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The Application of Robot-Assisted Therapy of Hand in Patients after Stroke in Chronic Phase: Follow-up Trial of Application of AMADEO Instrument
Oktábcová, Alice ; Uhlířová, Jaromíra (advisor) ; Kotková, Karla (referee)
Name: Alice Oktábcová Supervisor: Mgr. et Mgr. Jaromíra Uhlířová Oponent: ……………. Diploma thesis: The Application of Robot-Assisted Therapy of Hand after Stroke: Follow-Up Trial of Application of AMADEO Instrument Key words: stroke, robot-assisted therapy, Amadeo Instrument, follow-up study, upper extremity In recent years, western countries noted a gradual increase in stroke survivors. Stroke can cause motor activity impairment and also senzoric and cognitive disorders which lead into restriction of participation of activities of daily living and also reduction of social and community activities. Functional improvment of upper and lower extremity after stroke is a very complex proces which has to be solved in multidiscplinary and multifactorial approach in result of every stroke survivor to live in the most independent way as possible. Robot-assisted therapy for motor recovery could be a successful way to improve motor activity of stroke survivors. Amadeo Instrument is one of robot-assisted therapy for hand rehabilitation of stroke survivors. This instrument can be described as final effector without exoskeleton which allows functional motor therapy for fingers and also a motivational feedback. Amadeo therapy can be passive, assisted, active and also interactive. The aim of this thesis is to...
Diagnostic and therapeutic ways of visualization methods in occupational therapy. Subtitl: Use of art therapy and the KAWA model.
Urychová, Pavla ; Rodová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Uhlířová, Jaromíra (referee)
Name of thesis: Diagnostic and therapeutic ways of visualization methods in occupational therapy. Use of art therapy and the KAWA model. The aim: The aim of the theses is to compare both visual conceptions - art therapy and the Kawa model - on the theme of a river, to check possibilities and risks of the use of both techniques in occupational therapy on the territory of the Czech Republic, and to try joining these two concepts into the one therapeutic method. Methods: The theoretical part deals with the dynamics of the psyche and other performance determinants, theoretical background of methods, their use and the explanation of semiotics and psychological symbolism. The practical part presents case interpretations of several people with different diagnosis in order to verify the applicability of both methods in praxes as well as the suitability to connect them to a common concept of work with a patient. Results: I found out that art therapy with its river theme and the Kawa model are deeply connected throughout the dynamics of the psyche. Art therapy offers more options to look for behaviour motives, the Kawa model is well applied even without a deep knowledge of symbolism and therefore can be well comprehensible. Alongside both methods are addressed to different parts of the psyche and, most...
Hand-grip examination of neurological patients after stroke and traumatic brain injury
Sádlová, Tereza ; Rodová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Uhlířová, Jaromíra (referee)
This thesis deals with the handgrip examination of patients (after stroke and traumatic brain injury). The main objective of this bachelor's thesis is searching for tests, which in practice investigate handgrip and manipulation of objects. The next aim was to choose and test one of the found handgrip tests. This thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part presents the basic information about the stroke and traumatic brain injury. The thesis deals in more detail especially with the hand as a very important part of human body that enable people to handgrip and manipulate with objects. It also describes different types of grip, phase grip and offers a scale of tests for handgrip examination. Tests are divided according to score - time, point and different indication. The practical part presents the description of the testing neurological patients with Frenchay arm test that was chosen for practical testing. This test was performed on the sample of ten neurological patients of the Department of Neurology in Prague. From the obtained results of the practical assessments the conclusion has been drawn - results confirm the suitability of using this selected handgrip test for occupational therapist in Czech Republic. Key words: 1. stroke 2. traumatic brain injury 3....
Occupational therapy in patients after breast cancer survivals
Kejdanová, Petra ; Uhlířová, Jaromíra (advisor) ; Svobodová, Tereza (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to present occupational therapy in rehabilation of patients after breast cancer survivals. The thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. Chapters in the theoretical parts are devoted to itself breast cancer - especially its treatment and undesirable effects of treatment. Furthermore, the work describes the general possibilities of rehabilitation for people with cancer. Next part is focused directly at the occupational therapy intervention in onkology, mainly in patients after breast cancer. The practical part offers a survey about the possibilities of occupational therapy in patients after breast cancer survivals. It is primarily intended as a primary source of information about the most frequent complication of onkology treatment. There are also functional limitations of patients in activities of daily living, in a job or during leisure time activities. This part also mentioned two case studies of patients after breast cancer treatment. Key words: occupational therapy, breast cancer, rehabilitation in oncology, occupational therapy in oncology
Anthropological profile of children with diagnosis ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).
