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Use and Comparison of Selected Activating Teaching Methods by Attitude Questionnaire at the High School
Chvojová, Valerie ; Ehler, Edvard (advisor) ; Vojíř, Karel (referee)
The central theme of the thesis is activating teaching methods, of which eleven were selected and used for its research. Specifically, these were the following ones: brainstorming, guided discussion, snowball method, inquiry-based learning, I.N.S.E.R.T. method, work with text, concept map, mind map, critical thinking method, rounds and CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). These selected activating teaching methods were compared according to how the students evaluated them through attitude questionnaires, which is determined as the main aim of the work. Attitude questionnaires were created from the IMI (Intrinsic Motivation Inventory) tool. In the attitude questionnaire, the students evaluated the individual teaching methods in scales of interest/pleasure, perceived competence, effort/importance, pressure/tension and value/usefulness. In the scale of interest/pleasure, the snowball method was the best evaluated by the pupils, in the perspective of perceived competence also the snowball method, in the effort/importance scale the CLIL method, in the scale of pressure/tension inquiry-based learning and in the scale of value/usefulness again the snowball method. For further evaluation of the results, an index of subjective evaluation of teaching methods was created. It showed that the best...
Analysis of the Topic of Prokaryotes Presented in Biology Textbooks for Lower-Secondary Schools
Jarošová, Lenka ; Vojíř, Karel (advisor) ; Pavlasová, Lenka (referee)
Textbooks as material teaching aids perform countless functions, represent the content of education of the specific subject, contain transformed scientific findings or fundamentally affect motivation of pupils to learn. A part of the basic curriculum of natural sciences are also prokaryotes, whose issues have not yet been mapped in textbooks. The main objective of the thesis was to perform the content analysis of the prokaryotic topic in natural sciences textbooks for primary schools with a valid clause of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. In the thesis the structuring of the given topic was ascertained among the individual titles. The terms contained in chapters dealing with the topic of prokaryotic organisms were analyzed. Two approaches were used for the analysis, the method bearing the open coding label was used for the qualitative data analysis, the quantitative approach reflects the percentage of terms falling into the same meaning category and subcategory in the given titles. The analysis shown there is inconsistency between textbooks in terms of representation of the topic of prokaryote and except the textbook published by Prodos and Taktik, the textbooks do not take into account the problematic of archaea in any way. The terms are mostly connected to...
Environmental Attitudes of Students at the Secondary Technical and Vocational Schools in the South Bohemian Region Using 2-MEV Tools
Micák, František ; Svobodová, Silvie (advisor) ; Vojíř, Karel (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of environmental literacy, or more precisely, the detection of the environmental attidues and nature relationship of the college and vocational schools students in the South Bohemia. Six secondary schools participated in the research - three of them environmental orientated, three schools without this type of orientatiton. Five hundred and twenty-seven respondents were involved in the research. The new current version of 2 Major Environmental Values (2-MEV) was applied. The fundamental goal of the thesis was to discover the connection of the school profiling, grades, genders, nature relationship and an outdoor activity of the respondents. Only a signigicant difference of the school profiling and nature relationship was identified. In this surveyed area the secondary school students with the environmental orientation achieved higher degrees than all the rest of the students. The gender role of the students showed no significant difference across all the school profiling. The school grade proved to be a statistical non important determinant. Last but not least, in the case of outdoor activities, a walk in nature dominates identically among all the respondents. KEYWORDS: Environmental attitudes, students, ISCED 3, analytical tool, South Bohemia
Problems of Early Career Teachers with the Use of Activating Methods in Biology Teaching
Ročková, Lucie ; Vojíř, Karel (advisor) ; Hlaváčová, Lucie (referee)
Activating methods are of a great importance in teaching, among other things, in the development of students' independence, their thinking and the formation of social relationships. Strengthening the student's role and emphasizing his/her active work requires a specific approach of teachers, as well as their increased preparation for teaching. Especially beginning teachers have to deal with a number of difficulties when starting their teaching career. However, it has not yet been clearly described how they cope with the use of activating methods. The main goal of this work was to map the problems of beginning teachers using activating methods in natural science at the start of their careers. One of the sub-questions was to find out what would help teachers at the beginning of their teaching practice to include activating methods in teaching with greater certainty and frequency. To answer the research questions, a survey of six beginning primary school natural science teachers was conducted in October and November 2021. Classes were listened to and followed by interviews with individual teachers. The interviews sought opinions on activating methods, on the frequency of their inclusion in teaching and the related problems that teachers face when using these methods. The most frequently mentioned...
