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Usage of Organizational Structures and ICT in the Food Industry
Slavíková, Jana ; Šupina, Tomáš (referee) ; Tichý, Ondřej (advisor)
This Bachelor work will focus on organizational structures and use of information technology in medium and large business enterprises in the food industry in the Czech Republic. It will focus on the organizational structures currently used, suggesting optimal structures, identifying types of information systems and the choice of appropriate information resources which can be used in other companies.
Tichý, Ondřej ; Hynek, Josef (referee) ; Mikoláš, Zdeněk (referee) ; Půža, Bedřich (referee) ; Němeček, Petr (advisor)
The thesis covers a research into the relationship between the Czech organizations and employees and modern information and communication technologies (abbreviated as ICT). From the perspective of organizations, the research focuses on the specific technologies that have been implemented in recent years. How have the technologies been proved and whether they managed to influence an organizational structure of companies. The research is also interested in the impact of these technologies on employees, especially on their productivity. The research, carried out between foreign articles, showed that in countries such as China or USA people suffered from a technostress. The technostess could be described as a stress induced by these technologies. Then, the technostress has a negative impact to the mentioned labor productivity. The introductory part of the text contains secondary research, which focuses on two basic topics. The first part concerns the description of an organization. It indicates what that organization is, and yet the historical opinions on the organizations are also described here. Furthermore, there is described the term like an organizational behavior and its integration into the functioning of the organization. Followed by a section, which defines the position of the individual within the organization. The next section contains a description of the organizational structures. The second basic topic within the secondary research describes ICT. But there is not described a technical specification, there is a description of their importance to the organization, including the relationship of employees of organizations to these technologies. The second half of this dissertation thesis contains two primary researches that are built on the previous theoretical part. Its objectives are: 1) the creation of a model which would includes ICT and also shows the ICT’s impact on a company; 2) to develop a methodology for determining the benefits of ICT to the company and to set them on the basis of the results of the research carried out in this thesis; 3) to identify the latest trends in the implementation of ICT in organizations in the ICT sector in the Czech Republic; 4) to determine whether the current organizational structures of the examined companies are affected by ICT; 5) to ascertain whether the modern ICT affect Czech employees in a negative way, so that caused their lower productivity; and 6) make some recommendations regarding the implementation of ICT for other companies in the Czech Republic. The result of the thesis is the synthesis of knowledge acquired on the basis of the analytical part. During the data collection the inductive and deductive methods were used and the both studies yielded the following conclusions. The employees who use these technologies, do not mostly suffer from the technostress, despite the fact that there was proved a weak dependence between the technostress and a lower labor productivity by the statistical test. The research into the organization also showed that larger Czech companies from the ICT sector tend to focus on the short-term benefits within acquisition of the new ICT. The examined link between the ICT and organizational structures of companies was not demonstrated. The further evaluation showed that the companies mostly acquired software, which was specially developed for them. Finally, it can be considered as a trend in the acquisition of the new ICT to the Czech organizations.
Motivation and Stimulation of Entrepreneur
Janošík, Martin ; Tichý, Ondřej (referee) ; Franková, Emilie (advisor)
The object of my diploma thesis deals with motivation and stimulation of entrepreneurs and influences upon their job performance. The theoretical part focuses on the explanation of terminology, such as motivation, stimulation, sources of motivation but also on different stimulating means which help to increase motivation. The practical part concentrates on a research among entrepreneurs where the data are collected by personal interviews. Furthermore, the data are analyzed and the observed results offer recommendations to the entrepreneurs who will most probably increase the level of their motivation as well as stimulation as a consequence.
Research into the appropriateness of diverse multimedia cabling applications
Tichý, Ondřej ; Kapoun, Vladimír (referee) ; Škorpil, Vladislav (advisor)
The reader can find a summary of metallic structured cabling in this thesis. It means there is described progress of this cabling and the specifications of the cabling systems. There are also described all types of these cables and some of connectors. The types of cable are summed in the table at the end of this part. In another part there are shown some aplications used for structured cabling. In the futher part there are described tests defined in the specifications in more detail. The most importatnt part of this thesis is focused on various tests. Firstly, there were chosen typical representative of the cables. It was: the data cable (Category 6), S/STP and MediaTwist cable. These cables were underwent the standard tests described above and theirs results are appended on the attached CD. In the last part of this thesis there are intrinsic tests of fitness cables to the multimedia signal. Of course, the tests were chosen to measure cable to obtain the most suitable type of cable. However, these tests were not standard measurement. There were simulated occasions from the practise. The goals of this thesis were to achieve the results, to compare them between each other and to make a decision, which cable is the most suitable for the multimedia signal. Definitely, this thesis should be sufficient at least for people who keep track of structured cabling. Eventually, the clear decision was made from these testings. MediaTwist cable is the most suitable type for the multimedia signal, because the signal is being recognized correctly in almost every case even if the long length. The result from the testings in more detail can be found at the very end of this thesis. So, if you are interested, please, continue in reading.
