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Jewishness as a question of personal identity and literary dispositions
Pavlík, Ondřej ; Topor, Michal (advisor) ; Wiendl, Jan (referee)
This thesis primarily explores the different ways of reflecting on Jewishness in Czech poetry published between 1923 and 1936. This is modelled on two interconnected levels. Firstly, the thesis documents the language of literary criticism at the time, especially in the thought-provoking reflections of Pavel Eisner. The prism of his and others' observations and propositions can be applied directly to poetic texts to evidence their second life and wider impact - their social echoes, auto/hetero-stereotypical reception, ethno-deterministic interpretations, and finally their inclusion in the lineage of "Jewish lyricism," which is not to be taken as a matter of course. This is verified against and expanded upon through interpretations of the collections of poems by Otokar Fischer (Hlasy), František Gottlieb (Cesta do Kanaán, Proměny, Bílý plamen), and Viktor Fischl (Jaro, Kniha nocí, Hebrejské melodie) - i.e., by those authors who made Jewishness an explicit theme of their lyrical expression (or part of their lyrical auto-stylization). This way, the thesis explores the ideas of the different spiritual dispositions of Jewish artists, attempting to answer how and in what relation to the original poetic production they were formulated. In other words, how the influence of the author's Jewishness on his...
Is it possible to research translation activity of women who were members of "The American Women's Club" in Prague in the 19th and early 20th century?
Suchomelová, Kristýna ; Kalivodová, Eva (advisor) ; Topor, Michal (referee)
This thesis focuses on the translation activity of women who were members of the American Ladies' Club, since its establishment in 1865 until 1910. It provides a short overview of the historical context, focusing mainly on the development of the Czech women's movement and the history of the American Ladies' Club. It then describes the research that was conducted and which sources were used. Next, the results of the research are described, mainly in terms of how the translation activity of the Club's members developed over time and what languages and genres were translated. The relationship between individual members' translation activity and their own literary work is also examined. This general overview is then accompanied by a translation analysis of two selected translations and their original texts. Key words: women translators, The American Ladies' Club, Prague, 19th century, early 20th century, translation history
Minima prosaica. Czech minime prose in 1890-1900
Topor, Michal ; Merhaut, Luboš (advisor) ; Heczková, Libuše (referee) ; Opelík, Jiří (referee)
The materials for analyses and commentaries assembled in this work are short prosaical texts printed throughout the last decade of the 19th century in Czech joumals. The chapters devoted to the years 1890 and 1990 are in the form of various encraved foils that can be compared, a chapter in between them corresponds to an abbrevation, reduction, a kind of tentative contemplation exposing the more or less distinctive phenomenon (madness) that it models its findings around.
Artwork and life of the writer Rudolf Karel Zahálka
Pausz, Marek ; Merhaut, Luboš (advisor) ; Topor, Michal (referee)
This bachelor's thesis mainly focuses on the artwork of the writer Rudolf Karel Zahálka. The introductory part briefly outlines the contemporary context of 1890s, which serves as a reference for following analyses. The major part of the thesis analyses the most important motifs and the choices of the topics Zahálka's short prose in comparison with texts by autors, who are classified to the similar literary direction. The last part contains a summary of all available data about life of this author and the concept of the book Kresby is also mentioned. The aim of this thesis is, based on the comparison with contemporary trends, to clarify particular vague ascpects of Zahálka's artwork, to characterize it appropriately and integrate it to the defined literaly-historical period.
About One "hightened friendship" or The Relationship between Ivan Olbracht and Bedřich Fučík in the light of mutual correspondence
Libánská, Anežka ; Topor, Michal (advisor) ; Wiendl, Jan (referee)
This thesis deals with the relationship of Ivan Olbracht, the writer and an "evil loner" and Bedřich Fučík, an influential literary critic and a publisher, primarily through the optics of their collegial correspondence. The text consists mainly of a study that deals with various aspects of their friendship (starting with their respective living circumstances in which they start their correspondence, the primary impulse and subsequent reasons for their continuous relationship and its final decline) and an edition of their correspondence from 1933-1944. The edition, which can be considered the centre of the thesis, consists of previously unpublished letters from the family estate of B. Fučík and partly public letters from the Melantrich fund (LA PNP) and contains a glossary, editorial notes, index of personal names and titles.
