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Mapping the influence of the Mediterranean (kosher diet) and traditional Czech diet on the incidence of colorectal cancer
Ben-Perets, Diana Ester ; Sládková, Petra (advisor) ; Svěcená, Kateřina (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with mapping the influence of the Mediterranean (kosher) diet and the traditional Czech diet on the occurrence of colorectal cancer. The aim of the study was to identify differences between the eating habits of Israelis and Czechs and to assess their potential impact on the development of this type of cancer. The methodology included an analysis of the eating habits of both groups, epidemiological data and a literature review of relevant studies. The results of the study indicate that there are differences between the eating habits of Israelis and Czechs, with the Israeli diet, although influenced by westernization, showing positive tendencies compared to the traditional Czech diet. This observed difference may play a key role in the prevention of colorectal cancer. Despite the fact that Israelis are not strictly limited to the Mediterranean diet, the study highlights its positive effect on reducing the risk of this disease. On the contrary, the negative contribution of the traditional Czech diet underlines the need to improve eating habits in the Czech population. This work contributes to the literature regarding the influence of diet on health and offers a comprehensive view of the differences between the Mediterranean and Czech diets in relation to colorectal cancer....
Bracing in the treatment of children with clubfoot
Dědičová, Sára ; Sládková, Petra (advisor) ; Malá, Michaela (referee)
Title: Bracing in the treatment of children with clubfoot Objectives: The diploma thesis aimed to introduce the issue of pes equinovarus congenitus (PEC) with a focus on conservative treatment procedure using the Ponseti method and to verify this procedure in practice. The secondary aim of the diploma thesis was to create a brochure for parents of children with PEC. Methods: The research method of the diploma thesis was a case study based on the real treatment procedure of a proband with pes equinovarus congenitus. The research included one female proband early after birth and started 4th day after birth. Conservative treatment by Professor Ponseti was indicated for the proband. The evaluation of deformity development was conducted using the Pirani scoring scale and goniometric measurement. The research was conducted from 2 December 2022 to 22 March 2023. Results: Goniometric examination revealed a reduced range of motion of dorsal flexion of 20ř at the beginning of the intervention. At the end of the research, dorsal flexion of 35ř was possible. Initial examination of the proband revealed a Pirani score of 3, out of a maximum possible score of 6. After a relatively short period, the score dropped to 0.5. During further measurements, the score dropped to 0 in all areas. Keywords: deformity,...
Effect of biofeedback on stability, coordination and activation of the patients after spine stabilisation with the use of Hunova Movendo posturographic device
Získalová, Karolína ; Sládková, Petra (advisor) ; Malá, Michaela (referee)
6 ABSTRACT Title: Effect of biofeedback on stability, coordination and activation of patients after spi- nal stabilization using Hunova Movendo posturographic device Aims: The aim of this thesis was to introduce the Hunova Movendo posturographic de- vice and to validate its benefits in increasing stability by comparing outcome measures. The secondary aim was to evaluate the therapy from the probands' perspective. Methods. First, all selected probands underwent an initial interview and an initial postural stability examination using the Hunova Movendo device, which measured changes in body position values. The training intervention with visual feedback was conducted for a total of six weeks, specifically every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In the third week of training, a follow-up examination was conducted to assess the improvement or deteri- oration of the results, and also to motivate all probands. At the end of the six-week inter- vention, an exit examination was conducted and probands were given a five-question subjective questionnaire to complete. The effectiveness of the treatment was compared through the entry and exit examination data from the first and last week of the interven- tion. Results: At the end of the six-week program using proprioceptive training with visual feedback on the Hunova...
