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The Application of Robot-Assisted Therapy of Hand in Patients after Stroke in Chronic Phase: Follow-up Trial of Application of AMADEO Instrument
Oktábcová, Alice ; Uhlířová, Jaromíra (advisor) ; Kotková, Karla (referee)
Name: Alice Oktábcová Supervisor: Mgr. et Mgr. Jaromíra Uhlířová Oponent: ……………. Diploma thesis: The Application of Robot-Assisted Therapy of Hand after Stroke: Follow-Up Trial of Application of AMADEO Instrument Key words: stroke, robot-assisted therapy, Amadeo Instrument, follow-up study, upper extremity In recent years, western countries noted a gradual increase in stroke survivors. Stroke can cause motor activity impairment and also senzoric and cognitive disorders which lead into restriction of participation of activities of daily living and also reduction of social and community activities. Functional improvment of upper and lower extremity after stroke is a very complex proces which has to be solved in multidiscplinary and multifactorial approach in result of every stroke survivor to live in the most independent way as possible. Robot-assisted therapy for motor recovery could be a successful way to improve motor activity of stroke survivors. Amadeo Instrument is one of robot-assisted therapy for hand rehabilitation of stroke survivors. This instrument can be described as final effector without exoskeleton which allows functional motor therapy for fingers and also a motivational feedback. Amadeo therapy can be passive, assisted, active and also interactive. The aim of this thesis is to...
The Influence of Vocation on Dexterity in Healthy Adults.
Nováková, Barbora ; Vondrová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Kotková, Karla (referee)
OF THE DIPLOMA THESIS Author: Barbora Nováková Thesis supervizor: Mgr. Kateřina Vondrová Title: The Influence of Vocation on Dexterity in Healthy Adults Abstract: Restoring the ability to work is crucial for adult rehabilitation. Vocational rehabilitation supports individuals in obtaining and maintaining employment. Many job tasks require the use of upper extremities. As part of prevocational assessment, occupational therapists evaluate upper extremity functions using the standardized Purdue Pegboard Test (PPT). This thesis aimed to explore the causal relationship between the characteristics of adult employment and their performance in the PPT. It focused on three main areas: the influence of occupation, weekly working hours, and current employment duration on the PPT. A total of 266 subjects completed a questionnaire and were tested using the Czech extended version of the PPT manual. The tested population consisted of 70 % women and 30 % men, aged 20 to 64, with 250 employed subjects. The data were analysed using box plots. The influence of occupation on the PPT performance was examined by categorizing subjects into professional fields based on the National Classification of Occupations based on the questionnaire. No statistically significant difference in PPT results was found between the...
Inter-rater Reliability of the Purdue Pegboard Test in Adults after a Stroke
Ćmielová, Daniela ; Rybářová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Kotková, Karla (referee)
Title: Inter-rater Reliability of the Purdue Pegboard Test in Adults after a Stroke Abstract: The Purdue Pegboard Test (PPT) is a standardized tool which evaluates fine motor skills, finger and hand dexterity. This test is used to assess and evaluate not only neurological patients. The official Czech translation of the manual has not been available in the Czech Republic yet. To unify the administration of PPT, a new Czech extended version of the manual for PPT: Model 32020A was created. It includes new evaluation rules, unification of scoring and interpretation of tested individuals' performance and also provides exact instructions for administration of recommended three trials of each subtest. The main aim of this study was to determine inter-rater reliability of the PPT administered according to new Czech extended manual version. Therefore, 31 Czech-speaking adult patients after a stroke were tested by PPT at the Rehabilitation Center Kladruby. The evaluation of these patients, based on the analysis of the video documentation obtained from their testing, was performed by two independent occupational therapists. Data from the results of both evaluators were analyzed using Spearman's correlation coefficient. The correlation coefficient ranged from 0,967 to 1,000 for all subtests which is considered...
Occupational therapy group work in psychiatric hospital
Kotrbová, Kateřina ; Pluhaříková-Pomajzlová, Jana (advisor) ; Kotková, Karla (referee)
BACHELOR THESIS ABSTRACT Name, Surname: Kateřina Kotrbová Supervisor: Mgr. Jana Pluhaříková-Pomajzlová Title: Occupational Therapy Group Work in Psychiatric Hospital Abstract: The bachelor thesis studies occupational therapy group work for patients with mental illness during hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital. It focuses on leading aimed group activity in occupational therapy and offers specific therapeutic units usable in practise that have been designed as a part of this paper and most of them have been verified in practice. Another outcome of the work is a workbook on the topic of time management which occupational therapists may use to manage group therapy and individual therapy as well. It also describes the role of occupational therapy in mental health care, its therapeutic benefits, and recommendations for working with a group. It aims at adult hospitalized patients with serious mental disorders (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc.) who often receive aftercare as a part of their hospitalization. A total of 12 therapies performed in the aim group were described in the form of case reports with their preparation, course, conclusion, and reflection. The conclusion of the work summarizes and evaluates the practical experience with the created follow-up program on a selected topic within...
