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Epidemiology of sporadic forms of colorectal cancer in terms of preventions and the possibility of early diagnostic.
Schneiderová, Michaela ; Bencko, Vladimír (advisor) ; Krška, Zdeněk (referee) ; Hudečková, Henrieta (referee)
Thanks to the latest achievements in diagnostics, surgery and oncology, the overall perspective of colorectal cancer has changed significantly. There are no doubts that we deal with a complex disease, requiring multidisciplinary approach and assessment. Only this approach can enable patients to survive longer and maintain acceptable quality of there lives. Taking a long view over several decades, the steep rise in incidence of this malignancy was strongly alarming. It is partly a penalty for a prolongation of life expectance, since one of the risk factors is age. Knowing the way of life and dietary customs of our ancestors, one cannot deny that the change of lifestyle including dietary habits, as well as decrease of physical activity, obesity, stress, unsuitable thermal processing of food produced in bulk, consumption of immoderate amount of red meat, limited intake of raw vegetable and fruits, excessive intake of xenobiotics, such as medication or cosmetic products, excessive alcohol consumption, particularly beer, nicotinism, environmental pollutants, etc. contribute to the increase of this cancer incidence. All the above mentioned factors have led over the time to a formation and development of numerous so called civilization diseases, among which rates the colorectal cancer (CRC). Despite the...
Dying and death from health care professionals perspective
Klokočková, Šárka ; Schneiderová, Michaela (advisor) ; Votroubková, Michaela (referee) ; Machalová, Iva (referee)
This bachelor thesis analyzes - from a health care professionals perspective-an issue of dying and death. In the theoretical part ,terms concerning dying and death are highlited and described. Attention is also given to needs of dying patients, grief and some ethical questions are raised. Paliative and hospic care is also mentioned. Main component of this thesis is a quantitative research. The research investigates health care professionals opinion on some issues related to care in terminally ill and dying patients. A level of composure in care givers is also being discussed.
Patient's satisfaction with the treatment of acute postoperative pain
Leibnerová, Jarmila ; Schneiderová, Michaela (advisor) ; Dostálková, Šárka (referee) ; Kaška, Milan (referee)
Anotation The bachelor thesis deals with questions of acute postoperative pain. The theoretical part focuses on the basic knowledge about acute pain. More details are processed about the post- operative pain and its treatment. The empirical part of this work contains results of a questionary survey taking place on standard wards of Nachod's hospital operational brunches.The investigation concerned in the intensity of pain after surgery, influencing factors, the monitoring of postoperative pain by medical staff and patients' satisfaction with the pain treatment. The thesis should contribute to the improvement of pain management and thus improve patients' satisfaction with the hospital care. 89
Education of the diabetics in the area of selfmonitoring
Petříčková, Lenka ; Machalová, Iva (advisor) ; Schneiderová, Michaela (referee) ; Šmahelová, Alena (referee)
96 Annotation Author: Lenka Petříčková Organisation: Institute of Social Medicine, Charles University - Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové Name of the thesis: Education of Diabetics in the Area of Selfmonitoring Supervisor: Mgr. Machalová Iva, prim. MUDr. Jiří Veselý Number of pages: 125 Number of annexes: 10 Year of defence: 2010 Key words: education, diabetes mellitus, selfmonitoring of diabetes, glucose blood, glycaemic haemoglobin Bachelor thesis is about education of diabetics in the area of selfmonitoring. Theoretical part of this thesis is oriented on education which is essential part of treatment and on the meaning of education, goals, phases, form, resources of education, organisation and contents. This part further demonstrates dilemma of selfmonitoring that is selfmonitoring of glucose blood, glycaemic haemoglobin, selfmonitoring of ketonuria and glycosuria, weight and blood pressure monitoring. An emphasis of this thesis consist in a quantitative research investigation of knowledge in the area of selfmonitoring of glycaemia by diabetics in Broumov - Regional hospital of Náchod. Diabetics were separated into two age groups: 20-59 years and 60 years and more. Resulting information should be due to education similar in both groups of diabetics. Outcome of this thesis is proposal of educational...
