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Application of rhythmic auditory stimulation in training of paretic upper limb
Pokorná, Anna ; Gerlichová, Markéta (advisor) ; Kejhová, Eva (referee)
BACHELOR THESIS ABSTRACT Author: Anna Pokorná Supervisor: PhDr. Markéta Gerlichová, PhD. Title: Application of the rhythmic auditory stimulation in training of paretic upper limb Abstract: My bachelor thesis is divided into the theoretical and the practical part and its topic is the use of rhythmic auditory stimulation in patients after a stroke. In the theoretical part in the first chapter I deal with the problems of stroke, its origin, manifestations, diagnostics, consequences and possibilities of rehabilitation treatment. In the next part I deal with the function of the hand and fine motor skills due to the focus of the practical part mainly on the paretic upper limb. In the music therapy chapter I characterize the general principles of this therapeutic field, I also deal with for example the effect of music on human body and the use of music therapy in health care. At the end of this chapter I describe the principles of neurological music therapy and the rhythmic auditory stimulation itself. The practical part presents three case reports of patients after a stroke with motor problems in the upper limb. In addition to the kinesiological and neurological examinations I also tested all patients using the Ashworth scale and the Modified Frenchay scale. Elements of rhythmic auditory stimulation were used in...
Handwriting assessment in patients after stroke.
Holinková, Radka ; Krivošíková, Mária (advisor) ; Gerlichová, Markéta (referee)
The thesis deals with graphomotor skills in adult patients after stroke. The aim of the thesis is to map the need for and method of assessing graphomotor skills in adults by non- medical professions using a questionnaire survey. Another aim is to find out the level of graphomotor skills in adult post-stroke patients using the Handwritind Assessment Battery for aduls. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on a brief description of stroke and its impact on hand function and writing. It gives a summary of graphomotor difficulties after stroke, possible graphomotor evaluation and the method of rehabilitation intervention. The practical part deals with the mapping of the situation regarding the assessment of graphomotor skills by various non-medical and non-health professions in the Czech Republic and points out the missing areas in the current assessment of graphomotor skills used in practice. The questionnaire survey was conducted from November 2021 to February 2022 and a total of 368 respondents reacted. It was found that the most frequent assessment of graphomotor skills is carried out by clinical speech and language therapists and special pedagogues. The majority of respondents considered grip function assessment, assessment of manipulative use of writing utensils and assessment of writing...
Handwriting in a healthy adult population.
Mikolajková, Marie ; Krivošíková, Mária (advisor) ; Gerlichová, Markéta (referee)
Handwriting is part of the graphomotor skills necessary for functional communication in everyone's life. The field of adult handwriting is not sufficiently developed in the Czech Republic yet. This thesis focuses on handwriting in a healthy adult population. The main aim is to describe adult handwriting, individual parameters of writing, factors influencing writing and to present the current possibilities of handwriting assessment. The theoretical work also discusses the benefits of handwriting, the benefits and negative consequences of modern technology on handwriting performance. The aim of the practical part is to describe the differences in the level of handwriting between younger (age 20-29) and older (70+) adults and thus to contribute to the development of standards for the Czech version of the Handwtiting Assessment Battery for Adults (HAB) in healthy adult population. The data were collected using the HAB instrument in the sample of 141 individuals. It is quantitative type of work. The data collection was based on stratified random sampling, the data were statistically processed and subsequently tested against the established hypotheses. The sample was stratified by age and gender. Increasing age of probands can be considered to be the most significant factor affecting handwriting...
Physiotherapy in the pediatric rheumatology
Benáková, Lucie ; Vondřejcová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Gerlichová, Markéta (referee)
Name: Lucie Benáková Name of bachelor thesis: Physiotherapy in the pediatric rheumatology Juvenile dermatomyositis Abstract: Juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM) is an idiopathic inflammatory myopathy which manifests mainly on the skin of the face. Another major symptom is muscle weakness which primarily affects the muscles of shoulder and pelvic girdle. Children have problems with movement and breathing. It can lead to permanent imobility. This disease occurs rarely. Comprehensive rehabilitation isn't described in Czech literature. In my bachelor thesis I compared the Czech and foreign resources which refer to the rehabilitation of childrens with JDM. I describe methods of testing and possibilities of physiotherapy in various problems associated with this disease. Key words: Juvenile dermatomyositis, muscle weakness, physical therapy, Manual Muscle Testing, Childhood Myositis Assessment Scale, pain, respiratory weakness

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