Pain and possibilities of physiotherapy influence
Yevnevich, Anna ; Kotková, Karla (advisor) ; Marečková, Soňa (referee)
BAKALÁŘSKÉ PRÁCE V AJ Author: Anna Yevnevich Supervisor: MUDr. Karla Kotková Opponent: Title of bachelor thesis: Pain and possibilities of physiotherapy influence. Abstract: This bachelor thesis deals with pain in the elderly and possibilities of physiotherapy influence on it. The work is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The aim of this work is to summarize theoretical information about pain, its treatment and to compare the effect of two therapeutic systems of physical activity (sokol and tai-chi exercises), what will determine the physiotherapy influence on pain of elderly people. The theoretical part includes description of the pain, its classification, physiology and various methods of its treatment. I also described old age and physiological changes of the organism that related to it. The practical part deals with settled objectives, detecting and comparing the effects of two therapeutic systems of exercising. I used a semistructured interview to collect data, that were compiled into synaptic charts. After the data were collected for my research, the results have been analyzed and evaluated. And for my conclusion, I have noted the positive impact of both therapeutic approaches on pain. Key words: pain, physiotherapy, senior, health, healthy lifestyle, movement, tai-chi chuan,...
Modification of the arthritis difficulties in obese patiens depending on a change of the movement habits
Horniaková, Zuzana ; Kotková, Karla (advisor) ; Táborská, Silvie (referee)
The aim of the Bachelor Thesis is to determine how changes arthritic difficulties in obese patients following an alternation in movement patterns. The work also deals with the movement and sports activities are suitable and unsuitable for the diagnosis. The work is divided into theoretical and practical section. In the theoretical section, we summarize of knowledge of obesity and osteoarthritis. The first chapter describes the definition, prevalence, etiopathogenesis, diagnosis, complications, prognosis and treatment of obesity. In the second chapter we define osteoarthritis and its progression, risk factors, etiopathogenesis, diagnosis, therapy and prognosis. In the third, special chapter, we discusse the importance of physical activity in obese patients with osteoarthritis, the frequency and intensity of workload and motion activities appropriate for these patiens. We describe the principles and benefits of walking, nordic walking, swimming, aqua-aerobics, riding a bicycle and also the use of therapeutic physical education in this field. The practical part is then focused on the application of correct principles of physical activity, instruction of the patient and monitoring of modification in their arthritic difficulties. The case reports are elaborated based on the three selected patiens.
Determination of functional capacity level for executing common daily and occupational activities of individuals with cardiovascular disease
Šimková, Klára ; Uhlířová, Jaromíra (advisor) ; Kotková, Karla (referee)
OF BACHELOR THESIS Title of bachelor thesis: Determination of functional capacity level for executing common daily and occupational activities of individuals with cardiovascular disease. This bachelor's thesis summarizes basic information about cardiovascular diseases, its epidemiology, the most frequent causes of their onset, the most frequent types of diseases, onset risk factors and their prevalence. Subsequently, it is devoted to description of procedures, phases and goals of rehabilitation in the target group of individuals. Particular attention is payed to ergo-therapeutic intervention and options to assess functional capacity in common daily activities and activities related to occupation of individuals with cardiovascular disease. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part, consisting of literature research, summarizes basic knowledge about cardiovascular diseases, its rehabilitation and options to assess functional capacity of affected individuals in different stages of the rehabilitation process. The practical part consists of case interpretations of two patients and processes data from questionnaire-based research. The questionnaire is aimed to collect information from workplaces with department of cardiology and rehabilitation. It processes...
Changes of arthritis difficulties in obese patients in relation to the changes of body weight and physical activity
Stejskalová, Hana ; Kotková, Karla (advisor) ; Homolková, Alena (referee)
The aim of this Bachelor Thesis is to determine how arthritic difficulties will change in relation to changes in weight (reduction) and physical activity. The Bachelor Thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part discusses the formation, diagnostics, risks, causes, medical complications and treatment of obesity. There is also a description of arthritis, where is mentioned how arthritis arises, how is manifested and diagnosed, what are the therapeutic possibilities. Different types of osteoarthritis are listed for an overwiev too. There is also introduced a chapter about physical activity and patient motivation, because proper personal motivation is one of the most important condition for reducing overweight or obesity. The practical part is focused on research arthritic difficulties before and after the change of body weight and physical activity. To evaluate changes in the persons, quantitative research using a questionnaire was chosen. Key words: Obesity, overweight, physical activity, osteoarthritis, arthritic difficulties, risk factors.

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