The level of knowledges cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid of non medical hospital attendants
Köstingerová, Monika ; Kupečková, Ivana (advisor) ; Jirkovský, Daniel (referee) ; Schneiderová, Michaela (referee)
The theoretical part of my bachelors's thesis deals about developement of resuscitation procedures from the first written note to the present. I also describe most frequent acute conditions and CPR procedur by Guidelines 2005. The second, emipiric part is researching about level of knowledges of non medical hospital attendants. The questionary action was proceeding from 10. 12. 2008 to 12. 2. 2009 in Regional Hospital in Jičín. The research was realized by the form of an anonymous questionnaire survey. The respondents were non medical hospital attendants from 11 departments these hospital.
Emergency Medical Services staff co-operation during prehospital urgent medical care
Kudrna, Zbyněk ; Schneiderová, Michaela (advisor) ; Klicperová, Zuzana (referee) ; Žabka, Ladislav (referee)
96 Annotation Author: Zbyn k Kudrna Dis. Institution: Social Medicine Institute, Charles University in Prag, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové Title of the thesis: Emergency Medical Services staff co-operation during prehospital urgent medical care Thesis consultant: Mgr. Michaela Schneiderová Number of pages: 127 Number of appendices: 7 Year of defense: 2010 Key words: interaction, Emergency Medical Services, Prehospital urgent medical care, co-operation, doctor, Critical care paramedic, Registered nurse, driver Summary: The bachelor's thesis are focused on Emergency Medical Services staff co-operation during prehospital urgent medical care. Theoretical part is mapping Emergency Medical Services functioning in Czech Republic. Empirical part consist quantitative survey, using questionnaire method with focus on Emergency Medical Services staff co-operation during pre-hospital urgent medical care. Mapping interaction at Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Medical Services staff co- operation understanding, comparing team work understanding of each member and figure out influencing factors. Research sample consists 90 respondents of Emergency Medical Services, 30 doctors, 30 critical care paramedics and registered nurses and 30 Emergency Medical Services drivers. Research was held at Central Bohemia...
Complex caring for patients with ostomy
Pazderová, Eva ; Schneiderová, Michaela (advisor) ; Langrová, Eva (referee) ; Jandík, Pavel (referee)
Bachaleors thesis deals with complex care of clients with intestinal derivational stomies. In the exordium the theoretical knowledge to given questions is introduced, the empirical part was processed upon an identified and evaluated data of the realized research. The quality of care of multidisciplinar medical teams was monitored during attendance of clients with this kind of disorder. In subparameters the psychosocial support of clients with stomy was surveyed as well as the influence of restrictive factors incidental to their everyday life after stomy disposition.
The quality of life at patient with colostomy
Matějková, Darina ; Schneiderová, Michaela (advisor) ; Horáčková, Alexandra (referee) ; Mareš, Jiří (referee)
The paper deals with life quallity of patient with colostomy. It is composed of a theoretical part and an empirical one. In the theoretical part there is global information about colostomy. In the empirical part there is information about research and its outcomes. In research there were explored changes in lifestyle, limitations and other factors that arise from performation of colostomy. In the second part of research there is explored the nursing quallity of multidisciplinar teams in connection with colostomy. And at the end of empirical part there is explored market with stomical aids - there is explored sphere of quallity, accesibility, and suitability of using.
The importance of dispather-assisted basic life support in the CPR
Holubová, Zuzana ; Schneiderová, Michaela (advisor) ; Mašek, Jiří (referee) ; Kupečková, Ivana (referee)
ANOTATION Zuzana Holubova The importance of dispather-assisted basic life support in the CPR Bachelor thesis deals with the importance of telephone-assisted CPR in the CPR. The theoretical part introduces the koncept of first aid, it is meaning and it is legislation. It focuses on cardiopulmonarz resuscitation in the light of the kontext of the formation and development of life-threatening conditions and introduces the koncept of telephone-assisted CPR and it is important role in providing basic life support. The focus is the empirical part, which is repared on the basis of quantitative research prepared by a questionnaire survey. The sample consists of 80 participants from non-medical public Hradec Kralove region, residing in the district of Nachod. The aim of the research is to map the importace of telephone-assisted CPR in the provision of basic life support.

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