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Measurement of the fiber optical transport links
Ambrož, Jan ; Škorpil, Vladislav (referee) ; Reichert, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis deals with the measurement of optical transport links. In particular, the measurement of attenuation, chromatic and polarization mode dispersion. Specic me- asurement systems using a WDM and passive optical networks. Within each chapter are listed the causes and eects restrictive factors and methods of measurement. In chapter Attenuation measurements are described radiation and material loss as the main causes of depression. Methods whitch are described two lengths, insert loss and reectometri. Chromatic dispersion at dierent speeds of various wavelengths limits systems with high transfer rate. Methods of measuring the phase shift, dierential phase shift, pulse time delay and interference. Polarization mode dispersion is a random phenomenon caused double refraction, must be measured after completion of the route. Scanning wavelen- gth, traditional and general interference, reectometri and the polarimetric are methods of measurement. It described the measurement of WDM systems in three stages of its build. In brief PON networks are presented, with the specicities of the measurement over splitter. Most chapters are supplemented by the results and conclusions of practical measurements. At the end of the work are given by the two standards deal with the measurement of optical transport links.
The effect of optical fiber attenuation on the capacity of optical traces
Žák, Ondřej ; Škorpil, Vladislav (referee) ; Reichert, Pavel (advisor)
The essence of this thesis is the creation of complex insight on optic fibre attenuation. There is successive steps explained mechanism of optical attenuation and characterized its spectral dependence. We are describing primary elements of optical attenuation, its sorts and their own spectral dependence. Bachelor´s thesis is explaining requirements of transmission system to spectral characteristic optic fibre and influence of optic fibre attenuation on capacity of optical trace. Output of bachelor´s thesis is program solution of designed mathematical model for calcula-tion spectral dependence of optical attenuation. Program is realized in MATLAB and there is furthermore added version in Microsoft Office 1997-2003. Created program is able to ap-proximate points data obtained from measurement of optic fibre by using Lagrange interpola-tion polynomial and Rayleigh scatter interlay.
Designing intelligent data distribution networks
Stojaspal, Martin ; Škorpil, Vladislav (referee) ; Mišurec, Jiří (advisor)
Master thesis on topic Design of intelligent data distribution network is focused on the design of KNX bus system. The theoretical part is focused on problematic of KNX technology and on the rules, regulations and forms which must correct project documentation contain. The practical part is focused on creation of complete design of project documentation KNX bus system. In this thesis is basically shown how project documentation should look like.
Implementation of quality of service in a converged network
Zvolenský, Daniel ; Kovář, Petr (referee) ; Škorpil, Vladislav (advisor)
The point of this work is the creation of IP network with a proper topology, in Network Simulator version 2, where voice packet stream with recommended compresion by G.723 standard and real-time video by H.263 standard will be simulated. Theoretical part of this work consists of convergence of nets with an implementation of Quality of Services description. In practical part of this work is identification with bacis commands in program Network Simulator 2, which make possible simulation of network behaviour.
Modernization of Laboratory Education of Access and Transport Networks
Kolář, Michal ; Endrle, Pavel (referee) ; Škorpil, Vladislav (advisor)
This work deals with equipment found in laboratory of access and transport networks, with a focus on the cooperation between the devices. Suggests tasks suitable for solving in the form of laboratory tasks with respect to practice. The three new laboratory tasks are prepared in form of specification, solution and sample laboratory report.
4G mobile network design issues
Žůrek, Martin ; Škorpil, Vladislav (referee) ; Novotný, Vít (advisor)
he first section briefly describes the history and development of mobile telecommunications networks, by their standards and the gradual development of global initiatives for the unification of the network. The second part of my work is focused on the latest generation cellular networks. The transition from the previous generation of networks and communication between them. Including differences in the architecture of the fourth generation. Description of the basic blocks of a new core and access networks, its use for commercial purposes.
Multidimensional Data Analysis and Analytic View Processing
Foltýnová, Veronika ; Burget, Radim (referee) ; Škorpil, Vladislav (advisor)
This thesis deals with the analysis and display of multidimensional data. In the theoretical part, the issue of data mining, its tasks and techniques, and a brief explanation of the terms Business Intelligence and data warehouse are presented. The issue of databases is also described in this thesis. Subsequently, the options for displaying multidimensional data are described. At the end of the theoretical part is briefly explained the problems of optical networks and especially the terms Gigabit passive optical network and its frame, because the data from the frames of this network will be displayed by an application. In the practical part, you can find creating a source database and an application to create a OLAP cube and display multidimensional data. This application is based on the theoretical knowledge of multidimensional databases and OLAP technology.
Design of Generalized Powertrain Model
Borkovec, Tomáš ; Kenyeres, Martin (referee) ; Škorpil, Vladislav (advisor)
In this work is proposed the generalized powertrain of the parallel hybrid car. The powertrain is composed from the sub-models of the power sources. Each sub-model is described by the quasi-static modeling. For given routes is computed the power demand. Based on the derived power demand, three energy management systems are tested. First system is based on heuristic rules. The second one use more sophisticated control algorithms - the optimization method. Main idea is based on minimum principle, when the control algorithm tries to minimize the cost function (fuel use, emission). The last one is based on the equivalent consumption minimization strategy.
Analysis and Improvement of Distributed Systems
Kenyeres, Martin ; Sýkora, Jiří (referee) ; Klučik,, Stanislav (referee) ; Škorpil, Vladislav (advisor)
A significant progress in the evolution of the computer systems and their interconnection over the past 70 years has allowed replacing the frequently used centralized architectures with the highly distributed ones, formed by independent entities fulfilling specific functionalities as one user-intransparent unit. This has resulted in an intense scientic interest in distributed algorithms and their frequent implementation into real systems. Especially, distributed algorithms for multi-sensor data fusion, ensuring an enhanced QoS of executed applications, find a wide usage. This doctoral thesis addresses an optimization and an analysis of the distributed systems, namely the distributed consensus-based algorithms for an aggregate function estimation (primarily, my attention is focused on a mean estimation). The first section is concerned with a theoretical background of the distributed systems, their evolution, their architectures, and a comparison with the centralized systems (i.e. their advantages/disadvantages). The second chapter deals with multi-sensor data fusion, its application, the classification of the distributed estimation techniques, their mathematical modeling, and frequently quoted algorithms for distributed averaging (e.g. protocol Push-Sum, Metropolis-Hastings weights, Best Constant weights etc.). The practical part is focused on mechanisms for an optimization of the distributed systems, the proposal of novel algorithms and complements for the distributed systems, their analysis, and comparative studies in terms of such as the convergence rate, the estimation precision, the robustness, the applicability to real systems etc.
Ad Hoc Network Scenarios and Different Types of Attacks
Rexa, Denis ; Kenyeres, Martin (referee) ; Škorpil, Vladislav (advisor)
V tejto semestrálnej práci venovanej sieťam MANET a ich bezpečnostným hrozbám sa v prvej časti preberajú a porovnávajú smerovacie protokoly AODV vs OLSR vs ZRP. Ďalej je spomínaný broadcast storm a podrobnejšie rozobrané základné typy útokov v sieťach MANET s návrhmi na potlačenie vplyvu na fungovanie siete. V nasledujúcej kapitole je ukazané a popisané prostredie NS-3 simulátora s uvedeným jednoduchým programom a spôsobmi, ako získať údaje. Posledná kapitola ukazuje vplyv black-hole útoku na sieť a návrh na jej elimináciu.

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