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Neural and Genetic Basis of Epilepsy
Figelová, Tereza ; Ehler, Edvard (advisor) ; Pavlasová, Lenka (referee)
This thesis describes neural and genetic basis of epilepsy, addresses the distribution of epileptic sezuries, which genes affect epilepsy and the connection between epilepsy and the nervous system. The thesis is based on data collection from scientific books, partly from data published by hospitals. Its focus is getting from the general expressions to the cellular level of the problem, which is necessary to clarify the epileptic principles. It also deals with the genetic nature of epilepsy, as it is with the inheritance of the disease and deals in more detail with early infantile epileptic. The beginning of work is about basic information of epilepsy. Next, it looks into the mechanisms that influence the emergence of epilepsy. Continues to look at the structures in the brain associated with epilepsy. And at the end, it deels with genetic nature of epilepsy. A brochure was created for this work, where basic information about epilepsy can be found, first aid for an epileptic seizure and early infantile epileptic encephalopathy is discussed in paragraphs.
Y-chromosomal polymorphisms in the Czech population with focus on Moravian Valachs: evolutionary anthropology study.
Ehler, Edvard
Aim: This study presents an evolutionary anthropology approach to the history of Moravian Valachs. The origins of Valach population are approached by evaluating the admixture event that marked the appearance of Moravian Valachs. Methods & data: Focus of my Ph.D. project lies on Y-chromosomal variation, using 12 Y-STR loci haplotype to compute population genetic statistics, to infer Y-chromosomal haplogroup information and to compare Moravian Valachs to other European populations. Admixture analysis was performed. Our data set contains haplotypic information from 44 populations with the total of 4757 individuals. Moravian Valachs are presented by 94 DNA samples. Results: Our data reveal a decreased genetic variability in Moravian Valachs compared to other Central European populations. This feature is most probably caused by isolation of Valach population. Multidimensional scaling and comparison of FST distances shows Valach population as related to populations from Poland, Romania and Macedonia. Shared haplotypes and AMOVA tests place the Valachs to the Central European region. Also admixture analysis, as well as demographic and historical data, stresses the influence of autochthonous population of Moravia in the forming of Moravian Valachs. Conclusion: Moravian Valachs represent a hybrid...
Left-handedness and its acceptance in contemporary education system and families
Svobodová, Libuše ; Vančata, Václav (advisor) ; Ehler, Edvard (referee)
TITLE: Left-handedness and its acceptance in contemporary education system and families AUTHOR: Libuše Svobodová DEPARTMENT: Department of Biology and Environmental Studies SUPERVISOR: doc. RNDr. Václav Vančata, CSc. ABSTRACT: The diploma thesis entitled Left-handedness and its acceptance in contemporary education system and families follows up and complements the bachelor thesis entitled The issue of left- handedness in the development of children and youth - history, present and perspectives. The first and second chapters of the theoretical part of the diploma thesis focus more deeply on the characteristics of left-handed writing styles, advantages and disadvantages of left-handed writing, suitable writing aids, classroom order, organization of work environment and writing methodology. The third chapter is devoted to laterality tests with a focus on the upper limb, lower limb, eye and ear, test tasks, their conditions and evaluation. The last fourth chapter of the theoretical part deals with the central nervous system, more precisely the brain and its asymmetric anatomy, function, control of upper limb movements and motor development of the upper limb. The practical part of the diploma thesis consists of five researches. The first research verifies the occurrence of left-handers in primary schools and...
Comparison of Methods for Testing Muscle Imbalances (EMG and Funkcion Tests) and Effect of Compensatory Exercises on this Imbalances
Havláková, Daniela ; Ehler, Edvard (advisor) ; Vančata, Václav (referee)
Title: Comparison of methods of muscle imbalance testing (EMG and functional tests) and the effect of compensatory exercise on these disorders. Objectives: The main objective of this thesis is to find out whether and to what extent compensatory exercises, which are performed at different time periods, have a positive effect on muscle imbalances of football players. Partial objective is to find out attitude of tested football players' to healthy lifestyle and influence of their eating habits on their physical condition, especially on the share of body fat and muscle imbalance. The second partial objective is to chart eating habits and interest in a healthy lifestyle of adolescent athletes and to create the proposal of bad habits correction and improvement of lifestyle with regard to increased physical load and individual needs of respondents. The objective of this survey is also to find out whether the dietary habits of college and secondary school students in Roudnice nad Labem are influenced by the absence of providing lunches through the school canteen. Methods: This is a pilot study involving 25 respondents, members of the Football Farm. Their age range was from 14 years up to 18 years. At the time of research 21 respondents were students of colleges in Roudnice nad Labem, 1 respondent was a...

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