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The History of Yersinia Pestis in Europe from the Perspective of Ancient DNA
Nováková, Veronika ; Ehler, Edvard (advisor) ; Vojíř, Karel (referee)
je gramnegativní bakterie, která byla na konci devatenáctého století odhalena jako původce moru. je blízce příbuzná , od níž se liší přítomností určitých virulentních faktorů. Právě virulentní faktory umožňují efektivní přežití hmyzích vektoru, kterým je blecha. Blecha poté zajišťuje úspěšný přenos bakterie na obratlovce, což je nejčastěji hlodavec, případně člověk. Bakterie je geneticky vybavena tak, aby unikla imunitnímu systému. Během lidské historie proběhly tři morové pandemie, Justiniánský mor, Černá smrt a moderní pandemie, u všech z nich byla pomocí aDNA z kosterních pozůstatků potvrzena přítomnost . Mor způ době bronzové. Sekvenace aDNA a zdokonalování molekulárních metod při studiu historických pandemií se jeví jako vhodná strategie pro pochopení možných budoucích pandemií. Pomocí aDNA lze zjistit nejen fylogenezi patogenů, ale je možné i sledovat změny genofondu populace napříč historií a jak v migracemi, tak i možnými změnami způsobenými samotným KLÍČOVÁ SLOVA mor, bakterie, migrace, populace, mikrobiologie, starodávná DNA
Analysis of Visual Components in Biology Textbooks with Focus on Geology Chapters
Jakoubková, Sára ; Vojíř, Karel (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the visual components in lower-secondary natural science textbooks, with a focus on chapters about geology. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate individual visual components within the analyzed sample of textbooks through specific categories, assessing their relevance and contribution to the educational process. In the practical part, the methodology from the Greek study (Dimopoulos, Koulaidis a Sklaveniti, 2003) is described, according to which the quantitative content analysis of visual components in the selected sample of textbooks was implemented. This sample includes natural science textbooks with the approval of the Ministry of Education. For each visual component, the type, function, form, vertical and horizontal scope, distance, and placement in the textbook were evaluated. The obtained results were further compared with research on the same topic. The analysis results indicate that textbooks contain a significant proportion of identical visual components. These results can be further utilized to improve natural science textbooks. KEYWORDS natural science textbooks, visual component, visuals, analysis of textbooks, lower secondary education
The Level of Lower Secondary School Students Data Literacy in the Context of Environmental Education
Navrátil, Vlastimil ; Vojíř, Karel (advisor) ; Nejedlý, Adam (referee)
This thesis focuses on data literacy and its application in the field of environmental and science literacy. The aim of this thesis was to map data literacy in environmental education among second grade elementary school students. This aim of the thesis was fulfilled through a test that involved data analysis, sorting and comparing data, and making decisions based on the data presented in the context of an environmental situation within four environmental education tasks. It was found that, on average, 68% of the pupils were able to extract the correct data from the attached maps, graphs and tables, 59% of the pupils were able to compare the data correctly with each other and 60% of the pupils were able to use the data presented to make decisions in the context of the environmental situation. KEYWORDS Data, Data Literacy, Environmental Literacy, Information, Natural History, Natural Science, Pupil.
Analysis of Visual Components in Biology Textbooks: Thematic Unit Plant Biology
Lopaurová, Anna ; Vojíř, Karel (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
Recently, the amount of research of visual components in textbooks has been increasing. Most of the research categorizes and divides visual components by type and function, however, the relationship between them and text is being investigated too. Furthermore, existing research are supported by theories proving that a greater effectiveness is achieved when learning from materials containing textual and illustrative components. The theoretical part of the thesis defines what a textbook is, as well as what are its function and development. It also introduces the concept of visual component and its function. In the research part, we describe the methodology used in a quantitative content analysis of visual components in chapters dedicated to seed plants in a defined sample of textbooks. Visual components were evaluated in terms of type, function, form, vertical angle, distance, horizontal angle, and placement in the textbook. Furthermore, we compared the results of the analysis with other research papers investigating the same issue. Finally, according to the results of the analysis, the chosen sample of textbooks uses a large percentage of visual components that are the same according to the categories evaluated. Nevertheless, it seems like the recent research is not applied when visual components...
Using of EduScrum Method in Biology Education at the Lower Secondary School
Čížek, Tomáš ; Vojíř, Karel (advisor) ; Nejedlý, Adam (referee)
This work was focused on the eduScrum teaching method and its use in the teaching of biology at the second level of elementary school, specifically in the seventh and eighth grade. The main goal was to characterize this method and find out what the students reported as its strengths and weaknesses, what they took away for themselves and what threats they perceived. Also, what suggestions did they have for improving the method. A secondary goal was to define the goals of science education in general and to define activation methods, among which the EduScrum method belongs. A modified SWOT analysis was chosen as a research tool. The students' statements were further processed qualitatively using the open coding method. The result of the research part showed that the students mentioned teamwork as the main strength of the EduScrum method. Non-cooperation was mentioned by the students as the weakest aspect. This paradox was explained on the basis of two theories of motivation - self- determination and mind-set. The greatest benefit for the pupils was the deepening of knowledge in the given topics. The students saw the greatest threat in non-cooperation and the related risks of missing work and receiving a bad grade. In order to improve the method, the students presented mostly irrelevant proposals that...