Possibilities of use of questionnaire WHODAS 2.0, regarding physiotherapy of patients with diagnosis of Central Hemiparesis
Matiaško, Dušan ; Sládková, Petra (advisor) ; Rodová, Zuzana (referee)
Bachelor's Thesis Abstract Autor: Dušan Matiaško Supervisor: MUDr. Bc. Petra Sládková, Ph.D. Title: The possibilities of use of questionnaire WHODAS 2.0, regarding physiotherapy of patients with diagnosis of Central Hemiparesis This Bachelor's Thesis deals with the issue of subjective assessment of disability in patients with central hemiparesis. Objective testing cannot comprehensively capture an individual's overall experience stemming from his/her health condition. On the other hand, subjective evaluation using the WHODAS 2.0 questionnaire, provides specific information about the most problematic areas of their life as experienced by the individual. This allows the examiner to directly address these issues and achieve a better therapeutic effect. Alternatively, it may also lead to acknowledging that the appropriate solution lies within the expertise of other specialists. Objectives: The main objective of the thesis is to outline the impact of a rehabilitation program using the WHODAS 2.0 questionnaire in all its defined domains. A secondary goal, is to compare the use of the 12-item and 36-item versions of the WHODAS 2.0 questionnaire in relation to physiotherapy. A third objective is to create a short instructional video on the practical application of WHODAS 2.0. Methods: In the practical part,...
Possibilities of physical activities in women after breast cancer surgery
Trödlerová, Marie ; Sládková, Petra (advisor) ; Majorová, Simona (referee)
Title: The Possibilities of Physical Activities for Women after Breast Cancer Surgery Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to expand upon the theoretical knowledge concerning the issue of breast cancer and the possibilities of physical activities after surgical treatment of this disease. Furthermore, the thesis aims to design a suitable exercise program for the home environment, to monitor the progress of the intervention through online consultations and then to evaluate its benefits. Methods: The case study method was used with three women after surgical treatment at the ages of 38, 44 and 52. Participant observation, questionnaire survey and qualitative content analysis of the document were used to develop these case studies (measurement results, questionnaire results). Results: The movement intervention was found to improve shoulder joint mobility on the operated side and to increase the level of motor activity. The individually designed movement programme was perceived positively by the women and some advantages and disadvantages of the online consultation came to light. Keywords: exercise unit, shoulder joint mobility, individual movement program, telerehabilitation, regimen measures, level of physical activity
Nutritional interventions for patients with brain injuries and movement limitations
Kadečková, Klára ; Sládková, Petra (advisor) ; Svěcená, Kateřina (referee)
Patients with acquired brain damage, who are attending rehabilitation day-care center on the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of the General Hospital and the First Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, are often limited by fatigue and lack of energy. Patients are attending day hospital mainly with brain damage acquired after stroke and less often also after brain trauma. Secondary prevention of atherosclerosis development or progression and prevention of stroke relapse is very important with these patients. Nutritional intervention plays significant role in prevention and treatment of many risk factors of an atherosclerotic artery damage. Common consequence of brain damage is development of secondary sarcopenia. Patient in day hospital must bring their own food. Individualized program as a result from examination by the multidisciplinary team doesn't include nutritional assessment. Study with patients with acquired brain damage was carried out on Department of Rehabilitation. Study used bioelectrical impedance analysis provided by InBody 370 S. Body composition of patients was measured. This data and anthropometric measurements were evaluated for presence of metabolic and cardiovascular disease risk factors. Muscle mass percentage was evaluated as well. Study found out that most...
Effect of biofeedback on stability, coordination and activation of the patients after spine stabilisation with the use of Hunova Movendo posturographic device
Získalová, Karolína ; Sládková, Petra (advisor) ; Malá, Michaela (referee)
The topic of this thesis is stability, coordination and activation of patients after stabilization of the lumbar and cervical spine. The chapter Overview of the current state of the art describes posturography as such, the basic concepts involved, the neurophysiological management of postural control and balance, the management of upright standing and postural balance, the measurement and also assessment of balance and postural stability, clinical evaluation and the evaluation of therapies. The Methodology section outlines the methodological approach that was chosen for the probands tested. In addition, the methods of measuring therapies include case-specific assessments of adaptation and reactive balance in standing, limits of stability, assessment of balance on a passive and flexible base, also assessment of balance with visual perturbation on a stable base, and assessment of squatting. The most important component of the Special Section is the case study and individual exercises within the therapy sessions. The paper concludes with a summary of the results of the input and output data to show the overall effect of the therapy. The results confirm the benefit of posturography on the course of treatment. In the Discussion chapter, the disease, the pros and also cons of the device and the questions...