Lower-secondary School Chemistry Textbooks: The Use and Selected Structural components' Analysis
Vojíř, Karel ; Rusek, Martin (advisor) ; Klečková, Marta (referee) ; Kmeťová, Jarmila (referee)
Textbooks are a tool which serves several purposes in education. Except for students, textbooks are also being used by teachers who, thanks to a complex selection and transformation of the subject-matter, represent the most concrete shape of intended curriculum. For this reason, textbooks can influence education significantly. However, this field has not been addressed yet within lower-secondary school chemistry education research. The goal of this thesis was therefore to map the field of Czech lower-secondary school chemistry textbooks. In order to put the topic into a context, first, a systematic literature review on science education textbook research was performed. Also, textbooks' publishing after 1989 in the context of national lower-secondary school curricular changes was mapped. Textbooks' potential influence is conditioned by their elaboration as well as their use. For this reason, a questionnaire survey was performed on a random sample of 378 chemistry teachers from 370 lower-secondary schools. This sample enables generalization for the entire lower-secondary schools and chemistry teachers' population in Czechia. The research showed: which textbooks are being used, the way they were selected at schools, teachers' evaluation, and purpose of their use with a special attention to particular...
Development of Students' Skills in Planning Procedure of Exploration in Science Inquiry
Příhodová, Karolína ; Vojíř, Karel (advisor) ; Brůnová, Linda (referee)
Research-oriented teaching is a constructivist form of teaching, where the student is not only passed on the material passively, but the student is actively involved in solving the problem. In the role of researcher, he makes hypotheses, conducts experiments and draws conclusions. The main goal of this work was to find out the development of students' skills to plan the research process in science research at the 2nd Dobříš Primary School. The work was divided into three parts. In the introduction to the theoretical part, the aim was to introduce readers to research- oriented teaching in biology lessons at the second level and the characteristics of concepts. The practical part was focused mainly on observing and evaluating the development of the ability to plan progress on already created topics for BOV. It was found that more than half of the students are able to formulate the procedure correctly for a given task and the rest are able to create a partial procedure or none at all. It would therefore be appropriate to focus on deepening knowledge and practical skills in research- oriented teaching. KEYWORDS Research-oriented teaching, research, process development, biology
Using of Material Didactic Aids in Teaching of Biology on Selected Lower-secondary Schools in Liberec
Beňová, Pavla ; Vojíř, Karel (advisor) ; Pavlasová, Lenka (referee)
The thesis focuses on the use of material didactic resources in teaching science at selected schools in Liberec. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first part is a literature survey, which characterizes didactic means in general on the basis of scientific literature. The aim of the thesis was to look more thoroughly at didactic aids, which are the main part of material didactic resources. Furthermore, to focus on the function of the resources in the classroom and to present the options and principles that should be followed when selecting them in order to make their use as effective as possible. The second, practical part, presents the results of observations from a total of 29 lessons which were taught as open lessons, in 3 primary schools in Liberec. The analysis of the collected data provided us with information on how much of the lesson the observed teachers devote to the use of material didactic resources. On the basis of the time load, we got an overview of the preferred resources and could evaluate whether they are traditional (workbook, classical blackboard, textbooks) or modern (Internet services, interactive whiteboards).
Analysis of visual representations included in the Organic compound topics in lower-secondary chemistry textbooks
Chlumecká, Lenka ; Rusek, Martin (advisor) ; Vojíř, Karel (referee)
The submitted bachelor's thesis focuses on the analysis of visual components in the themes subsumed under the thematic area of Organic compounds in lower-secondary-school chemistry textbooks granted with a valid approval clause from The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. In the first part, the author deals with the theory, validation, evolvement and research of the textbooks. In the other parts, the author achieves the results through set out objectives and methods and offers a final evaluation. The conducted analysis is based on an altered method of Slovenian author N. Zupanc and provides an objective comparison of different textbooks and their selected chapters. The aim of this thesis is comparison of chosen chemistry textbooks from the point of their visuals and transitions between levels representing individual components. The textbooks, which were published after the introduction of the current curriculum, are considered to be processed didactically better - those are the two textbooks published by Nová Škola and Fraus. The differences between these two textbooks are rather on the level of chapters, subchapters and transitions between the visuals more than between the textbooks as a whole. The disparity between the textbooks as a whole is clear when comparing the...

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