Teaching the Topic of Photosynthesis using Aspects of Inquiry-based Learning
Rapantová, Lenka ; Vojíř, Karel (advisor) ; Nejedlý, Adam (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the teaching of photosynthesis in primary school science classes. The aim of the thesis was to validate a teaching program with elements of inquiry- oriented teaching, to find out its effectiveness on the level of knowledge acquired by the pupils of the seventh year at the second grade of the primary school. To investigate the educational effect, an initial pre-test was designed to ascertain the pupils' prior knowledge. Furthermore, the knowledge acquired after the laboratory tasks were carried out was analyzed and verified by an analogous post-test. The premise was that the laboratory activity would motivate the pupils' interest in science and provide a better understanding of photosynthesis, especially its inputs, waste substances and products. Another aim of this thesis was to find out how pupils perceive the attractiveness, value and usefulness of the tutorial after completing it and how they evaluate their efforts in this type of learning. A standardized IMI (Intrinsic Motivation Inventory) questionnaire survey was used to determine the above. The paper describes in detail the different laboratory tasks that were part of the curriculum applied in science classes, as well as the procedures necessary for their implementation and the students' reactions to the...
Research Trends in Cell Biology Education
Horníček, Jan ; Vojíř, Karel (advisor) ; Pavlasová, Lenka (referee)
Cell biology is a scientific field that brings concepts, the knowledge of which is a essential for understanding the laws of life.It focuses on studying the cell as a fundamental building and functioning unit composing all living organisms For this reason, this bachelor thesis focuses on articles that analyze the didactics of cell biology and were published in the Web of Science database between 2018 and 2022. A total of 53 articles were selected. However, 28 of them were scientifically advanced texts that were not related to education. A total of 25 articles that dealt with the didactics of cell biology were analyzed. The main topics of those articles that were analyzed were teaching methods, misconceptions in cell biology, laboratory methods and procedures, visualization of cell biology topics, alternative classification systems, distance learning, concept maps, inquiry-based learning, role-playing, and cell biology topics projected into practice. The main conclusion is that the articles primarily focus on the tertiary level of education. Only marginally, 2 of the articles mention teaching at the secondary level of education. Misconceptions in cell biology are not represented in large numbers and truly new teaching methods are not represented. It would be useful to expand the database of...
Reading Literacy in Natural History at Primery School
Žižková, Pavlína ; Vojíř, Karel (advisor) ; Hlaváčová, Lucie (referee)
The master's thesis focuses on the research of reading literacy in classes of natural history at primery school. The theoretical part describes reading literacy, its aspects and the development of reading literacy at primary school, including methods for developing reading literacy. This section also introduces the latest results from the PIRLS 2021, TIMSS 2019 and PISA 2015 international surveys. The second part of the thesis introduces the research of reading literacy in natural history among pupils of the 6th grade of primary school, in which three-tier tasks were used. A total of 55 pupils participated in the research. The goal of the research was to find out the students' ability to work with a science text. The second goal was to find out to what extent the pupils are sure of their answers when working with a science text. In the second part, the research methodology, the research sample and the results of the empirical investigation are further described. In the conclusion, the individual goals of the research are commented on and procedures are established that will lead to greater development of reading literacy in natural history lessons. The results showed that less than 80% of the pupils from the research sample can work effectively with a science text and can search for the necessary...
Analysis of Visual Components in Lower-secondary Biology Textbooks in the Topic Vertebrate Zoology
Šindelářová, Barbora ; Vojíř, Karel (advisor) ; Říhová, Dagmar (referee)
This thesis deals with visual components in science textbooks for primary schools, focusing on the topic of vertebrate zoology. The aim of the thesis was to conduct a quantitative analysis of the components in primary school science textbooks with the approval of the Ministry of Education and to determine the extent to which different combinations of visual elements occur. Individual parameters of visual components such as type, form, function, angle or distance of the elements were analysed. The quantitative analysis method allowed for a systematic evaluation of the components in the textbooks evaluated. The results showed that most of the images in these science textbooks are the same and there is often significant uniformity. This suggests that visual components are underutilized to support learning. Thus, the findings could serve as a starting point or support material for improving the visual design of science textbooks not only for primary but also for secondary schools.
The topic vaccination in biology education
Petáková, Iva ; Janštová, Vanda (advisor) ; Vojíř, Karel (referee)
This bachelor thesis is dedicated to vaccination as a successful health method to prevent infectious diseases. It is mentioned here that vaccination is one of the key steps to reducing the number of infectious diseases and their spread in the population. Despite the success of vaccination, there are many individuals who are reticent to vaccinate. The aim of the thesis is to summarize the causes and consequences of this reticent, to highlight the importance of vaccination in education and to inform on available vaccination programmes that could be used in education. First, the work focuses on distrust in science and its influence on reticence towards vaccination, and what effect social networks and communication not only from health professionals have on this issue. There are misconceptions in the work about vaccination that appear among the public. Furthermore, there are reasons for including the topic of vaccination and prevention of infectious diseases in school education mentioned together with how this could be implemented using interactive methods that make it possible to achieve better awareness of the issue. Key words vaccination, vaccine, refusal of vaccination, infectious disease,trust in science, education

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