The Concept of In-line Injection Pump for 120 MPa Pressures
Tichý, Ondřej ; Štěpánek, Karel (referee) ; Dundálek, Radim (advisor)
This thesis provides an overall evaluation of the concept of inline injection pump for pressure 120 MPa. The name of this pump is "Mj" and it is a product of the Motorpal, a.s. company. This thesis also contains an analysis of the contact pressures between the cam lobe and the pumping element's roller tappet. This includes comparing three different shapes of the roller and their influence on the magnitude of contact pressures. Calculations of the plunger helix and of the fuel delivery's impact on the relative position of plunger are also present.
Using Information Panels on the Street Lighting Pole
Tichý, Ondřej ; Jabůrek, Jiří (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
The master's thesis is focused on forwarding information to the general public. In the first part of the thesis there is described the present status of this topic. Further there is accomplished a survey. This survey tries to demonstrate that it is possible to increase an effect of forwarding information thanks to information technologies. In the last part there is described how it can be implemented in a real world.
Axles of modern cars
Tichý, Ondřej ; Vopařil, Jan (referee) ; Kučera, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on desicribing of common axle types, their modern solutions and modifications, which are brought by a usage of electronic and hydraulic systems, and discusses their properties as well. The next part of the thesis deals with types of axle differentials and their modern electronic substitutes. The most common brake types, brake assistant systems and main types of vehicle wheels are mentioned in the last chapter.
Lexical Obsolescence and Loss: The Case of Early Modern English (1500-1700)
Volná, Veronika ; Tichý, Ondřej (advisor) ; Fernandez Alcaina, Cristina (referee) ; Černý, Miroslav (referee)
Literature dealing with the development of the English lexicon has been concerned primarily with new additions to the language's vocabulary, such as borrowings, coinages and word formation patterns, while the topic of lexical obsolescence and loss remains under-researched. In the Early Modern period, the rate at which new lexical items appeared in the English language was unprecedented, especially in the years 1590-1620, as documented in the Oxford English Dictionary's online Timelines feature. In tandem with the rapid expanding lexicon, there was a portion of the vocabulary that was undergoing obsolescence or complete disappearance. Over the course of the Early Modern period, English lost a significant portion of its word- stock, including those short-lived coinages or borrowings which had entered the language only several decades or centuries earlier. Using authentic examples from the EEBO (Early English Books Online) corpus, this dissertation provides an insight into the role of lexical obsolescence and loss in the development of Early Modern English. Based on frequency data, a list of candidates for obsolescence has been generated featuring words such as sacerdote (lat.), travalier (fr.), and breastlap (en.), all of which were common at the onset of the Early Modern period but had disappeared...
Terminology of disability: A historical perspective
Půlkrabová, Kateřina ; Luef, Eva Maria (advisor) ; Tichý, Ondřej (referee)
and key words: This bachelor thesis aimed to investigate the development of disability terminology, specifically focusing on mental health issues, and its evolving frequency in newspapers from 1990 to 2019. The data was sourced from the COCA corpora, and the list of terms was based on the Disability Style Guide, established by the National Center on Disability and Journalism, with support from the categorization provided by the World Health Organization's ICD-11 browser. The primary focus was on examining the average frequency of 26 terms, primarily in three major newspapers: the New York Times, USAToday, and Washington Post. Additionally, the study observed the developmental patterns of the most frequently used words on the list, along with derogatory terms. The findings indicated an overall inclination towards an increase in average frequency, with noticeable variations in peaks and troughs across all analyzed categories. The derogatory terms demonstrated distinct fluctuations in all three newspapers, suggesting their continuous usage in journalism. The three newspapers exhibited significant differences, sharing high peaks in the later part of the analyzed period and inclining trandline. This area of research remains relatively underexplored, as there are limited studies focusing on the average...
Corpus based analysis of selected lexicon for horses, its collocations and adjectives in Middle and Early Modern English
Vařáková, Zuzana ; Tichý, Ondřej (advisor) ; Šmídová Müllerová, Světlana (referee)
The bachelor thesis aims at investigating some aspects of the semantic field "horse" and its changes throughout the Middle English and Early Modern English periods on the example of four selected terms from the category of warhorses and aristocratic horses: palfrey, destrier, steed, and courser. The thesis focuses mainly on the collocations of these words, with particular (but not exclusive) emphasis on adjectives. Its main hypothesis is that the collocations of the words may reflect, and thus also help to understand, the historical uses and social perception of the selected types of horses in the given periods. The theoretical part discusses the concepts of collocations, semantic change, and the development of the English lexis. Moreover, the chapter deals with the evolution of the English warhorse and the aristocratic horse in order to provide historical background. The research part is based on two diachronic corpora, the Corpus of the Middle English prose and Verse (CME) and the Early English Books Online (EEBO). In the analysis, the collocations of the selected words are examined by categorising them into various semantic groups, and used to determine the semantic prosody of each term. The findings are also compared and contextualised with the information from the historical and cultural...

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