transition in Czechia that most trans people go through. It also mentions the sources of stress that have psychological impacts on these people. The second section defines autism, introduces the concept of neurodiversity and briefly mentions gender differences in autism. The third part then describes the findings on the co-occurrence of autism and trans identity, the theories in consideration and the recommendations of the clinical guideline. The empirical part describes the conducted qualitative research. Two online interviews, one unstructured and one structured, were done with each of the three respondents. The interviews were transcribed and then subjected to thematic analysis. The results present the five themes that were identified in the interviews. These were: self-perception, difficulties and subjective experience, own double distinctness, the...
Development of perceived use and use-related risks of electronic cigarettes, combustible tobacco and heated tobacco in czech adolescents
Pokorná, Vendula ; Lukavská, Kateřina (advisor) ; Vanek, Marián (referee)
In my diploma thesis, I deal with description of the prevalence of use of twelve tobacco products in the population of Prague high school students. For these tobacco products, I am also investigating the differences in their use with regard to gender and type of school. Therefore, I am looking for differences in their use between girls and boys and between students of grammar schools and secondary vocational schools. In the most widely used products - combustible tobacco, electronic cigarettes without nicotine, electronic cigarettes with nicotine and heated tobacco, I also examine differences in the intention to use them in the future between girls and boys and between students of gymnasiums and secondary vocational schools. Furthermore, I deal with one of the most important determinants of smoking - the perceived harm of tobacco products and examine how the perceived harm of combustible tobacco, electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco affects their use and the intention to use them in the future by Prague adolescents. The main goal of my thesis is to demonstrate the relationship between the perceived harm of tobacco products and their use and intention to use them in the future. The data was obtained thanks to cooperation with secondary schools in the capital city of Prague, specifically in...
Ballroom dancing factors affecting the development of couple relationships
Vanek, Marián ; Chrz, Vladimír (advisor) ; Vitošková, Veronika (referee)
TITLE: Ballroom Dancing Factors Affecting the Development of Couple Relationships AUTHOR: MariánVanek DEPARTMENT: Department of Psychology SUPERVISOR: Doc. PhDr. Vladimír Chrz, Ph.D. ABSTRACT: The bachelor thesis deals with the factors of social dances that have an impact on the development of couple relationships. Another theme is the discussion about possible use of ballroom dancing in couple therapy and counseling. Unstructured interview method with professional dance teachers was used to gain insight into effective factors of ballroom dancing. Interview with one married couple and record of participant observation of their dance lessons was also collected to increase validity. The theoretical framework of this thesis is participatory research paradigm and principles of qualitative approach in psychology. Interviews were analyzed by the method of triple encoding. Two models were then created. The first model shows the seven factors of ballroom dancing affecting the development of couple relationships. It is a dance teacher mediation, communication training, problem solving training, body resonance, shared activity, aesthetics and neutral environment. The second model based on Vygotsky's concept of mediated action shows the similarities and differences in key aspects of couple counseling and individual...
Survey of the patterns of waterpipe use among Prague university students
Vachutová, Klára ; Vanek, Marián (advisor) ; Lukavská, Kateřina (referee)
Background: Even though a waterpipe has its origin and tradition in Asian and African states, more than 30 years ago this trend started spreading in our country and gained considerable popularity mostly among youth. The patterns of use of waterpipe among young people are still not getting enough attention though. In the Czech Republic as well as lots of other states there is lack of functional waterpipe-specific policy, regulation and preventive and therapeutic interventions. The health risks of waterpipe use are comparable to other burning tobacco products but public sees it as less harmful due to myths such as the toxins in smoke are filtrated in water. Aim: The aim of this thesis is to investigate patterns of use of waterpipe among Prague university students per online survey with a focus on the first use, current frequency of usage and parallel usage of other tobacco and nicotine products, motivation to abstinence, characteristics of waterpipe session and knowledge of risks. Then compare the results with another studies. Methods: The survey was conducted via online questionnaire spread from February to May 2021 in Facebook university student's groups. The data were then processed and evaluated in Microsoft Excel and Jamovi. Results: More than 70 % of participants are former or current waterpipe users,...
Specifics of Ballet Environment as Risk Factors for the Development of Eating Disorders
Šimčáková, Markéta ; Vanek, Marián (advisor) ; Presslerová, Pavla (referee)
1 ABSTRACT Ballet is a risk environment for the development of eating disorders. The causes of these pathologies have not yet been sufficiently explained. The objective of this paper was to test the risk factors specific for the ballet environment which might be connected with the development of eating disorders. Participants were 181 female students from dance conservatories in Czech Republic. Two questionnaires were used. The objective was to assess abnormalities in eating behaviour and specific factors of ballet environment which might cause body dissatisfaction. A high risk of eating disorders according to the EAT-26 test was found in one third of female students. The statistically significant correlation between the factor and the higher risk of presence of eating disorder was found in all eleven factors examined. Students who displayed body dissatisfaction caused by relevant risk factor had higher average EAT-26 score than students who did not display body dissatisfaction induced by the same factor. Factors which caused body dissatisfaction among the highest number of students were: Comparing body shape with other dancers, Ballet ideals and Mirrors in classrooms. Nine out of eleven tested factors caused body dissatisfaction in more than half of the participants. A programme focused on preventing the...
How artists understand and experience their own artistic creation
Horčicová, Jana ; Chrz, Vladimír (advisor) ; Vanek, Marián (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the unique life of fine artists. This work aims to understand how fine artists understand and experience their artistic creation. The thesis consists of a theoretical and empirical part. The theoretical part is devoted to art and artistic creation in the context of psychology, the emphasis is placed on selected fundamental psychological approaches. The empirical part examines how artists understand and experience their artistic creation based on the realisation and processing of in-depth semi-structured interviews with three fine artists aged 51, 35 and 41 years. The psychological qualitative approach - interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA) was chosen to understand the unique lived experience of the examined fine artists. The results of the analysis and interpretation of interviews are 3 portraits, which depict the perspective of the examined artists, their unique lived experience and subjectively significant mainstays of their life and artistic creation. The other results are 4 main themes that capture the relation between the experiences of individual respondents, map the most important topics and reveal the essence of the examined phenomenon. The following main themes crystallised out of the available data: "Creation as…", "More than profession", "Artist as...
The relationship of impulsivity, in-game purchases and game patterns with symptoms of problematic gaming (IGD) in smartphone gamers
Linhart, David ; Lukavská, Kateřina (advisor) ; Vanek, Marián (referee)
This thesis examined predictors of Internet gaming disorder (IGD) and tried to verify, based on quantitative research, its relationship with impulsivity, in-game purchases within a specific free-to-play RPG game and game patterns (frequency of logins during a day, level of participation regarding game events and a period of playing a specific game) in smartphone gamers. The relationship between impulsivity and in-game purchases was also examined. Firstly, in the theoretical part, the theory of behavioural addiction was introduced, attention was then dedicated to characterization of IGD, its current conceptualization, topical model of development and maintenance, prevalence, consequences and etiological factors, after that, factors researched in this thesis, were theoretically explained. Cross-sectional design was used to examine these relationships by sending questionnaires to Czechoslovak gamers using a channel in an app Discord. Impulsivity was measured by a short version of a UPPS-P scale, to measure Internet gaming disorder an IGDT questionnaire was used, while in-game purchases were measured by self-categorization inspired by previous research and new questionnaires were created for game patterns. To analyse the data t-tests, ANOVA, correlation analysis, linear regression and binominal...

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