Uhlířová, Jaromíra ; Sedlak, Petr (advisor) ; Zemková, Daniela (referee)
This final thesis deals with the anthropological profile of children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), which is one of the most common psychiatric diagnoses in childhood. Many studies have demonstrated the relationship of ADHD to differences in physical growth, mostly in terms of growth retardation and lower weight parameters. However, these differences are often associated with the use of pharmacological treatment. Some authors point to the possibility of the influence of ADHD itself. In this paper we compare the anthropometric parameters of the 40 boys with ADHD from 6.00 to 10.99 years of age who are treated with medication (methylphenidate) and 172 boys of control group. The compilation of control group for use in clinical research of ADHD was one of the objectives of the thesis. We also compared anamnestic data obtained using questionnaires. It provided information such as birth parameters, duration of breastfeeding, eating habits, amount of time spent in physical activity, or time spent watching television. The control group of healthy individuals was established to better reflect the somatic profile of recent child population and also provided the anamnestic data. Against currently used growth standards control group showed some significant differences, which could be...
Cooperation between Ocupational Therapist and Physiotherapist in the Training of Personal Activities of Daily Living with Patients with Cervical Spine Lesion
Skrzypková, Eva ; Uhlířová, Jaromíra (advisor) ; Rejtarová, Anna (referee)
Title: Cooperation between Ocupational Therapist and Physiotherapist in the Training of Personal Activities of Daily Living with Patients with Cervical Spine Lesion Abstract: This thesis explores some aspects of collaboration between occupational therapist (OT) and physiotherapist (PT) in rehabilitation of patients with complete spine lesion in level C6-C8. This group of patients has the functional potential to cope with activities of daily living with the use of compensation aids and strategies in an adapted enviroment. To fulfil this potential intense intervention of OT and PT is needed. The goal of this thesis was to map this cooperation in training of self-sufficiency in daily tasks during subacute and chronic phase of rehabilitation. As a representative sample 3 institutions were chosen, where patiens are treated during the spinal program. These institutions are: Spinal Unit in Faculty Hospital Motol, Rehabilitation Centre Kladruby and NGO Centrum Paraple. Information gained through observation in the practical trainings in these institutions and data collected from the survey were systematically processed and offer a view of some aspects of interprofessional cooperation. In each institution, unique roles of the therapists were defined together with the area of their role overlap, extent of mutual...
Determination of functional capacity level for executing common daily and occupational activities of individuals with cardiovascular disease
Šimková, Klára ; Uhlířová, Jaromíra (advisor) ; Kotková, Karla (referee)
OF BACHELOR THESIS Title of bachelor thesis: Determination of functional capacity level for executing common daily and occupational activities of individuals with cardiovascular disease. This bachelor's thesis summarizes basic information about cardiovascular diseases, its epidemiology, the most frequent causes of their onset, the most frequent types of diseases, onset risk factors and their prevalence. Subsequently, it is devoted to description of procedures, phases and goals of rehabilitation in the target group of individuals. Particular attention is payed to ergo-therapeutic intervention and options to assess functional capacity in common daily activities and activities related to occupation of individuals with cardiovascular disease. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part, consisting of literature research, summarizes basic knowledge about cardiovascular diseases, its rehabilitation and options to assess functional capacity of affected individuals in different stages of the rehabilitation process. The practical part consists of case interpretations of two patients and processes data from questionnaire-based research. The questionnaire is aimed to collect information from workplaces with department of cardiology and rehabilitation. It processes...
Undergraduate occupational therapy education. Implementation of Problem Based Learning into the teaching of occupational therapy students.
Uhlířová, Jaromíra ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Sládková, Petra (referee)
This thesis deals with Problem-Based Learning (PBL), which is almost unknown in the Czech Republic, and its application in the undergraduate course of occupational therapy. This method is widely used abroad particularly in the medical education and education of other paramedical professions. More traditional way of teaching is maintained in the Faculty of Medicine in the Czech Republic. A large amount of information from various scientific and clinical disciplines that student cannot simply connect in logical context is taught in the traditional courses. Problem-Based Learning is a method that may compensate some needs of the traditional teaching. This thesis introduces PBL and shows examples of its application in teaching occupational therapy abroad. The aim of this thesis is to determine the factors obstructing or facilitating the use of Problem-Based Learning method in the Czech Republic within the undergraduate occupational therapy curriculum, to determine the possibility of application of this method in teaching, to formulate recommendations for the implementation of PBL and to develop design of syllabus using PBL. To meet the objectives of the thesis semistructured interviews with faculty members of the occupational therapy studies at the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague...

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