Functional assessment of activities and participations according to the ICF in patients with central hemiparesis.
Marková, Kateřina ; Sládková, Petra (advisor) ; Angerová, Yvona (referee)
THESIS ABSTRACT Name, surame: Bc. Kateřina Marková Thesis supervisor: MUDr. Bc. Petra Sládková, Ph. D. Title of thesis: Functional assesment of activities and participations according to the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health in patients with central hemiparesis Abstract: Functional independence and social integration, which are the domains of occupational therapy, are essential for the successful rehabilitation of patients. The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health can provide a suitable framework for functional assessment, not only for occupational therapists. The main aim of this thesis is a determination of the functional picture of selected patients with central hemiparesis. The secondary objectives encompass firstly a verification of pre- established hypotheses, and secondly, an evaluation of the influence of the Day Hospital of the General University Hospital in Prague on the functional abilities of patients with central hemiparesis. Primary research methods comprise in particular a quantitative data analysis and comparison; however, a qualitative analysis of texts or description are also utilized. The research retrospectively evaluates the results of the assessment of activities and participation and environmental factors in patients with...
Use of dance therapy in neurorehabilitation from the perspective of a physiotherapist
Tlustá, Tereza ; Gueye, Tereza (advisor) ; Sládková, Petra (referee)
First and last name: Tereza Tlustá Supervisor: MUDr. Bc.Tereza Gueye Ph.D. Opponent of the thesis: Name of the thesis: Use of dance therapy in neurorehabilitation from the perspective of a physiotherapist. Abstract of the thesis: The bachelor's thesis summarises the present level of knowledge and evidence on the impact of dance therapy on motor symptoms of neurological disorders through a systematic review. The theoretical part provides a comprehensive overview of dance and dance movement therapy and their impact on the musculoskeletal and nervous system. A part of the thesis is also focused on the characteristics and scope of physical rehabilitation of neurological patients and the characteristics of symptoms of some neurological diseases, namely Parkinson's disease and stroke. In the second phase, by analyzing the studies obtained by literature search, fifteen recent and relevant articles were included and analyzed. Through analytical analysis of the results of testing and evaluation of each study, it is determined whether and under what conditions dance therapy was effective. The presented articles include studies testing the effect of dance therapy on stability and gait in Parkinson's disease and post-stroke patients. The paper presents a mostly positive conclusion about the effect of dance...
The impact of COVID 19 disease on quality of life in women working in health care
Králová, Helena ; Sládková, Petra (advisor) ; Svěcená, Kateřina (referee)
The theoretical part of this thesis deals with the issue of coronavirus disease. First, the general characteristics of the disease, the major variants of the virus, the epidemiology and symptoms of the disease are described, followed by an introduction of the diagnosis and treatments methods. Information on the importance of vaccination and rehabilitation cannot be omitted. Towards the end of the theoretical part, the impact that the disease can have on the lifestyle of health professionals is presented, in all aspects, from diet to physical activity, stress, sleep, psychological hygiene and mental state. Last but not least, I also describe the post-covida syndrome and the subsequent care of healthcare workers. The practical part of this thesis is concerned with exploring how Covid-19 disease has affected the normal daily activities of women working in healthcare. Whether this period had an effect on weight gain in these women and whether there was a change in laboratory parameters. The necessary data was collected by questionnaire survey and then recorded in graphs. The questionnaire was distributed online on Google Forms platform. The questionnaire was filled correctly and completely by 128 women working in health care in different professions. The results of blood tests were provided anonymously from 20...

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