Reception Aesthetics problems in Dušan Pala's Literary Works
Zlámalová, Alena ; Vojvodík, Josef (advisor) ; Topor, Michal (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to bring a comprehensive view of Dušan Pala's literary works and the personality of the author. The first part introduces the philosophy of existence and context of the war period. Furthermore, attention is focused on the author's life and the issue of his classification in literary history. In the most extensive section of the work is presented the author's literary work, with closely monitored posthumous editions and related reception aesthetics problems. The last section deals with selected features that connect the entire literary work of the author. The work also contains unpublished texts from the author's estate stored in the Literary Archive of the Memorial of National Literature. Key words Dušan Pala, Václav Černý, Vladimír Papoušek, Blood and ash, Trees and stones, existentialism
Elsa Goller and Julius Zeyer: friendship between translator and author
Friedlová, Maria ; Topor, Michal (advisor) ; Merhautová, Lucie (referee)
(in English): This bachelor's thesis aims to provide an introduction of Elsa Goller regarding her relationship with the Czech poet Julius Zeyer. The thesis is primarily based on their extensive correspondence deposited in the Literary Archive of the Museum of Czech Literature; another helpful source of information is represented by a thorough and detailed file including not only cuttings of Goller's texts (such as articles and translations), but also historical texts about her. In the thesis, special attention is devoted to the part of Goller's journalistic and translation work concentrated in the old Bohemian daily, the Politik (or the Union). In this very daily, most her translations of Zeyer's works were published. By Zeyer and Goller's multilingual correspondence, not only their long-lasting friendship, but also their translation cooperation is revealed. To provide a better understanding of their relationship, a wide look suggesting Zeyer's attitude towards women is taken, as well as the outline of the situation and social status of women translators towards the end of the 19th century is depicted.
Erotica and Sexuality in the Work of Franz Kafka
Petrželová, Anežka ; Topor, Michal (advisor) ; Vojvodík, Josef (referee)
The basis of the thesis is the specification of the main terms of sexuality and eroticism as the possible clues to the interpretation of Franz Kafka's novel The Castle. The focal point of the thesis are several fundamental propositions creating a perspective which a novelistic setting could be seen through. The initial assumption gives the idea of a castle as an absolute factor of pleasure and even as the climax itself albeit constantly forbidden and unavailable. The sadomasochistic structure of the aforementioned setting corresponds to this. After determination of the terminological, methodological and semantic basis the main focus is on the area of sacral fetishism where the two concepts collectively generating a distinctive form of attraction converge. The thesis is focused on the circle of female characters and their specificities as well. The consideration is also given to an erotic motif of female servants, tempting ugliness, physical intimacy and estrangement, homosexual attraction, the absence of privacy and private life. Continuously analysed lines of fashionable fetishism, importance of clothing and the contact with a body are put in to mutual relations in the final charter dedicated to the character of the landlady. Key words: sexuality, erotica, Franz Kafka, The Castle, sadomasochistic...
Echoes of antiquity in the early work of Otakar Theer
Kochová, Denisa ; Topor, Michal (advisor) ; Vojtěch, Daniel (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the ancient inspiration in the early works of Otakar Theer, i.e. until the end of 1897, when he published his book Háje, kde se tančí. Firstly, the thesis outlines basic parameters, stereotypes in the reception of ancient culture in the course of European history, especially in the nineteenth century. Next, the thesis focuses on the position of Greek and Latin languages and facts about ancient cultures in school curriculum, based on the common discussion about how appropriate and useful these were in the decades around the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century. In particular, special consideration is given to their practical application in school curriculum of gymnasium in Žitná, Prague, where Otakar Theer studied in 1890-1899. Following this research, the thesis attempts to reconstruct more impulses and contexts (decadence, naturism) that influenced Theer's vision of ancient Greece and Rome, and which he also tackled in his own way in Háje, kde se tančí.
Memories of Bedřich Frída
Hubáček, Jiří ; Vaněk, Václav (advisor) ; Topor, Michal (referee)
The core of the work lies in an edition of less known or never published memorial texts related to Jaroslav Vrchlický. The work introduces memoirs of the Poet's brother, Bedřich Frída, written shortly after Vrchlický's death and never edited before. This edition also focuses on texts of Jaroslav Vrchlický himself published so far only in periodicals, which reflect mainly the Poet's youth. The edited texts also contain expert medical report of Vrchlický written by Josef Pelnář. Comprehensive commentary serves as an aid for understanding the facts present in the edited texts as well as provides period reflexions of some of the moments of Vrchlický's life known from other literature. The opening study firstly maps memorial literature related to Jaroslav Vrchlický, and provides its self-contained overview. Second part focuses on Bedřich Frída, the author of the most extensive parts of the edited texts, and tries to provide complex picture of the life of less known Czech translator, pedagogue, and dramatic adviser of the National Theatre. Most importantly the study follows period materials trying to map complicated and dynamically changing relation between the two brothers and so provides comparison between the period materials and the text of Frída's memoirs depicting his version of coexistence with...

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